One Nation, Divided By Logic

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Trump administration deletes 500,000 people from the background check registry.  Gun controllers are frantic.

Federal law prohibits gun sales to a “fugitive from justice” but what, exactly, does that mean?  ATF said it meant somebody who crossed state lines to avoid prosecution.  Massachusetts said it meant anybody with an outstanding warrant, even if it’s for missing a court date over a traffic ticket, so they sent 430,000 names to the database.  Trump went with the ATF definition covering a smaller group.

This is the best line in the article:

“I would imagine 99 percent of Americans don’t want people who have a warrant out on them to be able to buy a gun,” Chipman said. “I can’t believe there is a constituency for wanted people. Wanted people are particularly dangerous. They’ve already proven that they’ll break the law.”

Really?  You want to use that logic?  Okay, let’s talk about illegal immigration and why we ought to round up every single one to ship them back.

Joe Doakes

No, they don’t want to apply the logic.  They want to gull the gullible.

2 thoughts on “One Nation, Divided By Logic

  1. I once ripped the consumer protection tag off a mattress.

    There, I feel so much better having gotten that off my chest. It is a like a dark cloud has been lifted but now do I have to turn my black powder pistol over to Micheal Bloomberg’s minions?

  2. I like the “outstanding warrant” definition. So if there’s a warrant, but the police are too lazy to serve it, you can’t exercise your rights? With or without even an indictment? Sounds “fair” to me.

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