Government Is All Things We’re Incompetent At Together

What happens when you try to solve a problem by creating a bureaucracy full of rent-seeking, graft-splitting government sinecures designed mostly to provide a steady income to unelected members of the political class?

Well, the problem doesn’t go away, if that’s what you’re wondering about.

After fifteen years of exquisitely expensive “effort to address the achievement gap” in the Saint Paul schools…

…oh, do I even need to say it?

Fifteen years into a nationwide push to provide every student with an equal education, Minnesota schools have grown more segregated and the state’s nation-leading academic achievement gap refuses to close.

Minnesota now has more than 200 schools where students of color make up 90 percent or more of the enrollment, state data shows. That’s more than double what the state had in 2002, when the federal No Child Left Behind Act reinvigorated the national campaign for school equity.

If it doesn’t involve blowing up enemies or prosecuting offenders, then everything government does pretty much involves transferring money to bureaucrats.

12 thoughts on “Government Is All Things We’re Incompetent At Together

  1. And over the past 35 years, government efforts to rectify racial discrimination with affirmative action in colleges have seen….bigger gaps between races and such. It reminds me of criticism I see about resumes; don’t tell me what you’ve “tried” to do, tell me what you’ve actually achieved.

  2. As much as I love to rip the government schools, and as much as they deserve ripping, it must be said that a lot of these minority kids are simply not interested in school, and some are actually hostile to education.

    Their parents, uneducated, welfare dependent, wards of the state, send them off to get them out of the house so they can partay, deal dope or simply sit on their asses and eat Taki’s in front of their televisions. The state got them into the habit before the kids were even 5 years old with the proven failure Head Start, and the ever popular cash dump Early Education (day care).

    There is no amount of money that is going to get these kids through school successfully unless they are removed from the animal house environments they live in.

    The best you can hope for is to keep them from disrupting the educations of the kids who do want to get ahead. In California, we used to have “continuation schools” where all the losers, dopers and thugs were sent to mark time. The teachers all had backgrounds in dealing with delinquents; former corrections officers were hired to contain the chaos, and they took no shit. The losers could earn their way back to the regular system, but earn it they must.

    It is time to bring this solution back.

  3. Sit still, pay attention, raise your hand, do your homework . . . these activities are “acting White” and will earn you praise from teachers and scorn from your peers. Which one is a more powerful motivator?

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  5. Swiftee wrote:
    It is time to bring this solution back.
    You are completely missing the point. It’s all your fault because you are racist,

  6. Ah, but they miss the point MP. By falling in line behind their parents, minority kids do the work of racists for them.

    Do you think the state of black America came about organically? It’s the culmination of years of leftist conditioning. The Democrat party has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of the kkk.

    The public schools are turning out the product the left designed. Uneducated, angry, wholly dependent, Negro and Hispanic voters and thoroughly brain washed Caucasian foot soldiers.

    The only solution is home schooling and private schools. And even if DeVos helps that mission, we are decades behind.

  7. Examine the BLM organization. White, leftist college grads do the thinking, planning and MSM propaganda; hand picked black womyn act as “front men” to do the talking; white middle class worker bees are the boots on the ground to take care of logistics, manage and execute the plan; uneducated, angry Negro men do the wet work.

    This is the model of the leftists end game for the USA.

  8. Oh, and of course, at the top of the org chart; Elite, wealthy, white leftists, financing…. sowing and reaping from walled and patrolled estates.

  9. On the topic of government proving both corrupt and incompetent:

    The AP story is surprisingly skeptical about light rail. The only problem I have with the story is that the party taht controls state and county government in Hawaii — Democrat — is never mentioned.
    Every step of the planning and building process was done poorly. To bring the stations in at a lower cost, they designed them without restrooms, while they happily projected ridership would be multiples of similar projects in other cities. Now the Honolulu pols are in a panic because they may be held responsible by the people and the feds.

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