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A longtime friend of this blog writes:

With all the talk of Trump being too impulsive to have his proverbial finger on nuclear weapons, Trump hasn’t really done anything rash. He says some annoying things, getting the goat of many people in this country. But, despite all the uproar, he has pretty much stuck to not doing anything to us.

However, the constant focus on his brash style of speaking has me most concerned about what the Democrats are going to produce next Presidential election to counter this. It has been speculated that Franken may run. He has already written a book, which usually signals interest. Last night, I had a nightmare that he announced. His pen will likely be a little more impulsive in doing to us.

Yeah, that thought’s crossed my mind.  I can just see the meeting at the DNC:  “So the people want loudmouthed, brash and incorrigible?  Let’s give ’em really loudmouthed, brash and incorrigible!”

If Franken doesn’t run, they might go with Dennis Rodman.

22 thoughts on “Marketplace Of Dumb Ideas

  1. say Emery aren’t you the person who wrote: “The NRA has claimed Obama had confiscated all our firearms.”

    tell me again where and when did he NRA say that?

    or do you want to admit (go ahead it’ll make you feel good) unequivocally that you were lying!

  2. No, you’re thinking of “Dreams From My Father,” which was ghost-written by Bill Ayers. Different guy, completely.

  3. Ghostwritten or not, the fact that Franken has released no less than three book length personal attacks ought to concern anyone, left or right.

  4. Another pathetic threadjacking attempt that completely backfired. As usual. Always.

    Fauxahontas/Harris ticket anyone? Ticks off all the libturd requirements. Hey, any Kennedy’s still alive and sober enough to run?

  5. As usual, Liberals are confusing the message with the messenger. We didn’t vote for Trump because he was crass, we voted for Trump even though he was crass.

    We voted for Trump because he refused to grant amnesty like Hillary, Bernie, Marco or Jeb; instead, he promised to Build The Wall.

    The perfect Democrat ticket for 2020 is Ellison/Franken. They’ve got the Black Muslim Socialist Foul-mouthed Idiot vote completely sewn up.

  6. bikebubba on October 10, 2017 at 8:27 am said:
    Ghostwritten o/r not, the fact that Franken has released no less than three book length personal attacks ought to concern anyone, left or right.

    “Rush Limbaugh is a Big, Fat Idiot: And Other Observations” is proof that the Left takes Limbaugh more seriously than any of his listeners.

  7. I think it’s a bigger problem than that, MP. To me, the person who buys Franken’s books suffers from about the same disorder as the guy who buys books like Michael Savage’s “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. There is a point where mere disagreement gets to metastasis, and readers of Franken and Savage are well past that point–and there are a lot of readers of both.

    Quite frankly, Amazon sends me a little Washington Post feed, and I’d be surprised if a plurality of the writers at the Post don’t have at least one book by Franken on their shelves–and they don’t see anything untoward about it, either.

  8. Emery is looking for someone to publish his.collection of plagiarized asinine blather.

    He dont need no stinking ghost writer.

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  10. “But, despite all the uproar, he [Trump] has pretty much stuck to not doing anything to us.”

    So far nothing has happened with the ACA, taxes, infrastructure, or trade. Policy remains a wild card. Currently it looks like 2017 is unfolding mostly as expected. I expect Trump to continue using inappropriate tactics — that betray his lack of negotiating experience.

  11. OK, Emery, exactly what good things did Trump’s predecessor negotiate? The Germans just found 32 examples of the Iranians trying to buy materials for missiles and the like, the Russian reset is a disaster, and most of the HIDA exchanges have imploded because Dear Former Leader ignored the fact that people will wait to buy insurance if they can.

    And that with the media in his pocket, and not working their arses off trying to undo the election. Honestly….

  12. Trump does not lack negotiating experience. Obviously.
    What he lacks is experience negotiating as a politician with politicians. Normally his party stalwarts would close the gap, but a lot of them are #nevertrumpers. They are making a bad situation worse; they are reacting emotionally, not as citizens in a mature democracy.

  13. In general, there are two types of negotiations. There is the “win-lose” type (or Distributive negotiation) where one party receives more and the other party receives less. This is the common approach when buying a car or real estate, or haggling at a street market.

    The other type of negotiation is “win-win” (or Integrative negotiation). This type is used when negotiating between a company and a worker’s union, with long term suppliers, negotiating agreements between international allies – and even with adversaries.

    The tactics for the two types of negotiations are very different. In the first type (win-lose), bluffing, threats (like threatening to walk away), even lying are commonly used. (sound familiar?) Trump. He has experience in “win-lose” negotiations (buying and selling real estate), but apparently little or no experience in Integrative negotiations.

    Trump keeps using the tactics of “win-lose” in negotiating with Congress, allies and adversaries. Not only has this been ineffective (members of Congress have repeatedly called his bluffs), but it is damaging to long term relationships. Trump’s use of “win-lose” techniques with North Korea have made him look weak and ineffective (a “dotard”), and have increased the risks of a major misunderstanding and possibly a war.

    So, what can Trump do to be effective? First, he needs to realize he lacks the negotiating experience that is required for these types of negotiations. He needs to stop with the empty threats, bluffs, and lying. And he either needs to learn the integrative negotiation approach (and become a student of the details), or hire people with relevant negotiating experience (and remove himself from the process).

  14. Union negotiations are win-win? Tell me, Emery, what color is the sun on your planet? It is as if you’ve never heard of strikes and the like.

    And really, do you really think that Trump has no experience negotiating win-win deals? Seriously? He’s made it in real estate all these years, and never, ever left something on the table?

    Baloney. Again, what color is the sun on your planet? Reality is that the media, the left, and some Republicans are aiming for a coup, and it’s hard to negotiate with that.

  15. “Integrative” is a generous characterization, to say the least. I for one was hopeful Trump would show what a great salesman he was after a radical campaign. But he is not as bright as he thinks he is. A great negotiator listens more than he talks.

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