When We Say The Roots Of “Gun Control” Are Racist…

…we aren’t just referring to its historical roots, the attempts to disarm blacks after the Civil War and the urban riots of the sixties.

Los Angeles – which still has the “discretionary issue” system Minnesota ditched in 2003 – gives fewer permits to blacks, Latinos and women.

Gotta show ’em who’s boss.

When government controls who has the right to be a citizen rather than a subject, then everyone’s a subject.

8 thoughts on “When We Say The Roots Of “Gun Control” Are Racist…

  1. If denying carry permits to Blacks, Latinos and women actually worked to reduce the number of gun crimes committed by those groups, at least there would be some justification for the policy. But does it? Absent compelling evidence, the policy certainly looks discriminatory.

  2. Pew has done some interesting polling on guns & race. A lot of it has been deep-six’ed because it fouls the narrative line.
    Blacks are far less likely than whites to report living in a hoe with a gun, but Blacks are both perpetrators and victims of gun violence at a far higher rate than whites.

  3. MP, I just thought you were being kinky. 🙂

    It does make you wish that WP had an editing feature, though.

  4. LA County hoisted on the petard of disparate impact. Go figure. :^)

    Seriously, it would be interesting to compare the reasons given and see whether we’ve really got people with clean records of one race being denied at a higher rate by the same sheriffs and such.

  5. First two are incapable of producing a valid ID, the latter was born with all the weapon she needs.

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