While We Wait For That “Tidal Wave Of Right Wing Terror”…

…we’ve got yet another story of a Democrat executing a Republican.

Shortly before 8 p.m. Monday, police responded to the 300 block of Box Elder Drive for a dispute between Carter and Jennings about cursing and video recording in the back yard. Police said they were able to resolve that dispute.

Then at approximately 1 a.m. Tuesday, police say the neighbors got into another dispute. Carter told police that Jennings shined a light into his eyes while he was outside. Carter then allegedly pulled a car onto his lawn, shining the high beams of the car on Jennings’ property.

Carter then allegedly retrieved a .380 semi-automatic handgun from his house and confronted the victim again outside.

Officials say Carter shot Jennings once in the head, knocking him to the ground. Carter then allegedly stood over Jennings’ body and shot him once more in the head.

The victim was on his own property, police said…

…Jennings’ wife allegedly heard the first gunshot, then saw Carter stand over her husband as he fired the second shot.

Carter is described as a virulent Anti-Triump fanatic; Jennings was a Chester County Pennsylvania GOP committeeman.

Yet another entry in my “Climate of Hate” page – wh

26 thoughts on “While We Wait For That “Tidal Wave Of Right Wing Terror”…

  1. Terrible news. My heart goes out to the Jennings family.

    And now Carter gets to enjoy the amenities of a microcosm of society where he’ll get food, medical care, and shelter, while men and women with guns protect the rest of society from him.

    Prison is too good for this scumbag.

  2. No one loves ripping reprobate, insane leftists more than me, but I’m a stickler for details.

    The original news story, from the local TV station, said witnesses said politics didn’t have anything to do with this incident.

    Although, it can be said that since this dude was a raving, foaming at the mouth moonbat, suffering from stage 4 TDS, and since it has been scientifically proven, beyond ANY doubt that liberalism is a mental disease, that his politics contributed tangentially.

  3. /While We Wait For That “Tidal Wave Of Right Wing Terror”/

    MBerg: Very fortuitous post. (Charleston, VA)

  4. You might want to send the kangaroo court on a recess, Emery. You know, wait for evidence, and not believe everything you read in the newspaper or read at Huffpo.

  5. As ugly as these confrontations are, there is a silver lining: racism is being exposed. I believe it is best racists demonstrate their feelings openly, so society can be aware and address this idiocy. This is the alt-right, the far right. These are Trump people, the very core of his base.

    This type of domestic chaos will continue as Trump fails to endorse societal norms and encourages violence as a solution. We have the worst kind of leadership — loud but functionally absent.

  6. You are deep in the fever swamp, Emery.
    Say, what are the chances of an American being killed by a crazed Trump supporter rather than being killed by a natural disaster? This is a point you have made (re: Islamic terrorists) more than once.

  7. Hmm… who instigated the violence? It is funny how violence begets violence and antifa/BLM are sawing what they have sewn. Maybe, just maybe they will think twice about perpetrating more violence, because there just maybe a blowback. And let’s hope the investigation of this incident leads to incarcerations of corrupt libturd officials who let this happen and who have let fascist antifa/BLM run wild.

  8. Quit playing the false-equivalency card.

    16.1 million Americans fought against the likes of so called white supremacists, Nazis, and Jew baiters in World War II. 400,000 of them died and thousands more were injured and disabled. There is nothing ‘American’ about these groups in their beliefs or actions. They represent the absolute worst in history —the oppression, murder and subjugation of entire nations and races. To equate this with anything else confirms a lack of history in the story of its victims and American values. If the representative of the American people cannot say this —then neither he nor we stand for any level of decency.

    All Trump had to do was denounce white supremacy/neo-nazis and he couldn’t bring himself to do it. In America. In 2017.

    I’ll give you credit for trying. It’s going to be very difficult to polish this turd.

