49 thoughts on “Think Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been “Interesting?”

  1. Appears that many in the Clinton campaign knew that things weren’t looking as good for election night as the media would have us believe. They were fearful to say much during the course of the campaign. I’d bet that if Hillary would have won they’d have the same fears while governing.

  2. The consequence that drove me to cast my vote for Trump was that Hilliary would get either Merrick Garland, or worse yet someone more liberal, on the court to overturn Heller and MacDonald while retaining Roe. Badness for a generation, really.

  3. Trump is best understood in terms of showbiz, not politics or governance. His most consistent activity has been golf.

    “I’ll never play golf, won’t have time. Will be too busy working for you”
    Donald Trump

  4. “…most consistent activity has been golf. “

    Unlike Obama who only went golfing 333 times during his Presidency.

    Lets break that down Emery
    18 holes on a fast course is still nearly 4 hours
    add travel to and from and you’ve pissed away most of a working day – so your hero Obama golfed for just about an entire year of his Presidency – nothing to criticize there right?

  5. Trump may not know exactly where his Naval Armada is, but he knows which golf course he’ll be at on Saturday.

  6. Trump may not know exactly where his Naval Armada is, but he knows which golf course he’ll be at on Saturday.

    Rather than acknowledge MacArthur’s point, Emery pivots and selects another tired and debunked attack.

  7. Trump may not know exactly where his Naval Armada is, but he knows which golf course he’ll be at on Saturday.
    More fake news, Emery?
    I looked into this issue the other day.
    What you had was one “news” source, CNN, printing fake news about where the USS Vinson was. They said it was steaming (nuking?) towards Korea.
    When it was pointed out to CNN that the Vinson was, in fact, in a harbor at Singapore, CNN quickly blamed — you guessed it — Trump. For misleading them about the location of the Vinson. Or not knowing where it was. Or something.
    In fact, the USS Vincent has a web page. It has said that it was in Singapore since April 3, though I understand that it left for Korean waters sometime after the 13th.
    There is beautiful web page out there somewhere showing two stories side by side: one from the press office of the Vinson, showing its sailors helping out at a Singapore food bank, and one from CNN, informing its readers that the Vinson was somewhere in the North Pacific, steaming for Korea.
    Both were datelined April 13.
    The Vinson’s web page. Read this! CNN is a fake news site!


    Definition of epistemology
    : the study or a theory of the nature and grounds of knowledge especially with reference to its limits and validity

  8. The difference would have been that the MSN would have done their part to report that all was well in the Clinton administration

  9. “done their part to report that all was well in the Clinton administration”
    with a Clinton Administration the only time we’d know there was something amiss is when someone’s head would appear on a pike in the rose garden

  10. What if POTUS was (through EO) to re-enact the Office of Censorship and Code of Wartime Practices, and allow no reporting on troop or ship movements? How long before CNN and their like would be filing lawsuits?

  11. with a Clinton Administration the only time we’d know there was something amiss is when someone’s head would appear on a pike in the rose garden

    This is Hillary “those 30K+ emails I deleted were just my daughter’s wedding plans and my yoga lessons” Clinton we’re talking about. The first time we’d know something was amiss would be when missing persons reports were issued by the next of kin.

  12. SFB eTASS purveyor of fake and alternate news and a talking points distributor? Surely you jest! Note how he disappeared after the reaming. Probably looking for a witty repartee.

  13. Regarding the Vinson, it certainly isn’t as if the Navy knows full well that it can be very helpful to have potential targets NOT know where she is…..except that’s exactly the case. So making a big deal out of conflicting reports is exactly what the Navy wants, as well as her Commander in Chief.

  14. To be fair, sometimes deception is employed in these situations. Saying that an armada is steaming for your coast can have an impact on the military plans of your adversary. It is possible that the implied threat dissuaded the North Koreans from an even more provocative action, like a nuclear test.

    Is the present administration capable of such deception? Maybe. In terms of execution, however, the U.S. Navy posting a photo of the Carl Vinson thousands of miles away pretty much blew any chance of success of that deception right out of the water.
    Pun intended.

