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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Trump claims John Podesta barred the FBI from looking at the DNC computer.

You remember that computer – not the one in Hillary’s bathroom that she wiped with a cloth, this is the DNC server that supposedly got “hacked” by the Russians to steal the Democrats’ emails, which the Russians then released to the public through their shill, Wikileaks, in an effort to make Hillary look bad so voters wouldn’t like her, all the while colluding with the Trump campaign to steal the election from Hillary.   Trump claims the FBI never saw it.

Naturally, the Liberal media is covering for the Democrats.  Politifact rated Trump’s claim a LIE:  John Podesta did NOT bar the FBI from looking at the DNC computer.  Somebody else did that.

Missing the point, people!  The essence of the claim remains true: the feds never saw the computer.

The only evidence the Russians had anything to do with the massive leak of embarrassing emails comes from the private IT firm hired by the Democrats.  The leak could just as easily have come from a disgruntled DNC employee, perhaps an IT specialist who downloaded the emails and offered them to Wikileaks right before he was murdered in a ‘robbery gone bad’ in which nothing was stolen, that the D.C. cops refuse to investigate.

Since when does the FBI out-source criminal investigations or national security breaches?  But the Democrats assured James Comey the Russians did it, and that’s good enough for old Jimbo. And the rest of the nation blindly follows the false trail down the rabbit hole.

Joe Doakes

If Democrats defended this nation like they defend their narrative, ISIS would be hiding under a rock in the Hejdaz.

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  1. I think you are missing the point. The fact that ‘no one has proven that the Russian Government was part of this disclosure’ while true is irrelevant now. Trump Jr was told in the e-mail from Rob Gladstone that the Russian Government had the information and then acted as he did. That is the problem.

    “We have nothing to do with Russia”

    But we won’t release tax returns to show it
    We had no meetings with Russians
    OK, Sessions did and lied about it
    OK, Flynn did and lied about it too
    But we didn’t know about it until weeks later
    OK, we did know about it
    But Roger Stone meeting with the hacker Guccifer was innocent
    OK, it wasn’t
    We fired Comey because of how he handled Clinton
    Because he was too rough, no, too soft
    OK, we fired Comey because of the Russia investigation
    But Russia didn’t interfere in the election
    OK, they did, but there is no evidence of collusion
    OK, Trump Jr, Manafort and Kushner lied about yet another meeting
    But it was about adoptions
    OK, it wasn’t about adoptions
    But Trump Sr. didn’t know about the meeting
    OK, he did know about the meeting
    But he didn’t announce that same day that he had dirt on his opponent
    OK, he did
    But it wasn’t collusion
    OK, it was collusion, but collusion isn’t a crime

  2. In what way did Russian interference in the election cause voters to switch their votes from an honest, principled, experienced career public servant in favor of a loudmouth loutish pussy-grabber?

    Until you explain that, all your talking points are white noise.

  3. “an honest, principled, experienced career public servant “

    thanks for the laugh JD

  4. During the campaign Trump said that if we voted for Clinton, we’d be stuck with a President, under constant federal investigation, from day one.

  5. I think you are missing the point.

    This from a pointless hack? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. During the campaign Trump said that if we voted for Clinton, we’d be stuck with a President, under constant federal investigation, from day one.

    Hey shit for brains. sTrumpet is NOT under federal investigation. Got it? Prove me otherwise. NOW! You pathetic little shill.

  7. Emery, as far as we know from honest sources, the President is not under federal investigation. He is undergoing as much of a full body cavity exam by the MSM and Democrats (but I repeat myself) as they think they can get away with.

    BIg difference, buddy. You want collusion with America’s enemies, we could reopen investigations into how Ted Kennedy, Tip O’Neill, and Barack Obama promised giveaways to the Soviets/Russians if they got their way. We can see if any of the 22 men put in jail for illegal contributions to Bill Clinton’s campaign might be willing to talk, too.

    No, it’s not getting warm in here. It’s just you, Emery.

  8. a ‘robbery gone bad’ in which nothing was stolen, that the D.C. cops refuse to investigate.

    Klaus Eberwein anyone? It has been almost a week since his “suicide”.

  9. translation for Emery’s benefit; more felonies committed by Mueller’s team by leaking information.

