Open Letter To The MNGOP Legislative Caucuses

To:  The MNGOP Legislative Caucuses
From:  Mitch Berg, Peasant
Re:  You Never, Ever Learn, Do You?

Deaar MNGOP Legislative Caucuses – House and Senate

Today, after months of wrangling, word dribbled out that the Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry bills were not going to get a floor vote.  While the bill wouldn’t pass into law, we wouldn’t need to re-argue it next session – which would be a huge benefit, especially given (cough cough) it’s an election year. 

It was a kick in the teeth for Second Amendment voters.

Which is a bit of a problem.  Can you think of a group in this state that has done more, with less outstate support, than the shooters?   That did more to get your majority?

Thanks for nothing.

I get it – politics are complicated.  Compromises happen.  It’s just that as for me and a lot of people like me, you made the wrong one.

So – not another dime.  Not another phone call.  Not another minute of time until you get your collective head right.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “Open Letter To The MNGOP Legislative Caucuses

  1. So, this is where I come in and offer the smug “don’t reject the good for the perfect” advice Mr. Berg offers us whenever our no compromise values are standing between what we want and what ever simpering RINO the GOP is promoting for election or reelection.

    Mitch, do you really want Sandy Pappas clones running the House? Isn’t it better to suck it up and take one for the team?

    Thaaat’s right; butter won’t melt in my mouth. 😁

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  3. Here we go again. Republican leadership telling me now is not the time to stand up for our principles. Okay, but I’ve been voting Republican for decades waiting for the time to be right. Will it be soon, do you think? It’s just that I’d like to see the party of principle show some before I die.

    Because if that’s not going to happen, if we’re going to cave every time, if Republicans are the Minnesota Vikings of politics (start hopeful but inevitably crash and burn), then Mitch is right: I’m not donating anymore, I’m not going to the caucuses or primaries. I might watch you lose the general election on television, if I’m not too busy, but honestly that’s like watching Seinfeld re-runs. It wasn’t that great the first time.

  4. MN GOP just like the national GOP better get if figured out soon. Don’t piddle on my leg and tell it’s rainfall. Get the f***ing job done! Or we’ll unite elsewhere to make it happen!!

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