  15. The USS Vinson’s web page indicated it was in harbor at Singapore from April 3 – April 13.
    This was not “strategic deception.” Anyone in Singapore could physically verify its location with their eyes.
    This was abysmal “journalism” by CNN. They never bothered to check the Vinson’s web page.

  16. Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, who are we to be able to tell them apart? Some book-learned elitists?

  17. I assume you are talking about the ignoramuses at CNN, Emery?
    I imagine some CNN employee in Singapore, reading his own company’s story telling him that the Vinson was heading to Korea, and looking at the Vinson in Singapore’s harbor, and wondering if it was time to polish up the ol’ resume.
    This was CNN’s f-up. They tried to deflect the blame to Trump — not very well, either, if you read the CNN mea culpa, they paraphrase an anonymous source (CNN uses a lot of them) who says the confusion was due to a “miscommunication.”
    It’s only the feverswamp left sites that have turned this into some bizarre story about Trump not understanding that ships float or whatever. Even CNN never went that far.
    Good to know where you get your fake news from. HuffPo? TPM? Not Daily Kos, I hope.

  18. The Vinson ‘armada’ just had their deployment extended 30 days just to keep Trump from looking like an idiot.

  19. The news about the extended tour of the Vinson has been on its web page for two days.
    The location of the Vinson hast been a mystery only to CNN and its viewers. It literally takes less then ten seconds to search the ship name, go to its web page, and discover that the Vinson was in Singapore from April 3 through April 13, the period of time that CNN was breathlessly reporting that it was hanging around North Korea.
    What kind of mental gymnastics do you have to do to keep up this “Trump is an idiot, CNN is smart” idea that you have? Do you rely on ‘alternate facts”?
    What has CNN reported correctly about Trump? That bit about Trump paying Russian prostitutes to piss on a bed slept on by the Obama’s has been disavowed by the FBI. It seems that Steele used paid anonymous informants to write his Trump dossier. CNN still stands by the story.

  20. With any other administration this would be a huge embarrassment that would dog them for years. With this administration, it’s called “Tuesday.”

  21. “The Vinson ‘armada’ just had their deployment extended 30 days just to keep Trump from looking like an idiot.”

    Why not deploy all of your tub toys in armada formation Emery, and see if you are any less of an ignorant asshole?

  22. CNN was behind the “Trump didn’t know where the Vinson was!” canard. Since they were reporting the position of the Vinson incorrectly, and the real location of the Vinson was available via an easily found, publicly available web page, this made them look stupid. They knew “the usual suspects” would repeat anything heard on CNN as gospel, so CNN spread the lie that Trump was somehow confused about where the Vinson was. And, sure enough, “the usual suspects” bought CNN’s story. NPR and many other news sources did their reporting based on CNN’s confused journalism. The truth, as I demonstrated here with links to the Vinson’s web page, is that CNN’s journalists and editors are incompetent.
    I didn’t vote for Trump, because Trump is not a conservative. Trump has a lot of issues, he is not and never has been a professional politician, but Trump is not stupid.

  23. A better politician tells smarter lies, at least not so obviously flawed and low class. I’d rather not have Trump set a path for future politicians thinking reckless lying is the way to buy popularity — because the public seems too easily fooled in a world full of fake news and alternative facts.

  24. When people complain about Trump’s relationship with the truth or his ignorance, I like to think of what could have been:
    Senator Tim Kaine‏Verified account
    Science is the pursuit of truth for the public interest.

  25. It’s quite a commentary on the state of our society, when we have to rally support (march for science) for actual facts.

  26. When you have people marching for science who believe “Science is the pursuit of truth for the public interest,” they are marching for something, but it ain’t science.

  27. The problem is not that most Americans don’t understand science. The problem is that most Americans don’t understand what science is. They talk about whether or not they believe this or that. Science is not a belief structure. Science is not an “educated guess”. Science is not about your opinions. The laws of physics don’t care if you believe in them or not. They are not impacted by your beliefs, your political persuasions or your opinions.

