8 thoughts on “Won’t Get Fooled Again

  1. Of course, the article goes into detail about how it’s not the fault of Al or the movie. Must be a vast thinking conspiracy.

    I had to sit through the preview before getting to watch “Dunkirk”. You know how you watch a preview and get the sense that all the good jokes were loaded into those two minutes? In this case there were a couple “Applause” lines offered up in the same way a 3-year-old knows his art is going on the refrigerator, and where the spectators in the film applauded.

    I decided that watching one Wellstone funeral in my life was enough.

  2. NW “I decided that watching one Wellstone funeral in my life was enough.”

    prepare yourself, Walter Mondale is fast approaching the undiscovered country, and you can bet that will turn into 2 weeks of nonstop revisionist history hell in Minnesota.
    What we need is a drinking game to accompany all the eulogies…..

  3. I’m willing to give the dead their due, and any public figure has earned his/her supporters and detractors. I will indulge those who want to say good things about the dearly departed, for the sake of tradition and good manners. It’s when the “eulogy” becomes a campaign rally, or when political statements are made into Convenient “movies” when the opposition party is in power, that lines are crossed and good taste goes out the window.

  4. I don’t think I need to see that second movie. I knew 5 minutes into the first one that the man was either a liar or a fool, and quite possibly both. Blind faith (or bald-faced lying) and self-serving histrionics are not scientific proof of anything.

  5. Tangentally related, when did Al Gore’s father become a Republican? Because we know that all the Democrats from the South who voted against the civil rights act became Republicans. That is the current history, isn’t it?

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