7 thoughts on “The Dumbest Comparison

  1. He’s completely wrong because they did have a permit. It was called a Declaration of War.

  2. So, if the MAGA people attacked an antifa group with a protest permit, they would be just like the D-Day forces. Got it.

  3. Not only did we have a permit–a bilateral declaration of war–but it’s also worth noting that the comparisons of Anti-Fa to the defenders of Pointe Du Hoc is a little bit unfair. The defenders were the 352nd Infantry, not the SS, after all.

  4. “Anti”-Fa is like the troops at D-Day.

    Thank you for Americanizing it and not saying “Anti”-Fa are like…..

    That drives me bonkers and is something I have to live with in almost every episode of (British) Top Gear and Grand Tour. “Honda are introducing a new model….”

  5. Fallon is a total fool standing in a pile of own stinking excrement. Comparing the “Anti-Fa” of today (anarchists and masked terrorists) with the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy is despicable, and contemptuous to the memory of those heroes.

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  7. This Nazi hysteria is almost as humerous as the Russian panic.

    Those poor tools have no idea what’s going on while they fight an imaginary enemy….their world is being re-decorated in Red, White and fuck you.

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