Betsy Hodges’ campaign?

All is not going well:

Among those who have stepped away from the reelection effort are spokesperson Alida Tieberg and adviser Jim Niland, a former city council member who’s held in deep respect within DFL circles.

The news comes just five months after the resignations of Jorge Contreras, Hodges’ first campaign manager, and organizing director Kyrstin Schuette.

The reasons behind the resignations are described as a perfect storm of sorts, according to sources who spoke to City Pages on the condition of anonymity because the don’t want to ruffle feathers within the DFL.

The City Pages answers to the same DFL chain of command that that “whistleblowers” do.

The mayor’s campaign coffers are said to be running on fumes at around $6,000, according to a source who’d spoken with former staff. Hodges’ most recent disclosure from August showed it had a cash balance of about $58,000. However, it also showed the campaign still owed five vendors roughly $25,000.

The only question I have is “will Minneapolis go even further to the left and vote for Ray Dehn.

7 thoughts on “Downfall

  1. Given the current mayoral crop of candidates, I’ve said that Minneapolis deserves better. However, that sentiment will be null and void if voters elect Ray Dehn.

  2. Part of the spin was that the staff was good enough to stay on through the summer and were now pursuing other opportunities. Umm, Niland doesn’t sound like a college kid interning over the summer.

    It sounds like Betsy is going to have some trouble paying her hair-stylist.

  3. Since no one is running to represent the taxpayer, I’ve considered donating to Pounds’ campaign. The havoc she will wreak will be excellent entertainment.

  4. The only question I have is “will Minneapolis go even further to the left and vote for Ray Dehn.

    Please yes. I hereby officially endorse Ray Dehn for mayor of CrazytownMinneapolis.

  5. Now the question is are the voters of Minneapolis as smart as her former staffers?

    They’ve been voting for liberal Democrats how long, and you ask that question, Emery? Seriously?

    I’d be cheering for Dehn except for one thing; some of us have to deal with Minneapolis from time to time, and there’s a certain point where one does well to remember the other victims of their stupidity. Same thing with DC–home rule should have been gone decades ago–about two weeks after Marion Barry was re-elected to office despite having been caught smoking crack with a hooker.

  6. Hodges was given a golden opportunity, in the form of political power, to make some really great changes for the people of Minneapolis and she failed. End of story.

    I wish there were a moderate in this race. Dem or Rep. wouldn’t matter, as long as they were a moderate. Instead the voters of Mpls will be forced to choose between left, lefter and leftest.

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