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  1. The real story is that Brennan was the conduit between the DNC and the “intelligence community.” He passed on the contaminated dossier to intelligence professionals in an attempt to bring down an elected president, most likely with Obama’s approval.
    It is the same scenario depicted in the BBC series “Worricker Trilogy,” where the Bill Nighy character uses an intelligence report to bring down an elected Prime Minister because he thinks the PM is not right for the country.
    Except in Worricker the intelligence report is genuine. And England isn’t the United States. England is not a republic. Brennan represents the interests of the ruling class, not “America.”

  2. What was that law about libturds screaming about all the rethuglican misdeads only to be caught in projecting and being guilty of much worse?

  3. Takeaway #1: Brazile is a bubble-headed figurehead. She’s on the Board of Directors and in the dark on finances and business dealing until she becomes chairman? Malfeasance like that on a normal business board would get your cashiered (or promoted if you were on HP’s board, but that’s another issue, and besides, I said a normal board).

    Takeaway #2: Brazile is a lousy chairman. It took her how long to find the operating deal? And she’s only disclosing the problems now, far too late to help the board and stakeholders choose an untainted new chairman?

    Takeaway #3: Bernie has just about taken over the Democrats. Brazile was a consummate Hillary flunkie, even feeding her debate questions. Now Brazile is saying all the nice things she can about the Vermont dingbat (and I can call him that since I was “represented” by him), while Brazile isn’t satisfied with simply blasting Hillary, she blasts, hangs, draws, and quarters her.

    Takeaway #4: Hillary better lawyer up if Perez goes down. He’s the only thing between her and the FBI with the argument of DNC attorney-client privilege.

  4. Interesting takeaways, nb; especially #3.

    I wonder about that one tho’; if you’re using the term “Bernie” for the hard-left, then I do agree.

    I *do* still find it interesting that it is few and far between leading Democrats who aren’t Boomers. Old Boomers, in fact. There may be a few (older) Gen-Xers around, but really, how does one lead the party into a bright tomorrow with people from yesterday?

  5. How can we be sure any of this DNC stuff is happening or true? There isn’t a peep about it in the Red Star Tribune…

  6. The metastasizing Trump scandals meet the metastasizing Weinstein and DNC scandals to create an overall sense that a vast public sickness is overtaking the country in the mind of the American public. The motivation to turn the page on the entire mess will only grow. Election year 2018 is shaping up to be a wave election.

    Mueller properly focuses on the corrupt financial practices of the Trump entourage and probably the Trump Organization represented by the targeting of Paul Manafort and his associates. It’s not the Russian influence, but rather the Russian-Ukrainian money — and in the larger sense simply corrupt money — that is the target. The corrupt financial practices will cast a pall over the entire aura of Republican leadership in Washington. 

    Trump’s foreign travel to the Far East will expose the overall bankruptcy of his entire foreign policy. It is a unilateral declaration of retreat into foreign policy confusion. The American foreign policy establishment is going to be surprised how quickly worldwide opinion will be moving against American policy by the time Trump returns to Washington DC.

    Mueller, like the Chinese leaders, just has to patiently bide his time as the Trump political operation crumbles. 

  7. The Trump scandal is supposed to be “metastasizing”?
    Two indictments? One of campaign volunteer, and one of a campaign manager who was fired after four months?
    When you cannot even specify what law Trump has broken?
    The Ukraine thing was before Manafort worked for Trump.
    Metastasizing. Please.

  8. Last week, Trump announced that he would cut short his Asia trip and skip the East Asia summit in the Philippines, although on Friday he said he might attend. If Trump can be persuaded to change his mind he could use that opportunity to push back on China’s disputed claims in the South China Sea. If Trump is not present, he will be ceding the floor to Xi.

  9. Mueller, like the Chinese leaders, just has to patiently bide his time as the Trump political operation crumbles. 

    And there you have it. Never underestimate eTASS’ love and admiration for murderous commie regimes. Nothing but the most depraved and amoral for the sock puppet.

  10. Ironically, Trump will find time to visit his new “bestie” president Duterte. The chances that Trump will flatter his host in Manila are high. The odds that he will leave the region feeling more confident about America’s steadfastness are considerably lower.

  11. Lol. Emery’s pals are setting each other on fire. The Reprobate Democrat party is broke…the Clintons cleaned it out….and its disgraced leadership is under investigation.

    Hakim X Ellison is the king of the ash pile.

    Trump is going to announce the lowest unemployment rate since 2000 on Monday…gonna really puff his chest out…probably strut a little. The stock market is at an all-time high.

    A Fortune 100 company announced this week they are moving HQ back to America because they like the cut of Trumps jib.

    Virginia and Alabama are poised to elect right wing, misogynist, white supremacist kitten and puppy killers to US Senate and the Governorship, respectively. They’re really gonna fuck things up for Diversity visas and Emery’s dream of a free sex change…marrying his brother is out too, probably.

    The GOP rolled out a sweet new tax code. Minnesota, and other reprobate Democrat states, are gonna reeeeally take it up the ass.

    And within a couple days, thanks to Trumps nominee, SCOTUS is going to put a wooden stake into the hearts of public union thugs.


    So. Much. Winning.

  12. The GOP rolled out a sweet new tax code.

    Alas, swiftee, it is not that sweet. Yes, it is definitely a start in the right direction, but think of it this way – if eTASS likes it, it must have issues. I am going to wait to see what the senate version will look like, and then reconciled version. Hold your applause.

  13. Pretty clear from the howls of the various interests whose ox is gored. Can’t have tax reform without trade offs. Seems clear the US needs a corporate tax rate that is competitive. Keeping mortgage deduction only for the middle class (houses <500k) but not for the rich is a good thing. Getting rid of the AMT is a good thing. So the plan isn’t perfect. I would rather debate it on it’s merits.

    It is simply borrowing money to give tax cuts in an economy already growing at around 3 percent! Does that even begin to make sense? And the borrowings are being talked down by assuming a new substantially higher growth level which will increase the tax take — a magic money tree plus unicorns!

  14. This thread is about the DNC scandals of unprecedented dimensions. Yet all eTASS does is copy and paste to talk about the GOP tax plan. Truly, you should form your own blog and metastasize there. You pretends to be informed, yet you cannot even stay on topic. I guess you just cannot comprehend. Carry on, cupcake. You incessant threadjacking troll.

  15. jpa: I was responding to your threadjack. Re: /“The GOP rolled out a sweet new tax code.”
    Alas, swiftee, it is not that sweet. Yes, it is definitely a start in the right direction, but think of it this way – if eTASS likes it, it must have issues. /

    I also agree with swiftee about regarding the SALT deduction. How much a state taxes it’s citizens is a local problem, not an issue that should be compensated by the federal government. If the State wants to tax Minnesotans a lot, that’s their problem, they voted for that and should pay for it.

    I do agree on ditching the estate tax. But the real deal with estate tax is all the loopholes with foundations etc. The real thrust ought to be to eliminate those loopholes.

    The other thing I have not heard is the elimination of the hedge fund managers’ ability to pay capital gains tax on their income vs. normal income tax. This is the worst tax abuse of all.

  16. Shorter Emery:
    “Yeah, I’m getting my ass kicked…but as far as you know, I love it.”

    You are as transparent as a gin piss, Emery.

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