  10. “Robert Mueller is digging into Kushner giving campaign voter data to Russians so they can precisely target voters in key precincts.”

    Emery wants us to believe that the FSB is so amateurish that they don’t understand how easily they could legally do what he suggests by simply forming a PAC the way Mr Soros does and buying the information they want.

  11. Kel: Thus far, the only thing Trump and his administration have demonstrated is incompetence, rather than evil intent. So I doubt that Trump and his cronies were actually conspiring with the Russians, because that would require a level of organization and planning that we have seen no sign of.

    Although I would say that Trump and his administration is spending most of its time and energy protecting itself from the ramifications of its rash and poorly-thought-out actions, and from the dubiously legal actions of its senior members, now and in the past.

    As far as Mueller and his investigation into Team Trump, it could take years.

  12. Per what MacArthur is saying, I have personally helped someone target voters in key precincts by buying the MN state voter rolls. It was supremely effective and helped Ron Paul capture the state back in 2012, I believe. Except it didn’t. Getting voter rolls and such is child’s play, and if the Russians haven’t had this for as long as it’s been available, I’d be shocked.

    Worthy of note as well is that if the FBI figures out exactly who on Mueller’s team is leaking, the investigation might not last for years. Some people in government take the exposure of classified information very, very seriously, and that could work out very, very badly for Mueller and his team.

    To draw a parallel picture, such leaks USED to be news. I remember back in the 1990s, Clinton special prosecutor Ken Starr said something under oath to which the Clintons vehemently protested–back in the day, even non-anonymous leaks required by subpoena were a big deal. Not so much after a few more years of Democrats figuring out they can cheat their way to success.

  13. Hey Emery,

    You had better be careful what you wish for, because Mueller will eventually have to answer the questions; “What did Obama and/or his minions know and when did they know it”?

    Yea, I remember when Trump was caught on video colluding with the Russian PM, telling him “I will have much more latitude after I’m reelected”. Oh. Wait. That was Barackus Obamanus that committed that act of treason.

  14. Its Obama’s fault. Its Hillary Clinton’s fault. Its Loretta Lynch’s fault. It’s the Secret Service’s fault. Everybody is responsible for the actions of Donald Trump Jr except Donald Trump Jr.

    Trump only gets to blame Obama and Clinton for the first 6 months. This coming Wednesday, Trump has to open the second envelope.

  15. Obama got to blame Bush 8 years, Trump gets a firm six months, no questions asked about why others might be to blame. Got it.

    By no means should we wonder why a Russian lawyer got a decidedly unorthodox visa to work on a U.S. law case, especially since she doesn’t even speak English, is linked to the same firm that generated a BS report on Trump, and when the whole issue was leaked by some sympathetic soul who had amazingly been watching in the right place.

    No, no reason to suspect a setup here, nosirree.

  16. Oh, Joe, I think you really mean, “If Republicans defended this country like they protected our right to vote, the Russians would be handing out party registration cards.”

  17. BTW, Bubba, W blamed Clinton, and in case you missed it, Bush DID help to bring about the largest financial collapse in US history (though I give Clinton some of the blame, too).

    The difference here is, Obama doesn’t personally clear people for their visas (nor did the WH staff), whereas Trumpster pretty obviously approved a meeting with a Russian governmental operative (an agent of an adversarial government) by HIS senior staff (campaign manager, and two of his senior advisors). He then pretty obviously worked with the Russians to discredit Clinton and convince Sanders voters to vote for Trump, because “he was for the people” in the same way as Marie Antionette. But yeah, the whole problem with the meeting with the Russian operative was that it was during the Obama administration this woman was legally and presumably properly granted a visa. I have to remember, the Republican motto, “The Buck Doesn’t Even Pause Here.”

  18. Nixon: “I’m not a crook.”
    Trump: “I’m a crook. So what?”

    Trump succeeds simply by surviving.

  19. Dunning_Kruger: “I’m a witless twaat, incapable of an original thought. So what?”

  20. ‘Not every flower can say love, but a rose can. Not every plant survives thirst, but a cactus can. Not every retard can read, but look at you go, little buddy ! Today you should take a moment and send an encouraging message to a special needs friend, just as I’ve done. I don’t care if you lick windows, or interfere with farm animals. You hang in there cup cake, you’re special to me, you’re my friend, look at you smiling at your phone! You crayon eating troll you!’

