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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Harvey Weinstein story is troubling.  It’s as if he thinks a powerful man can walk up to women, grab them by the p—y, do anything to them.  And we know that’s false because everybody jumped all over Donald Trump when he said it – didn’t DO it – merely said it.  This guy actually did it, repeatedly, and everybody around him not only knew about it, they helped him get away with it.

Where are the pink hat people marching in protest?

Joe Doakes

Rhetorical question, right?

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  1. Em, given that “everybody” knew the “open secret”, the question is why all the “brave” “feminist” liberals gave him cover. Obama and Hillary couldn’t be bothered to denounce his behavior for days, for example, even after he effectively admitted the accusation within hours of them being made.

    I’d suggest you read John Ringo’s guest post on Instapundit. The TL;DR version is simply that Stockholm Syndrome is the only solution for liberals who live in Democratic cesspools and see how they are actually treated. Apparently the only hope they’ve got is believing that the other side is worse because they don’t even play lip service to the alleged ideals that liberals espouse and violate wholesale.

  2. It’s as if he thinks a powerful man can walk up to women, grab them by the p—y, do anything to them.

    Funny that the man who made that observation had no creditable accusations against him that he carried it out, while innumerable “liberals” who denounced the statement actually did it (Weinstein, Hackett, Price, Affleck, etc). Given Trump’s Hollywood connections, it’s no wonder he made that observation. The media and Hollywood are pretty disgusting places it seems, not that anyone who objectively looks at their output is terribly surprised.

  3. Yes, Weinstein is toast, but what will really be fun is if people in Hollywood get the notion that nobody gets to use a casting couch anymore, and that its victims are now free to speak up. And, ahem, sue the )(*&)&*) out of the studios.

    I’m not holding my breath, but I’ve got popcorn ready….

  4. This type of behavior is as old as the Hollywood movie industry. Fatty Arbuckle was charged in the rape and death of a women at a party he put on. He was famous as a wholesome family friendly comedian. The public image of Hollywood was always wholesome so ignoring and covering up sexual behavior that was bad for the box office was always the norm. Covering up or ignoring sexual misconduct is so ingrained into the Hollywood culture that Weinstein is only the latest and not the last who will be exposed but he will be in the minority of those who are exposed.

  5. I’ll start to believe that the culture in Hollywood has changed when the second exec us ousted from his/her position for this, and rather than scarpering down the jet-way for overseas “rehab”, is frog-marched in handcuffs out of the office and into police van.

  6. Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton.
    I’ll say it again: Bill Clinton.
    Weinstein was not an exception. He is the rule.
    Never forget that the argument of these people depends on their moral superiority to conservatives. Conservatives are racist; liberals are not. Conservatives are greedy; they are not. and, of course, conservatives are sexist; they are not.

  7. Didn’t the women’s movement take a dive for Clinton?

    Perhaps a new statuette should be awarded at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the next time it meets. We could call it the “Willy”. It would be awarded for the most inventive use of the casting couch.

  8. No, Emery, they took a knee–OK, two knees–for Clinton. Remember Nina Burleigh?

    And quite frankly, if anything in Obama’s autobiographies was true, they did for him, too. He wrote about wearing a t-shirt with pictures of voluptuous women on it while entertaining a (admittedly ficticious/composite) girlfriend in one of them.

  9. Emery,

    Arbuckle was a victim of yellow journalism, courtesy of Willie Hearst, the king of that practice. Read; that era’s version of fake news.

    After 3 trials, two ending in deadlocks, he was exonerated with an apology from the 3rd jury. Still, his reputation was destroyed and it took him years to get it back to some semblance of respectability. Unfortunately, he died at 46 while struggling to do so.

  10. I expect every designer of Haute Couture to be working on high fashon pussy hats and vag suits for next years red carpet gala at the Oscars.

    Its gonna be faaaabulous!

  11. Actually, all kidding aside, I would watch to see Ben Aflek in pussy hat and/or vag suit.

  12. Boss, thank you for setting it straight, I read the comment Emery made and also remembered that Fatty was treated horribly. Virginia Rappe died of peritonitis brought on by a ruptured bladder that went days untreated. Arbuckle was railroaded by a political DA, Hearst, Will Hays, Maude Delmont, and who knows how many others.

    “This type of behavior is as old as the Hollywood movie industry…………..” Hell of an observation Emery.

  13. Scott,

    Virginia Rappe was apparently no saint, as she was rumored to have had several abortions and there was speculation that she had one shortly before the party. Obviously, she couldn’t defend her reputation, but as we well know, once a rumor gets rolling, it’s difficult to impossible to stop.

  14. The Weinstein scandal, with actors all Democrats, all the time, is really about Trump:
    Everything the Left hates about humanity is now distilled into one human being: Donald J. Trump. He represents sexism, racism, capitalism. Somehow, to the Left, Trump also represents traditional Judeo-Christian morality. They really have gone mad.

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