Sell At A Loss: Make Up For It With Volume

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Venezuela has national health care, guaranteed free to all citizens.  Free that is, if you can get any.  The hospitals have no medicine, no money, no beds available.

But if you could get treatment, it would be free.  So that’s way better than our system in the US, right?  We should change to their system at once, right?

Joe Doakes

Give ’em time.

5 thoughts on “Sell At A Loss: Make Up For It With Volume

  1. That’s the goal of any soci@list order. Spread the misery so that everyone feels the pain. Except for the elites of course. I am sure Maduro is taken care of.

  2. “naked women forced to give birth in a waiting room, patients treated on hospital floors”
    HCMC circa 2050

    Keep importing third world rent seekers.

  3. My favorite examples of the glories of socialized medicine are the times patients in Cuban mental hospitals have frozen to death because nobody would, or could, shut the windows, and the times in Venezuela where newborns died because of a possum infestation on the 9th floor of the hospital. We are not talking about a case where cost pressures removed cutting edge technology, but rather about cases where socialism made it impossible even to provide the basics.

  4. And right no cue, Venezuela defaulted today. And blamed sTrumpet, of course! But you won’t read it on MSM. That would mean they would have to admit soci@lism failed. Again! Oh, wait, they will probably blame sTrumpet as well, and Moore for good measure.

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