Early Birds

A regular reader writes:

Turns out it’s not just older working people who want earlier music shows. Though I do think it is ok to have late bar hours, but the bands can start and end earlier.

It links to a CBC bit suggesting that maybe, just maybe, starting music earlier in the evening will help buck up the attendance at live music shows:

Not the same market, perhaps, but I’ve noticed that one of my bands (website here, for your band-booking pleasure) draws acceptable enough audiences when we start playing at 7 or 9 – but starting at 9:30 is pure death.

That might have something to do with the fact that the only young people at our show are the children of some of our audience members.

Anyway – more on the subject to come.

3 thoughts on “Early Birds

  1. Yep, as a 52 year old guy who is is up at five, goes to the the gym, in the office at 7AM, and goes to 2-3 live shows a month, besides having shows starting earlier, I also like to go to shows that I can sit down. As much as I love First Avenue, the Palace, Northrup and the Dakota get more of my business lately.

  2. Last spring I went to the First Ave for the first time since probably 1997, for Richard Thompson. Stood for the opening act (Richard Thompson, acoustic) and the headliner (Richard Thompson, electric with band) – and, by the way, it was a Thursday night show that started at 8PM sharp and was out around 10ish. So it’s not that *someone* isn’t hearing.

    My knee wasn’t happy, but I made it.

  3. When I watch old movies set at nightclubs, I’m always struck by the fact that people are ordering food. Which would indicate that they’re not getting there that late. Maybe it’s time for today’s music clubs to get a good kitchen and catch up with the 1930s.

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