  9. I am sure Mitch will open up a thread on the subject and I will copy and paste my comments from here to there, but one more thing, this is what 0bumbler brought upon us, this is his doing, his goal. I cannot fathom what that excrement’s response would have been under the circumstances. Please note, the libturds are louder than ever to ban guns BECAUSE of Charlottesville.

    Oh, and hey eTASS, (Charleston, VA)? Natch.

  10. Trump is a total hypocrite, he took every opportunity to trash talk Obama for not saying, “Radical Islamic terrorism”, but Trump can’t say: “White Nationals.” Sad…

  11. I’ve said this before, but . . .
    Every political movement attracts the crazies. People do wicked, reprehensible things (though there yet is little evidence to go by in the Charleston incident). The question is, is this a conspiracy to commit violent acts? Was the terrorist used by an organization to advance its criminal objectives? If so, it is clearly the job of law enforcement to expose the conspiracy and prosecute the organizers of the conspiracy.

  12. Hey, eTASS. your level of comprehension is even less today than usual. White Supremacists and Soci@list/Fascist Antifa/BLM equivalence? I actually submit to you that Soci@list/Fascist Antifa/BLM movements have more blood on their hands than White Supremacists. Absolute worst in history? Look in the fucking mirror. sTrumpet was absolutely correct in decrying ALL violence. Take your talking points to the fever swamp where they will get more attention by your likeminded turds.

  13. “Hmm… who instigated the violence?”

    Yeah, one side ran over a bunch of counter protestors, and the other side, the counter protestors, stood in front of a car speeding right toward them, doing violence to the front of the car.

    Have you ever seen that big statue of Hitler in Berlin, the one dedicated to the bravery and pride of the young German soldiers who “fought courageously for their traditions and what they believed in”?
    Oh, you haven’t seen that. Because it doesn’t exist. Theres a reason for that.

    Btw: good catch on Charlottesville, thank you.

  14. Yeah, one side ran over a bunch of counter protestors, and the other side, the counter protestors, stood in front of a car speeding right toward them, doing violence to the front of the car.
    You have not seen the evidence, Emery. We don’t try people on HuffPo in the US.
    You, like an awful lot of people, seem to want to reimpose reconstruction of the old South. You ain’t gonna get that w/o a Civil War, buddy.
    In Imperial Spain, the Inquisition used to disinter the corpses of people posthumously found guilty of heresy. They would dress it as penitent, strap it backwards on a mule and drive it through the public square while people hurled abuse at it. Is that the next step? Who shall have veto power over whom is comemerated with public art work? We are a republic, so maybe the people, and not you? Perhaps you’s like to censor speech you don’t approve of as well?

  15. Yeah, one side ran over a bunch of counter protestors, and the other side, the counter protestors, stood in front of a car speeding right toward them, doing violence to the front of the car.

    Yea, them antifa/BLM is a peaceful, kumbaya sort of lot who never resorted to violence before. nosirreebob, What a maroon.

    I have heard a rumor this morning about the footage of what was happening before the car rammed the crowd, but it is not readily available. I wonder if it is because it destroys the narrative of a peaceful antifa/BLM (an oxymoron) protest. I would like to reserve any and all judgement to the exact nature until the investigation concludes.

    Oh, and by the way, I do not know of anyone who did not applaud the Blues Brothers for their action on the bridge in Skokie. Well, maybe not Henry Gibson. for the people on the thread without a sense of humor lest they be triggered.

  16. White supremacist and ‘Unite the Right’ leader, Jason Kessler, was once reportedly a supporter a former President Obama and the Occupy movement.

    My, my, my… what’s an eTASS to say and do now? What do those talking points say about this little development? tsk, tsk, tsk… funny how the facts tend to mess with narrative, time and time again… fake news could not be faker…

    (apologies to Mitch for ellipsis, I know he hates them)

  17. Woolly, Trump knows his base and is too much of a coward to say anything about it. Also, there is this false narrative running with Trump followers that it’s not about race and they always start their defense by saying they aren’t racist. It’s the time honored tradition of turning a blind eye to one’s own dark side.

