Great Leap Forward!

An American school district practices cultural appropriation, and lifts some culcha from Maoist Cnina:

At a May 8 school board meeting, parent Farran Wilkinson took to the podium to out one educator who recently forced white students to apologize to black students for their white privilege, according to the American Lens.

“I just want to share light on a situation that happened at Western Rockingham Middle School where a teacher caused some of her students to stand up and apologize to other students based on their unequal opportunities of education, so I would like to know how our schools can allow an educator to humiliate, bully and degrade students,” Wilkinson said. (60 minute mark in the YouTube video) “This is not a matter of race but a matter of a teacher using fear and the embarrassment of children to satisfy her own personal anger or beliefs.”

At this rate, Trump may win  a third term…


9 thoughts on “Great Leap Forward!

  1. If the kids had privilege, they couldn’t be made to do anything like this.
    These people are complete idiots.

  2. While watching that video, in my cartoon bubble, Anne Carrol runs past the podium with her hair on fire while the pastor cites scripture.

  3. OK, kids, here you go; when your teacher starts pulling obnoxious stunts like this, whip out that cell phone and start recording. Put it on YouTube and watch administration squirm as they can’t explain around it anymore. It’s not just for social media and music videos, kids.

  4. “Do they want a race war? Because this is how you start a race war.”

    of course they want a race war – They have always wanted a race war – the left believes fervently that they will be the adjudicators after the fact, parceling out privilege and punishment as appropriate to the participants who survive to inhabit their new world order. Best of all hey all believe they will be Kommisars with dachas in the country.

  5. Do they want a race war? Because this is how you start a race war.

    It is not a race war. It is a war of elitist white uneducated libidiots vs common sense. Take a look at any BLM rally – who do you see? This ain’t no black panther movement.

  6. Per JPA’s comment, I remember a story related by a black pastor–can’t remember his name–about how way back, he’d been approached about the need to rein in the Black Panthers. So he asked the gentleman how many Panthers there were, and it was a surprisingly small number.

    Small groups of men with ethics can accomplish a lot if they’re motivated.

  7. “It is not a race war. It is a war of elitist white uneducated libidiots vs common sense. ”
    Exactly, JPA. This is the elites flexing their muscle, showing you that they and they alone have the ultimate privilege — they can privilege or deprivilege whomever they like. It’s all arbitrary, as we are reminded when the elites mock uneducated, toothless hillbillies, while openly sympathizing with even less educated and untoothed Black and brown people. Are they really proud to have over 90% of the vote of the most criminal, least educated racial group in America? Yes, they are.

  8. Because of this do-do’s observation, we will have to outlaw MPR for parents.

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