This Is Your Terrorist. This Is Your Terrorist On Stress.

Leftyblog “Needlenose” wrote about Arkanasas Democrat Mark Pryor’s dim-bulb “Double-dog secret withdrawal date” (secrecy guaranteed because, y’know, we’re only going to tell Congress and the Iraqi Government) – the same one I wrote about earlier.

The Nose’s comment:

 Sen. Pryor, here’s a secret for you: The “enemy” is already biding their time and waiting for us to leave, save for those who are already providing chaos and mayhem.

Further proof, were any needed, that Democrats are not to be trusted with the keys to the family car.

Listen up, Nose:   There’s a huge difference between “biding your time” and “waiting” for us to leave when there’s not only a chance of having a helicopter send hollow-charge wake-up call through your window in the middle of the night, or bounce your rubble with a JDAM from the middle of nowhere, or have a squad of Marines barging through your door at some un-allah-ly hour, but even more so when there’s no end in sight.    When you wake up knowing today could be your last, and that terrorists don’t usually get to rotate home after a year, and that every morning is going to be the same, and the stress of knowing it’s not going to change until you are dead (an ongoing stress that eventually wears down even the most fanatical fighter, causing the kind of mistakes that land those virgins)…

…as opposed to knowing that if you can just hang on, hold out, keep your head low until the Labor Day weekend in a year and a half. Or, better yet, waking up in a country, or province, where the government is entirely sympathetic to you, where you can walk down to the market for some babaganouj and pide and use the phone and sit at a sidewalk cafe table with the guy who’s making your fake documents, and not worry that an SAS team is going to be mounting your head on a wall if you don’t watch your back.

Sort of like Afghanistan, and Iraq, both were.

The galling part, of course, is that the Dems – the ones making all the noise, anyway – don’t believe that’s a problem.  Or don’t know any better.

I don’t know what’s worse.

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  1. “Ah. We have reached the appointed hour. The Infidel has at last fled. Today is a good day to Jihad!”

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