Taryll Clark: Mother Of The Year (1746)

I bag on the Democratic Party.  A lot.  I do it for a lot of good reasons; the party tries to make virtues out of much of the worst of human nature, and to cheapen much of what is the best.  If you put a gun to my head and said “become a Democrat or die”, I’d reponse “use a big bullet”.   I bag on the DFL on principle; it is one of the reasons I started this blog; I am utterly successful at it, and have no plans of stopping.

Now, many of my best friends, and both of my parents, are Democrats.  Heck, I used to be one.  So in many cases I respect their points of view – but the Democrats and the DFL are my rhetorical beeyotch.

But in the unlikely event that, say, my daughter Bun – the more politically-involved of my kids so far – were to not only become a Democrat, but a committed one who did a great job (say, managed a successful State Senate campaign for a DFLer candidate), what do you suppose I’d do?

Disown her?  Pffft.  Not at all.   I’d be proud of her.  Oh, I’d question her political choices; but if she decided to take that course in her life (presumably after a brain injury) and excelled at it, what parent wouldn’t be proud?

And it’s not a big deal – because within certain limits, family comes before politics.

Seems obvious to most people.  But some liberals apparently aren’t “most people” .

Benjamin Sarlin – apparently a slumming press-release writer – quoting Tarryl Clark in the “Daily Beast“:

[She and Michele Bachmann] have three things in common: We’re women, moms, and we both have sons in AmeriCorps,” Clark said. “The difference is I’m proud of mine and we should be proud of our young adults giving something to the community.”

This is an old meme; Bachmann has criticized Americorps – the Clinton-era social-engineering temp program – on basic principle.

Harrison Bachmann, one of the Representative’s sons, has joined an Americorps-related teaching program.  The usual pack of suspects is tut-tutting and tittering.

So is the liberal mind so intolerant and incapable of cognitive dissonance that they think a parent can’t be proud of a son’s mission and achievement, even if he/she’s opposed to the bureaucracy for which he works?

And how utterly, pointlessly, creepily ghoulish is it that Tarryl Clark would even bring it up?

Are Tarryl Clark and the DFL that desperate against Bachmann?

Note to Republicans:  If you want to have Democrats labelling you  “Teh ReTHUGliKON Heppocreet!” and hopping up and down like a bunch of dogs when a new carton of spoiled meat comes to the kennel, just approve of some facet of something that you criticized in a completely different context.  It’ll make their pathetic little day.

23 thoughts on “Taryll Clark: Mother Of The Year (1746)

  1. Are Tarryl Clark and the DFL that desperate against Bachmann?
    Probably. From the POV of the left, Bachmann’s success is very, very frustrating. She’s unabashedly very conservative, and has at least a severe case of political foot-in-mouth — which provides easy grist for the Bachmann-as-moron mill — and keeps winning.

  2. dude who draws flak helmets on fetuses.

    Given that you’re the guy who invented fetus-skeet shooting, I take it that’s intended as a compliment?

  3. Bachmann is a lightning rod for the local lefty crowd. Last evening, WCCO liberal-in-residence, Pat Kessler produced a hit piece about the concentration camp photo that appeared in the crowd attending the health care bill protest led by Bachmann. As if she had personally manufactured the thing. As if there is no such thing as constitutionally protected free speech. As if we didn’t see even worse images in the crowds protesting Chimpy Bushitler. I have some issues with Bachmann, but I surely love the way she makes liberals get their undies in a bunch.

  4. Mitch, Astute St. Cloudites know that Tarryl’s famous for her cheapshots. I wrote here about my encounter with Tarryl after a health care forum in January, 2008.

    After the event, I walked up to the stage to talk with some of the panelists, including Tarryl. While she was busy talking with St. Cloud’s liberal blogger, I had a brief conversation with Sen. Marty. When the lefty blogger’s conversation with Tarryl ended, I approached to talk with her.

    While I was still at least 6 ft. away, Tarryl said, in a fairly loud voice, “There’s Gary. He HATES me.”

    Your readers living in the 6th district should know that, in addition to being a cheapshot specialist, Tarryl says what people want to hear without worrying whether that’s what she thinks. She’s the anti-Michele in the sense that Michele will answer directly and tell you exactly what she thinks. That’s what we love about Michele.

  5. AssClown Jr. didn’t need a flak helmet to protect his glans head….all AC’s spawn were born with a cushioning, reservoir tip.

  6. Any comment about how someone else parents is questionable (or worse). But it today’s political climate, questionable = bold and bold = good.

    But Bachmann brought this one on herself. If she had merely voiced opposition to Americorp, it wouldn’t have been a big deal. But to imply that Americorp is used as a re-education program to push an anti-American liberal agenda invites harsh criticism. In addition, her comment that “As a parent, I would have a very, very difficult time seeing my children [join Americorp]” can be construed as being unsupportive.

    If Bachmann comes out and says “Although I disagree with Harrison, I support his decision to join Americorp” Clark should appoligize and retract her statement. But until Bachmann makes that comment her prior comments lead me to believe that she thinks otherwise.

  7. So if some lefty anti-war type has a kid that joins the military they need to make a public statement about whether they are proud of them?

  8. If any left-war type refers to the military as an anti-american establishment, and has a son or daughter join the military, I reserve the right to assume that they do not support their son or daughter’s participation in the military until the indicate otherwise.

  9. Sorry Terry, there was a typo in my post and I know that you freak out over typos, so let me repost for you to make it clear:

    If any lefty anti-war type refers to the military as an anti-American establishment and has a son or daughter join the military, I reserve the right to assume that they do not support their son or daughter’s participation in the military until the indicate otherwise.

  10. I should further clarify: I said in my previous comment that there was a typo. This was misleading on my part. There were in fact two typos, both of which have now been fixed. I apologize for any confusion this mistake may have caused.

  11. Yeah, my day hinges on whether some lefty douche “recants” his asshat dance or not.

    A-holeboy, from what we read here, your whole life has been one big typo.

  12. Whoa, high five to apathyboy for “swifteabag.” Might alter to “swifteabagger,” but very nicely done. Angryclown likes the cut of your jib, young man. Maybe we can get together for a nice game of fetus badminton and then continue mocking swifteabagger over snifters of brandy.

  13. Swiftee, I appreciate your constructive criticism as well as your support of my endeavours to keep vaginal areas clean and fresh. But if you are going to reduce your comments to nothing but insults you should have the decency to post them on my blog to keep down the clutter on this site. I could use the hits (because my blog sucks, frankly) and you could use the attention.

    I’ve seen you make intelligent posts before, but apparently I bring out the worst in people.

  14. AC, I don’t know how many people really care what you call the guys whose balls you gargle, but we all wonder if admiring the cut of A-holeboy’s jib entitles him to 1/2 off a salad toss from you and Jr.

  15. Apathyboy, what do you think of “swifteabaglicker”? Too much? Shiftee Teabagger? Mr. Tea?

  16. Apathyboy, what do you think of “swifteabaglicker”? Too much? Shiftee Teabagger? Mr. Tea

    I’d use “My Liege”, but that’s just ‘cuz it sounds cool.

  17. Hey look, AC’s got a little play date.

    Apathyboy needed a mentor. Now he’s getting help from ennuiclown. What could go wrong?

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