Telegraphing The Punch

In 1984, George Orwell postulated the ultimate achievement of Ingsoc as the replacement of English with “Duckspeak” – a language in which it would be impossible to conceive, much less verbalize, disagreement with Big Brother.

Who better to bring Duckspeak to life in the real world than “progressive” linguist George Lakoff?




10 thoughts on “Telegraphing The Punch

  1. I like so totally agree with George Lakoff here.

    The core of his idea is here:

    All thought is carried out by neural circuitry — it does not float in air. Language neurally activates thought. Language can thus change brains, both for the better and the worse. Hate speech changes the brains of those hated for the worse, creating toxic stress, fear and distrust — all physical, all in one’s neural circuitry active every day. This internal harm can be even more severe than an attack with a fist. It imposes on the freedom to think and therefore act free of fear, threats, and distrust. It imposes on one’s ability to think and act like a fully free citizen for a long time.

    So we don’t have any power over hate speech because it bypasses our intellect and goes straight to our body chemistry and that denies us our freedom.

    Kind of like TV commercials.

    You see I am on a diet and when I see Krispee Kream doughnuts or people telling me that “We got the meat” and they actually do got the meat, it goes just like George says, straight to my body chemistry and that denies me freedom, which means that TV commercials must be banned.

    And the Go Daddy girls, remember them? Tell me, was that free speech?

    Not if it made you horny, it wasn’t.

    We really need to clean up this speech thing.

    Maybe George Lakoff and his minions should be telling us what we can say, instead of what we can’t – which I suppose is what they have in mind.

  2. “…or people telling me that “We got the meat” and they actually do got the meat.”

    Context is everything, i’nt it? 😉

    Listen. The reprobate left and their degenerate fellow travelers have been working on Duckspeak since the 70’s. When a taste for buggery and pederasty became “gay” (wheeee!); when victim politics became “empowerment”; when rank racism became “diversity”; when diversity of opinion became “hate” we were well down the path.

  3. Is this a parody account? The article’s Flesch-Kincaid reading level is grade 8. The writer trivializes the important and makes the trivial important. What does it mean to say that peoples’ thoughts are ‘carried out by neural circuitry’? You can say this about everything every human being has ever experienced or created. Why are people capable of choosing to create ‘hate speech’, but are unable to choose how to respond to it ( “Hate speech changes the brains of those hated for the worse. . . “)?

  4. Yeah MP, see, environment causes neuro/chemical changes in leftist reprobates; make their places safe and its rainbows and unicorns….but teh gay is hard coded, BIGOT!

    #SCIENCEing the shit out of everything.

  5. The human intellect is designed to protect the mind (and body) from false and offensive speech. On the other hand, if one does not choose to exercise their intellect…

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  7. Greg, for a libturd, there is nothing to exercise. Just look at DG, penny, Ricky and eTASS ramblings. QED.

  8. One of the more interesting creationist arguments is that, if the materialists are correct, the human mind evolved to help humans survive and reproduce. It did not evolve to help humans understand the ultimate purpose or lack of purpose of the universe and the mind’s own existence. To believe otherwise is to believe that man has a special place in the universe (no other minds have this special ability to know the truth about themselves), which undercuts the materialist idea that man is just another species of animal.

  9. MP, Too high brow for libtirds. Not only did it go over their heads, it did so at 100,000ft.

  10. I protest, JPA. I am strictly Middle Brow & proud of it. You wouldn’t catch me dead in a grad school.

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