Being of mostly Caucasian descent makes me a beneficiary of “white privilege”. So I’m told.

However, the terms of that “privilege” are entirely defined by those who purportedly don’t have it; indeed, we are told as people who “have” the “privilege” that we can’t possibly understand it.

Apparently we benefit from something we can not only sense or define ourselves, but can not describe.  Because privilege.

If can neither sense it nor know what it is, because of our privilege, how are we supposed to deal with it (other, of course, than shut up and contribute to Nekima Levyi-Pounds, of course)?


6 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. how are we supposed to deal with it (other, of course, than shut up and contribute to Nekima Levyi-Pounds, of course)?

    Just remember she doesn’t take Diner’s Club.

  2. Sounds a like a case of “we do not know what we do not know”. An absolute truth.

  3. I propose we forsake white privilege by sacrificing the “-” between the two last names….

  4. It always makes me smile that the white people who are displaying their “Black Lives Matter” signs and wagging their fingers at other whites about “privilege” seem to be the people who least understand what they don’t know.

    I was following a social media neighborhood page thread a few months ago where a white woman was bitterly complaining about having to walk across a parking lot to get to the supermarket. She then praised the fact that said parking lot will soon be green space and a soccer stadium. Oh, how much improvement this will be for the neighborhood.

    Later, a black woman commented on her “white privilege” that thought a green space and soccer stadium replacing an operating business that people in the neighborhood actually used was beneficial.

    The white woman was angry. She didn’t have privilege. How dare this be said about her. She’s fighting to make improvements to the neighborhood. Poor people will be lifted up by the improvements she fights for. She eventually removed her post.

    I see and hear a lot of this. The elites who prattle about white privilege are often the first to plug their ears when a “lesser” is actually trying to talk to them. How dare the lesser have an opinion about what is best. I have studied this at length in books at college!

    My prediction- we’re going to start seeing Trump style mayors popping up in more liberal cities in the next 5-10 years, and it will be because the currently invisible working class and poor people (both white and POC) will have finally had enough.

  5. It’s not a conundrum.
    The people who have the ability to privilege and de-privilege others are privileged by definition. The dyslexic black lesbian in HR who wants to de-privilege the white male employees in the company was given that power by the white male ivy-leaguer in the corner office on the top floor. All these political battles about “minority rights” are being fought by people who identify as white against other people who identify as white.
    Obama, Jarrett, and Holder got their power only because the white establishment Democrats allowed it.

  6. If I have so much privilege, how come I have so much trouble getting someone to rustle me up a sammich….chop chop?

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