  21. You know whatm, SFB eTASS, you bore me. Come back when you have an original thought.

  22. A-GS;
    Whats the difference between Emery and a 55 yr old pole dancer working the afternoon crowd at a run down crab shack out by the interstate?

    No one is ever going to tuck a dollar bill into his G-String.

  23. Emery: your 9:06 is recycled from an earlier comment. Get new material.

    Pen: the key to reading Mitch’s website is to understand the layout. The words in italics are mine. The others are Mitch’s. He made that comment, not I.

    Also, Pen, I remember the sub-prime crisis. I remember Clinton appointee Jamie Gorelick at FNMA when they redefined “prime mortgage” to mean “660 credit score.” I remember Sen. McCain and the Bush Administration warning about sub-primes but Democrats like Sen. Barney Frank insisting FNMA was sound and the administration was lying in an attempt to hinder Blacks from buying homes. Your revisionist history is a few years too early – you have to wait until the people who actually know what happened have died off. Then you can tell your lies to future generations.

  24. Pen, I’m sorry, but you are wrong. Since the woman’s standard visa was rejected, the visa she obtained had to go through the Department of Justice, and the Hill reported that it was approved by none other than Loretta Lynch. Now of course conversations between the President and the AJ are privileged, but if you truly believe Obama had no say in the matter, then I’ve got a great bridge I can sell to you cheap.

    This is backed by the fact that she was not only allowed to stay for a case in which she could hardly help, but was also given a pass to Congressional hearings to sit right behind the Russian ambassador.

    Sorry, but if that’s not very interesting to you, you simply are not thinking much.

    And sure, W. blamed Clinton for the mortgage crisis. Having reinforced and heavily enforced the CRA, and having put a lot of effort into degrading both prime and subprime mortgages, Clinton deserves every bit of blame he gets and more. I remember driving through Minnetonka in 2003 and seeing a billboard advertising a $300k mortgage with a payment of about $830/month, and instantly thinking “this will not go well for the borrower.”

    That’s your loose lending standards coming through. That’s part of the legacy of Bill Clinton and Barney Frank, and watch out for the loose lending standards Barack Obama put in place for student loans.

  25. JD: let me get this straight:

    First, no one ever met with Russians or Russian government officials. Never happened. Oh wait, Flynn, Sessions, Kushner all had multiple meetings and acknowledged that after they were caught. Flynn “fired.” Sessions recused. Kushner? Action still pending.

    As to Trump Jr’s meeting, never happened. Oh wait. Happened, but nothing happened. But there’s more: happened with two Kremlin-linked individuals behaving in classic kompromat behavior. Trump Jr goes “transparent” with the email trail, only after the NYT has the story.

    Trump Sr, of course, never knew about the meeting until days ago, but somehow paid Trump Jr.’s defense counsel (out of campaign funds) a week before the story broke.

    But simultaneously, Trump Sr promises to dish dirt on Hillary Clinton, then doesn’t.

    And now we learn that a sheaf of materials that may match the DNC email dump by Guccifer 2.0 (Russian hacker) was left behind after the meeting.

    Well that certainly clears the president of any wrongdoing, right?

    I’m betting on Mueller uncovering major Russian money laundering through Trump’s Florida real estate ventures.

    Wasn’t Trump’s platform to drain the swamp and to stop this kinda thing? Now he says that’s the way it is?

    Nope, nothing to see here…..

  26. “And now we learn that a sheaf of materials that may match the DNC email dump by Guccifer 2.0 (Russian hacker) was left behind after the meeting. “

    from January 2014 on Guccifer was in prison – he wasn’t near a computer any time between then and now.
    for my own personal amusement (the pole dancer just broke her leg) explain to me how Guccifer got the DNC 2016 campaign emails.

  27. Emery, you keep flinging poo but missing the target.

    Try this: fling your poo and end it with ” . . . and that’s why Hillary lost the election.”

    Because nothing else matters, if you can’t do that.

  28. That Trump is quite the deal maker (Trump-care has collapsed again). Now Trump will have time to go to work on a adoption bill for Trump Jr.

  29. Good news after all:
    You can now park in spaces reserved for the handicapped, by placing your MAGA cap on the dashboard. 😂

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