It Was Twenty Years Ago Today, Part XLVIII

Jazzed from the weekend – great first date, moved into a cool new place, word that my band would be opening for “Hanover Fist” at the Entry, my interview with Ernst Zündel was the best (and infuriating and controversial) I’d ever done – I drove to work on Monday morning, March 30, 1987.  I was too “up” to even feel tired from having been on the air until 4AM.

I was on top of the world.

I walked into the station, and back to the little mail alley behind the generators to check my mail bin.  I saw Doug Westerman, the station’s sports producer.

“How’s it going, Doug”.

“Time to start saving pennies”.

I remember wrinkling up my face – Doug was usually pretty upbeat about things.  “Howzat?”

“Rumor has it they’re going to fire everyone”.

I stood for a moment, felt my jaw tighten, and noticed my stomach curdling into a sour, painful ball.

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