Double Dog Idea

One of the reasons Republicans oppose setting a withdrawal date is that it’ll give terrorists a date to scrawl into their Franklin Covey planners; “Lay Low Until Today!”. They can lay low, hang out in Pakistan, sell naan bread and read “female knee” pr0n until the day after that date, and then go back to work unimpeded by the US military.

One of the special little men the Democrat voters of this country sent to office has an extra special idea – cut and run, but don’t tell anyone exactly when!

In one of the more unusual proposals to emerge in the Senate debate on Iraq withdrawal, Sen. Mark Pryor wants to keep any plans for bringing troops home a secret.The Arkansas Democrat is a key holdout on his party’s proposal to approve $122 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while setting a goal of March 31, 2008, for winding up military operations in Iraq. Unlike the plan’s Republican opponents, Pryor wants a withdrawal deadline of some kind.

Leave aside that pullling 140,000 troops out of a country isn’t something one does literally on a single selected date (has anyone explained this to Rep. Pryor?) – his plan for keeping the secret…:

He just doesn’t want anyone outside the White House, Congress and the Iraqi government to know what it is.

Ah.  That kind of secret.
Democrats; still not ready to run a country.

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