On Your Own Dime

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The author proposes that conservatives begin to use shaming and shunning as a weapon against liberals, the way they have used them against us. I say it won’t work, because Liberals control all the institutions where shaming and shunning is enforced.

I can’t shame anybody on Facebook or Twitter, because my post will be blocked by the liberals who administer the website.

My complaints to HR will be disregarded because of the liberals who administer employee discipline programs. My complaints to the court will be dismissed  because of liberals who sit on the bench. And of course, God help anybody who attempts to shun gays by refusing to bake their wedding cake.

We can’t use character assassination against them because they already own the HR department.  To those people, claiming my boss harassed me on account of my political beliefs won’t get him disciplined, it’ll get him a raise: it’s good to harass a Nazi fascist, they deserve it.  And all the Liberal Democrats who work in HR believe that without question.

It is too late to attempt to use shaming and shunning to shut down liberals. So what’s the next weapon to use in the war of degenerating civil standards?  Either we undertake a decades-long sustained effort to take back the institutions, or we bypass the institutions that have been captured by social justice Warriors. And when you talk about bypassing the courts, you’re talking about Street Justice which is another word for Civil War. When reason is not available, violence is the last resort.

Perverting the institutions that ensure social order results in destroying social order.   Another application of Berg’s Law: Liberal Values Destroy Liberal Societies.

Joe Doakes

Leaving only power – those who have it, and those subject to it.

Which is really what it’s all about.

10 thoughts on “On Your Own Dime

  1. Last night on Red Eye Radio they just eviscerated McCain’s speech about “working together” and “getting things done.” It’s all nonsense. We never compromise to the right, always to the left. Now they have the institutions captured AND the government is running out money AND people can’t take care of themselves in a never ending low GDP economy. So now people can’t survive or thrive without those institutions. Graft, rent seeking, and dependency. What are we going to do, jack taxes up more for further central planning by The Committee? That isn’t even counting all of toe social stupidity like pronouns ad what not.

    They listed all the ACA features that Republicans like at the rate of 75%. It was mind boggling. We are all stupid and dependent, now.

    Follow John Gilmore. He got on Fox last weekend. He knows what he’s talking about.

  2. I am so angry at how the GOP handled this health insurance stuff. Fools. They should have forced a national conversation about the HISTORY of our crap system and all of the LIES of the ACA before they did anything. Group employment insurance, LBJ and Obama have forced economic collapse and death panels on anyone over 45 or so. We’re screwed.

    The only way out is a striped down Swiss system and the GOP is too stupid to lead on it.

  3. It’s times like this that I am proud to be a non-Republican.
    The GOP is broken. If electing Trump can’t fix the GOP, what can? Electing Jeb Bush or John Kasich?

  4. Shaming and shunning won’t work on libturds because they cannot comprehend when they are being shamed and shunned.

    MP, +1

  5. Kasich: the vote buying RINO central planner that complains that the GOP isn’t all vote buying RINO central planners.

  6. I was a bit surprised with the “shaming and shunning” author in providing actual examples of things to do, but perhaps that is to be expected. As many on the non-Left start to get it (get woke, as it were) about the utter depravity and ruthlessness of the Left, the next step will be to apply Left’s tools against them.

    In essence, the non-Left needs to apply Alinsky’s Rules against the Left and two of those rules are “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” and “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” Shaming and shunning is nothing, but ridicule is everything. Ridicule delivered with great joy is even better. You can see this if you track the Twitter feed and articles of Kurt Schlichter @ townhall.com, a conservative who got woked.

  7. Tried some “shaming and shunning” at The Minnpost, and NewsCult.

    Ya can’t shame folks who don’t have any concept of the thing, but you will be booted because leftist reprobates *do* know when they are being mocked, even if they don’t understand why it’s funny.

  8. Regarding appealing to HR, my gut feel is that in many companies, being ignored is about the best thing that will happen, with the more likely result being that I’d be the one to be disciplined unless the issue were really clear and nonpolitical.

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