11 thoughts on “Why It’s Hard To Have A Conversation With Today’s Left

  1. It would be nice if Congress held a public debate on the desirability of expanding or contracting merit-based immigration in relation to family reunification immigration. In particular the costs associated with family reunification immigration should get a full airing. Today’s taxpayers are on the hook for SSI, Medicaid, housing, other miscellaneous benefits and such for persons arriving under family reunification after the two-year sponsorship period expires. Many of these people get benefits exceeding those of native born Social Security beneficiaries but have never contributed into US social service funds. Something’s not right here.

    The fact that Donald Trump is incapable of making economic arguments on immigration is just par for the course.

  2. The fact that Donald Trump is incapable of making economic arguments on immigration is just par for the course.

    A fact. As in not speculate, surmise, guess, or pull an assertion out of your… Why is this a fact?

  3. “Elham Khatami
    Associate Editor at ThinkProgress
    ThinkProgress The George Washington University
    Washington D.C. Metro Area ”

    No doubt a highly educated woman who is horrified that all those hicks in flyover land have a say in making public policy.

  4. How many examples of idiocy can you spot in the tweet?
    I can see three:
    -The obvious one, that the Vegas shooter is dead and can’t be sent anywhere.
    -The notion that Guantamo would be appropriate for an American accused of committing crimes on American soil.
    -That a killer with no known motive is equvalent, in law enforcement, to a terrorist who has claimed allegiance to a terrorist army whose goal is to defeat the United States, and who claims his killing was driven that allegiance.

    Only a place like GWU and Thinkprogress would hire an idiot incapable of making simple logical distinctions.

  5. If the Mandalay Bay shooter were sent to Gitmo, the Democrats would finally have a clear example of outright cruelty to the living inmates there, no? Kinda like the 300 year sentences sometimes issued make me feel really sorry for the other guys in the cell block….a century from now.

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  7. ThinkProgress has the dumbest *** professional *** hacks by far. It’s shocking in some ways. Ian Millhiser makes a spectacle of himself every other month, it seems.

    Also, nice effort Emery.

  8. I have to speculate that when accepting a position with ThinkProgress, one must be required to leave your IQ at the door. Aaron Rupar, who used to write locally, (City Pages?), used to be somewhat thoughtful, although often wrong. But now seems never thoughtful, just ideological.

  9. Rupar was a very good reporter, but being a hack is a better option these days for most people.

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