    Muslims: They’re all terrorists!
    Mexicans: They’re all rapists!
    White Supremacists: There are many sides to this…

  18. Seeing the photos of the Nazi flags (with the creases from having just been unfolded from the package quite clear) raises certain questions.

    Such as, if it is all but impossible to buy a Confederate flag these days, where do people buy their Nazi flags?

    And, if you can find out where they are sold, might you also find out if a large bulk order was recently made? And wouldn’t it be interesting to trace back just who made that order? (Especially if it’s the same money that bought all the antifa materials.)

  19. Emery, given that a huge portion of the armed forces in WWII were fighting in the Pacific, we can’t assume that they were fighting white supremacists, no?

    Plus, 1.8 million Americans fought in Korea (in-theater) and 2.7 million fought Communism in Vietnam, not to mention many millions of Americans who stood in places like the Fulda Gap from 1945 to the present. No debate that the 12 million victims of Hitler’s KZs deserve our memory and respect; what about the ten million victims of Lenin, the 25 million victims of Stalin, the 50-75 million victims of Mao, and the millions of victims of Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro,and other Communists?

    When does flying a hammer and sickle or wearing a Che shirt–standard attire at “antifa” protests–become as unacceptable as wearing a swastika? By my calculations, the latter are an order of magnitude more murderous than the Nazis ever were.

    No argument that anyone willing to march under a swastika is a loser. But anyone willing to march with the image of Che,or a hammer and sickle, is just as much a loser.

  20. Trump:
    Muslims: They’re all terrorists!
    Mexicans: They’re all rapists!

    Trump never said this.
    As I wrote earlier, Emery, you are in the fever swamp, where people say that Trump spoke the words “Muslims: They’re all terrorists! Mexicans: They’re all rapists!” and instead of correcting the speaker, you nod your head and agree.

  21. Non responsive. I suppose at some level you realize that you are being irrational, Emery.
    Instapundit is highlighting a tweet from some fellow named Sean Davis, noting that the Dallas guy who shot five cops was a BLM activist & this was never mentioned by MSM, but this Charlotte guy is supposed to be the cat’s paw of everyone who voted for Trump.
    Violent rhetoric comes from both sides at the highest level. You just don’t read the stuff that comes from the Dem’s (or Obama) on HuffPo.

  22. And the Bernie-bro who tried to assassinate GOP caucus? You don’t have to go back to Dallas, MP, the recent history is even more telling.

  23. I have argued for many years that the Democratic party post-1968 or so abandoned being a broad-based coalition of working people to become the party of the victims of the patriarchy. Democrats, led by academic figures and various media outlets, have defined the patriarchy as all white people, particularly white men, which left the white working class with no political home. The Republican party is not really a home for them either, but at least defends them rhetorically and does not constantly label them as the enemy. The politics of “the white man is the enemy” drives white men towards extremist groups like those that demonstrated over the weekend, drives them towards Trump, and robs the Democratic party of a governing majority.

    While I find Woolly overly nostalgic, and his solutions unworkable for the 21st century, he is not a fake or a hypocrite. The people he identifies as “The Left” do exist, whether you choose to use that name or not. They are those people who make their living protesting the lot of black people, Hispanics, women who want abortions, non-Christians, immigrants, and those with non-majority sexual identities. While those causes often have merit, their constant bogeyman is white and male. Collectively those single-issue causes, backed by the Democratic party, have been very successful as single issue causes, but in alienating their designated bogeymen, have driven white men to the Republicans. This has led directly to Republican majorities, Donald Trump and the new-found confidence and popularity of white supremacist groups.

    That is a difficult problem to solve, but it is a real political problem in this country.

  24. Emery Incognito on August 14, 2017 at 12:30 pm said:
    Trump interrupted his golf game to make his statement, what more could he do?

    Emery, you’ve become a joke….Pee in you hat pal!!!

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