An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Illinois may very well go bankrupt.

What do to?

It’s time to break up Illinois:

…let’s finally admit that after decade upon decade of taxing and spending and borrowing, Illinois has finally run out of other people’s money.

Not a bad plan – although I’m not sure what Wisconsin did to deserve Chicago. Give Chicago to Massachusetts.

Those “other people” include taxpayers who’ve abandoned the state. And now Illinois faces doomsday.

So as the politicians meet in Springfield this week for another round of posturing and gesturing and blaming, we need a plan.

We just disappear. With no pain. That’s right. You heard me.

The whole satirical (?) thing is worth a read.


17 thoughts on “An Idea Whose Time Has Come

  1. You’ll need to make sure a number of highly liberal suburbs get put in the new territory of Chicagoland. Don’t want to make them a state, after all, and give them Senators or anything. :^)

  2. We think that post WWI Germany had a hyperinflation problem. Hyperinflation was the result, not the cause. The cause was unsustainable debt. Hyperinflation was, in effect, a means of discounting the debt. The cure was the issuance of a new currency based on state-owned economic assets and heavy discounting of war debt by the victors.
    What do you do when the debtors are the same political body as the creditors?
    Someone is going to have to take a haircut.
    I’ve always believed that the ability to encumber future generations with debt was unrepublican. How can you be a self-ruling people when most of your political activity — spending public money — is dictated by agreements made by people who are long gone? Perhaps in pursuit of public projects the current polity rejects?

  3. NO. JUST NO! I, and I suspect most of Wisconsin, will refuse to accept Chicago. It’s bad enough having the cesspool that is Milwaukee in this state, but adding Chicago and all its addled voters?! They’re the reason Illinois is a failed state in the first place!

    We can contemplate it IF we repeal Reynolds v. Sims but not until then! Make Chicago its own state, but without the repeal of Reynolds we Cheeseheads will refuse to go along.

  4. So an idea in there has me thinking – barring 3 to 4 generations from an area from voting – got me thinking. California has people moving away due to their own issues. Many have moved to Colorado (which has changed the make up of the state) and are moving to Texas (which is becoming more blue).

    What would happen if the transplants were not allowed to vote in state and local elections for a period of five to ten years? Oh, there’s issues with it legally, but it prevents people moving into an area and fundamentally changing it.

  5. California has people moving away due to their own issues. Many have moved to Colorado (which has changed the make up of the state) and are moving to Texas (which is becoming more blue).
    It is called “colonization.”

  6. “Someone is going to have to take a haircut.”

    I’ve been thinking about that. I can’t imagine Illinois government employee unions giving up so much as a dollar without a fight rivaling the Japanese on Okinawa. There’s talk of trying to declare bankruptcy. I sure don’t want to be bailing out Illinois, and eventually California, because the people can’t stop voting for corrupt politicians.

  7. The Queen advised Alice to practice believing impossible things. No need for that with modern Liberals – they do it all the time.

  8. reader15 and MP are close to the mark.

    Illinois will be bailed out, as part of that bailout thousands of public employee union members will be “bought out”.
    Taking their taxpayer provided gelt to colonize other ripe feeding troughs (Mpls/StP, Madison, Des Moines, Houston, Austin, DFW, Atlanta, Denver, etc) where they will get jobs as public employee union members and advocate for the same sweet deals they had back in Chicago

  9. SMH, re: Reprobate leftists infecting clean states with their disease.

    There was a KKK store near me in Laurens, SC, but it has closed up shop a couple years back.

    Now, I dont have much contact with klansmen, most of the ones I’ve spoken with are witless idiots worthy of every hillbilly stereotype any SJW ever dreamt of.

    But I think this fellow in Laurens was doing God’s work, although he didn’t realize it. While he was still up and running, I sent all my California friends and relatives links to stories about it. It shocked and appalled them, which was the point.

    I knew they would spread the story among the reprobates they came around in their daily travels, spreading the distain for my state. Ive never told them it closed.

    The NCAA recently had a little hissy fit over North Carolina’s wise move to make a law keeping men in dresses out of the girls bathroom, and pulled the Sweet 16 tourny out of the state. It landed here in SC, and my heart swelled with pride when several guys parked on the top floor of the parking ramp next door and flew big assed Confederate battle flags.

    When the NYT reported it, I cheered.

    My Aunt, a committed leftist who moved from San Francisco to Seattle, and whom I love, refuses, REFUSES, to so much as set foot in SC. My work there is done

    States attractive to lazy, mooching leftists (warm year round) need to earn a reputation that reprobates will not stomach, and carefully cultivate and maintain it. Think of it as big cans of Raid.

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  11. Not just no, but HELL NO! They made their beds, now they can lie in them.

    I already sent letters to all of our GOP congressmen, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan expressing my objections to a bailout of a leftist enclave.

    I would have sent letters to Senators Fluff and Stuart Smalley, but realized that they wouldn’t be able to read them anyway.

  12. Alt-Good Swiftee;
    California has extended their travel bans for “virtuous” reasons so now there are 8 states you can safely visit on vacation and be spared the redolent presence of California apparatchiks.

    “The new additions to California’s restricted travel list are Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota. They join Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee as states already subjected to the ban.”

  13. Alt-good Swiftee wrote:
    Now, I dont have much contact with klansmen, most of the ones I’ve spoken with are witless idiots worthy of every hillbilly stereotype any SJW ever dreamt of.
    The Klan does seem to have recruitment issues. Most of those guys are more like Dewey Crow than Boyd Crowder (from the old Justified TV show). There are enough informants in the KKK to start a J. Edgar Hoover chapter.
    I knew one smart Boyd Crowder, Aryan Brotherhood type. He could talk a junkie out of his last fix. Smart as a whip. I lost touch with him years ago, last I heard he was going to nursing school. Wonder why he was interested in a profession that put him so close to so many pharmaceuticals?

  14. What Mammuthus Primigenius said, plus this:

    Don’t even think about not listening to it. The key thing is the dimensions of how Fed easy money generates excess centralization, unfunded liabilities, and debt. This slows the crap out of the economy ***look at the GDP*** and then eventually the Fed has to buy every god damn thing we have ever produced or we have a deflation like the 1930s. Great system.

    That and David Stockman on the two Tom Woods podcasts is the whole mess.

    How can pensions, old people, and insurance companies function without getting at least 5% on fiat money? They can’t. So they need fascistic socialism. Does that work? No.


  16. You used a bad, bad word, fed. Ci@lis is a no-no due to over-the-board spamming. Try soci@lism instead.

  17. I saw that MacAurthur, I’m jealous as hell, too! What’s keeping us off that list?

    If the klan and battle flag waving isnt enough, California reprobates should know we also have a church on every block…Southern Baptist churches!

    If that don’t do it, nothing will.

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