  28. I am not sure that you understand what science is, Emery.
    Science, as described by Bacon and Diderot, is a process that eliminates subjective experience when observing the natural world. The key is that the observations are repeatable by any observer. This has changed a bit over the centuries, but Bacon originally saw the philosopher as nothing more than a machine that noted his sensory experience and wrote it down. These days we generalize many observations to formulate laws. This means we can use science to make predictions. We also have learned to devise experiments to reduce the number of dependent variables.
    Feynman always tried to make it clear to his students that science is very, very hard because you are trying to find out the truth. Rutherford said that the only science was physics, that everything else was “stamp collecting.”
    I would guess that very few of the things people think of as “scientific facts” are facts at all. They believe things that they want to be true or false, our culture has a very high regard for science, so we want the unscientific things we believe to be “science.”
    This where Kaine’s absurd quote comes from.

  29. Wow! Two reaming’s in one thread! First the CNN talking points blew up in SFB’s face and now the takedown of “The problem is not that most Americans don’t understand science.” Hey eTASA, why don’t yo ugo back to Canadeh? They surely understand science there. Why do you insist on breathing our oxygen? I can feel a trifecta reaming coming up.

  30. Trump’s major accomplishments of his first 100 days, by the numbers:
    • 23 rounds of golf.. all under par
    • 35 unenforceable or meaningless Executive Orders
    • 3 Staff shakeups — anyone seen Kellyanne lately?
    • 2 new hotels… but the kids really (wink, wink) did that
    • 12 victory lap campaign events
    • 1 armada sailing, sailing somewhere, “very powerful.”
    • 1,360 days to go

  31. MP: Fear and ignorance are widespread. There is no understanding of just what is dangerous and what is not. Several years ago, I remember listening to fellow parents talking about Ebola at a school gathering, and I would laugh at their foolishness, were they not so deadly serious. In the rich world and much of the poorer world, the over-reaction to Ebola and (currently) the Zika virus will have far more economic, social and political effect than the disease itself. The disease can be contained; I don’t know if the panic can.

  32. I sense shifting or disappearing goalposts as a consistent theme of CNN and some commenters here during the next 3 & 1/2 – 7 &1/2 years. This is why we have Trump ……..

  33. Trump himself drove expectations high while campaigning. In reality, the US is facing a number of structural problems simultaneously. Healthcare is ridiculously expensive. Worker compensation is not linked to productivity. Companies will not invest. The velocity of money is viscous. Income inequality is at 1920s levels. These together need joined up thinking. And who is in charge? A narcissist with a short attention span at the head of an administration divided into at least three warring factions.

    The Trump plan revolved around three things. Firstly, healthcare reform which would help pay for tax cuts for those with the highest income. Secondly, a border tax based on the false premise that VAT is somehow different to sales taxes. Thirdly, a bit of stardust and showbiz to promise growth to jump to 3 – 4%. The first is political suicide, the second is economic suicide and the third is a fantasy (especially so given the first two). So yes, it might take a bit longer than expected.

  34. A narcissist with a short attention span at the head of an administration divided into at least three warring factions.
    Versus team Hillary? Part of the package you get with an ideologically driven and incompetent press is leaders like Hillary. She still can’t explain why she wanted to be president. You can’t compare Trump with the president of your dreams, you have to compare him to the dishonest, venal, paranoid creature who used un-democratic means to seize the Democrat presidential nomination. Our press is full of people who supported Hillary enthusiastically.
    The trick to good governance isn’t picking the right dictator. Gibbon’s Decline and Fall . . . is criticized as being bad history for a number of reasons, but Gibbon got one thing right — the Roman empire was structured so that only an extraordinary personality could keep it from decay and collapse. Eventually the Romans stopped producing people that were up to the task.
    Federalism is supposed to protect the United States from strongman (or strongwoman) rule. Make no mistake, this is what progressives want. They want an Obama who can rule by decree and who can punish his enemies. Obama did this starting in 2009 up until the month he left office. Did you ever hear a progressive complain about Obama’s strongman rule? You can find literally thousands of articles criticizing Trump before and after the election, from Republicans and from conservatives. There was nothing like this when the community organizer with connections to the most corrupt people in a state known for its corrupt politics took the highest office in the land in 2009.
    The federal government of the United States of America has the power to become the most corrupt, authoritarian government in the history of the planet. The way it can be stopped is by using the existing constitutional rights of the states and the people to limit the reach of the federal government.
    There is a price to pay for this, of course. The feds can now dictate internal and external policies of local police departments based on the opinions of a few un-elected JD lawyers and a friendly, un-elected judge. Make consent decrees require the approval of congress and you will cripple what passes for the civil rights movement in this country, specifically because the civil rights movement in this country has come to view democracy as the enemy.
    I would much rather have Trump (or Hillary) in charge of our armed forces, nuclear arsenal, and INS than I would have him (or her) in charge of public school restroom policy and my employer’s HR department.

