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  1. Minnesota voters will be paying taxes for a long time to pay off the US Bank Stadium, what could be better than making sure the Minnesota proletariat get a big weekly dose of DFL politics.
    So watch the game, or buy sushi from a gas station in Winnemucca?
    I’ll take the sushi please
    49ers 0-8 this year, 2-24 since 2016

  2. Mitch, the 49rs joined the SF PD in sponsoring sensible gun control legislation, ya’ know, the fully constitutional kind, like banning sound suppressors or high cap magazines,


    If sponsoring something which the vast majority of Californians, let alone the vast majority of Americans support, is being tone-deaf then by me a hearing aid because I’m right there with them. And just how tone deaf is sponsoring a bill tax cut bill for the UBER wealthy which will add $1.5T to the national debt after bitching about the size of the deficit under Obama and promising to pass a Constitutional Amendment to balance the budget?

    Also, speaking of tone-deaf, I guess Trump’s campaign chair being indicted is “fake news” and means nothing and proves there was no collusion, too.

    Tone-deaf, Mitch, is turning a blind-eye to the most corrupt politician of our age as he dismantles our foundational liberties, not just standing up for the 2nd Amendment as you happen to interpret it but SCOTUS, in an opinion authored by Antonio Scalia, does not.

  3. Pen, if you track who watches the NFL vs. who joins the NRA, you just might figure out why this is a totally boneheaded move. The Dreamsickle lobby will tell you they love the Viqueens and all, but when push comes to shove, they’re not watching and they’re not at the stadium, and they’re not buying Viqueens gear. Same thing with even the 49ers.

    Used to love watching football, but got tired of it when it became more or less a forum for ED drugs (do I really have to explain this to my kids if I watch? Survey says yes), ever more garish tattoos (and even brands), and fleecing of the taxpayers to fund entertainment for the rich and powerful. So if this kerfuffle, along with the knee thing, kills off the NFL, good riddance. May it return the NCAA to actually letting real students play, too.

  4. Nice threadjack by pigma. Wonder if he knows Trump is living in his head rent free? Doubt it.

    My initial comment was: I wonder if Goodell knows that the people pushing the NFL to the hard left are not going to make up for the viewers lost because of that move.

    Doubt that too.

  5. “If sponsoring something which the vast majority of Californians, let alone the vast majority of Americans support, is being tone-deaf then by me a hearing aid because I’m right there with them.”

    This illustrates the problem with the modern Left – they do not believe in the underlying rationale for the Constitution.

    The Constitution exists to restrain the government from enacting the whims of the mob. The modern Left IS the mob which, naturally, is enraged by any suggestion that its madness should be checked. These are the people who never learned the lesson when their mothers used to say “If all your friends jumped off the roof . . . .”

  6. The 0-8 49’ers need to make some kind of news because they’re certainly not doing it on the playing field. I beginning to wonder if the players taking a knee at the beginning of the game are actually praying for a better team.

  7. But Scott, if they’re praying for a better team, aren’t they also praying that they won’t be part of that better team? :^)

    OK, to be fair, nobody ever accused NFL players of suffering from an excess of intelligence, to be sure….

  8. Penny,

    Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to talk about things that you know nothing about? Like, the constitution.

  9. Bike, it’s not just the intelligence part, it may be said they’re not accused of excess humility given all the scoring end zone shenanigans. That’s another thing that makes my skin crawl!

  10. I always love it when the lefties-Democrats say “sensible” gun laws. I mean, how are you going to “argue” with “sensible” gun laws?


  11. What is “sensible” about banning suppressors? It actually preserves one important sense: hearing. Do the pearl-clutching gun-grabbers think the gang-bangers will shoot even more people if they had suppressors? In which case, why would the gangsters pay any more attention to that law than they do any of the others that they’re violating?

  12. NW: you have me thinking, a typical suppressor for a 9mm pistol (common caliber) would be about ~ 7″ long. That makes about any pistol pretty darn long. The bangers would probably find that the added length would make “Mexican Carry” pretty uncomfortable, forget that concealment would be a bitch.

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