I Thought About Doing An “Avery Librelle” Dramatization…

…of a smug, entitled, East-Coast fop “analyzing” the blue-collar white people who put Donald Trump in office – the line “Shut up, you worthless sister-boinking Budweiser-drinking white trash” Avery explained” croxsed my mind – but in the end, I figured this piece in (where else) Slate by (who else?) Isaac Chotiner parodied itself far beyond my feeble talents.


If there is one thing everyone should be able to agree on about the past seven months, it is that the white working class can no longer be described as “forgotten.” Beaten-down? Racist? Mistreated? Angry? Victimized? Sure. We have read and heard the white working class described in all of those ways. But the election of Donald Trump has ensured that we are discussing this group ad nauseam.


I spoke recently by phone with [author Joan Williams], who is also a distinguished professor of law at University of California Hastings College of the Law. During the course of our conversation, which has been edited and condensed for clarity, we discussed Trump’s view of his own voters, the role of racism in class resentments, and whether there is any way to avoid being “condescending” to Trump’s supporters.


Go head, read it.  And as you do, just note – that sound you’re hearing is Donald Trump measuring the drapes for his second term.

8 thoughts on “I Thought About Doing An “Avery Librelle” Dramatization…

  1. Mitch, your comments about the drapes is spot on. Although I never thought it would be possible, some of my uber libidiot friends, are now fed up with the Russian witch hunt. They finally realized that the crap spewing from the Democrats and their willingness to spend our money chasing moonbeams.

  2. I dunno, Swiftee – one of my Liberal Facebook contacts recently posted something that Karl Rove said as proof that Trump is unfit for office. Karl Rove!

    How twisted is their reality? How bitterly are they clinging to their fantasy? This could be a long summer.

  3. Hillary: I’m going to shut down coal mining and manufacturing because of concerns I have about non-local effects. To keep you from complaining too much, I’ll train you for jobs that don’t exist where you are now and keep you on the dole, but in a much worse and poorer lifestyle. But think how much better you’re making life for the people in Java!

    Trump: I’m going to gut those regulations from Washington that are killing your coal jobs. I’m going to stop unfair trade that’s letting foreigners kill your manufacturing jobs. I’m going to stop unfair competition from illegal aliens for jobs. I’m going to make your economic wellbeing THE priority.

    And strangely, the Progressives thought that Hillary had a better pitch to blue collar folks…

  4. Nerdbert,

    Of course, Shillary was dumb enough to announce that while campaigning in West Virginia, surrounding by coal miners!

    The only action that could be any dumber, would be a couple of thugs attempting to rob a bar that’s frequentled by law enforcement types.

  5. We have democracy — but an awful lot of things have been put beyond the reach of democracy by the elites.
    If you stand outside of the elite it isn’t difficult to see that the things that they believe are social progress and the side effects of social progress are no more than the results of a group of people with very narrow, parochial vision of the world exercising their cultural power.
    It’s all a lie — the liberal goal of greater inclusion of marginal voices in managing society is accomplished by marginalizing the voices of people liberals don’t like. If you want to know who has power in society, look at who is encouraged to speak and who is told to shut the f*ck up.

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