  35. “Trump’s major accomplishments of his first 100 days, by the numbers”

    Heres some numbers for you, numbskull:

    1 SCOTUS justice that spells the end of the lefts degenerate social agends.

    125 open seats Trump will fill with justices that will keep the the SCOTUS from even having to hear lefts degenerate angenda.

    46 crooked leftist federal prosecutors booted.

    1 big ass wall to keep the Democrat party’s illegal immigrant base on their side of the border.

    1 whiny, ignorant, mendacious, SSOLS smacked down again in the comments.

  36. Gorsuch (good choice) was cherry picked for Trump by the Federalist Society. All Trump had to do was not ‘muck’ it up.

    MP: Many have focused on the flaws of Clinton and place the blame for her loss solely on her. But a more deeply flawed and unfit candidate than the current occupant of the White House is difficult to imagine.

  37. I voted for Trump so he could do.one thing; put a constitutional conservative on the SCOTUS.


    In addition to the 125 federal court seats, Trump will certianly get one more SCOTUS pick, maybe 2.

    The courts have been the go-to path for stinking leftists to get their insane, anti-American, thoroughly debauched agenda moved forward. Trump will drop an avalanche of “nope” in their way that will stand for the next 30 years.

    The fact he is making.empty lefty skulls pop is butter on my popcorn. So much winning.

  38. Gorsuch (good choice) was cherry picked for Trump by the Federalist Society. All Trump had to do was not ‘muck’ it up.
    How do you think Obama picked Sotomayor and Kagan?
    Kagan was less than great pick, IMHO, because she could potentially be forced to recuse herself over some opinions she published as solicitor general.

  39. Remember Trump’s wacky press conference of 16 Feb.?
    I took that press conference to mean that Trump considered himself at war with the press — in retaliation, as a second strike against the media that has been at war with him since he announced his pursuit of the GOP candidacy.
    Trump is not playing an elaborate game with the press, he is playing a simple game. He wants the people in the MSM to know that he does not take them seriously, and he wants America to know that he does not take them seriously. Can you be a successful president if you treat the press like a joke? I don’t know. So far Trump has won by defying common wisdom. He is a fighter, and I suspect that plays well with his base (remember, I did not vote for Trump).
    Pay attention to what Trump does, not what he says.
    But Pence and Tillerson? Those guys are serious as a heart attack.

  40. I’m guessing those two lefty slags will blossom into the best little sandwich makers ever to warm a SCOTUS seat, Mamm. And if someone has the potential for fetching beer quicker than a wise Latina judge with nothing else to do, I’m a monkey’s uncle.

  41. From Trump’s recent interview with the AP:
    ” I get such dishonest reporting with the media. That’s another thing that really has — I’ve never had anything like it before. It happened during the primaries, and I said, you know, when I won, I said, “Well the one thing good is now I’ll get good press.” And it got worse. (unintelligible) So that was one thing that a little bit of a surprise to me. I thought the press would become better, and it actually, in my opinion, got more nasty.”

    Now, what’s interesting about what Trump said about the press is that it mirrors the attitude of the Democratic party. They hated him before the election, but once he won, they turned the hate knob up to eleven.

  42. I really believe people are confusing resolute stubbornness, bluster and ignorance with strength. A strong leader is able to encourage others to follow him to get things done. Trump has not done that, indeed, he has negligible accomplishments to show for his first months in office.

  43. Just like Obumbler. Gotcha.

    Oh, and I was correct in my triple reaming prediction. You must be really sore. It must suck to having to lose every argument. But then when you start with mind numbingly mind less indefensible talking de jour, the outcome is very predictable.

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