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  1. Give Madge a little bit of credit; “Look at my hoo-ha!” is probably a better political statement than any of the comments Doggone has made recently, and is arguably more sensible than a lot of things I’ve seen from the left.

  2. I’m glad I wear New Balance and Under Armor.

    I’m guessing that area of her new tattoo gets as many sightings as a freeway billboard.

  3. I remember when Madonna dropped her unshaved beaver on Willem Defoe’s face in “Body of Evidence,” so this isn’t entirely unsettling.

  4. Mtich…you may have read…..a good guy with a gun in Arizona saves the life of a police officer. But that never happens…..right?

  5. I remember when Willem Defoe dropped his face on to another dude’s face in The Boondock Saints, so there’s that. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, well there is, but just sayin’.

  6. I can’t ever look at the swoosh the same way again. I’m sure Nike appreciates the free air tine

  7. “I’m sure Nike appreciates the free air tine”
    What makes you think it was free, POD?

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  9. I never thought I would live through a National Enquirer Presidency. Well, technically I have four years to go.

  10. “I never thought I would live through a National Enquirer Presidency. ”
    Where were you in the 90s?

  11. Trump has a big mouth. He spent five years lying to the American public about Obama’s citizenship. I also seem to recall Trump claiming Ted Cruz’s father was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald and the Kennedy assassination. And now Trump is all of a sudden sensitive to “fake-news”? Cry me a river……

  12. “He spent five years lying to the American public about Obama’s citizenship.”
    Lying? How did he know the truth?
    There is some doubt that Obama’s father was ever legally married to his mother, since Obama Senior was married to another woman in Kenya when he married Stanley Ann Dunham in February of 1961.
    Obama has spent 8 years lying about when his father left his mother. He has repeated several times that his father left his mother when he was two years old. In fact Stanley Ann Dunham took the infant Barack Obama with her to Washington State shortly after his birth. There is no evidence that she ever lived with Barack Obama Sr. as wife and husband. She attended UW in Fall Semester, 1961, While Obama Sr. continued his studies at UH Manoa. No one disputes this — Dunham and Obama’s enrollment at UW Seattle and UH Manoa are a matter of public record.
    Our ex-governor here, Neil Abercrombie, used to mock the birthers. He said that he remembered the Obama’s from his days at Manoa (the timing was right), and that he’d spent time with the married Obama’s and their infant son in the early 60s. Then someone did the math and found out that was impossible — at the time Abercrombie said he met the Obama family, Dunham and Obama Jr. were in living in Seattle.
    It is a nasty trick to say that a person is lying when all you really know is that they were wrong.

  13. In the United States, official birth records are maintained by the government. I have never visited Hawaii to see President Obama’s original birth record. I have never heard of anybody who has seen it.

    Copies of official records are certified by the person having custody of them. I have never seen a certified copy of a birth certificate for President Obama. I have never heard of anybody who has seen one.

    The White House released an electronic image of what they claimed was his birth certificate, but which they admitted had been electronically altered. The extent of the alterations has been extensively debated by experts and I’m not qualified to judge.

    I cannot imagine any court in America would accept an admittedly altered electronic image as evidence of the fact in question (although it might be admitted as evidence of attempted fraud). If it were admitted, it would be accorded no official weight since it’s not an official document. It would weighed against other anecdotal evidence such as his book, African leaders’ statements, etc., including the fact that President Obama could clear up the matter instantly by authorizing the release of the official records, but refuses to do so, with gives rise to the inference that he has something to hide.

    I am not prepared to agree with you that Trump lied about that issue.

  14. Obama used to mock the idea that he was born somewhere other than on Oahu.
    Why? He does not remember being born in a particular place any more than I do. When he was a child he was probably told where he was born. He grew up in Seattle, on Oahu, and in Indonesia. He went to college in California, New York, and Massachussets.
    Hillary was the first person to sow doubts about his biography.
    It wasn’t until Obama’s second term that the press discovered that several important figures in his memoirs did not actually exist (Obama called them “composite characters” when he was confronted with the truth).
    The MSM covered the scandal of Obama’s real estate deal with Tony Rezko without explaining the details of the Obama-Rezko-Jarett partnership, and without explaining that a real estate deal was frequently used as a way to hide a pay off to a politician. Corrupt Illinois governor Blagojovich appointed Obama’s old boss at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland to the Illinois teachers pension board. This is a typical appointment used to pay people off, since it gives the appointee a huge opportunity to make money by self-dealing and investing with insider knowledge. And of course Blago tried to sell the appointment to Obama’s US senate seat,
    The MSM allowed Obama to claim that he really didn’t have that much to do with Jeremiah Wright’s church — though Wright married the Obama’s, Obama dedicated his memoir “the audacity of hope” to Wright because Wright gave him the title, and Obama said that if he had a son he would have named him after Wright.
    So we know that A) Obama was at least on the periphery of corrupt political organizations in Illinois and Chicago, and B) Obama’s potential involvement in corrupt Chicago and Illinois politics was never scrutinized by the press.

  15. Corrupt Illinois governor Blagojovich appointed Obama’s old boss at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland to the Illinois teachers pension board. This is a typical appointment used to pay people off, since it gives the appointee a huge opportunity to make money by self-dealing and investing with insider knowledge.
    By this I mean to suggest that Davis bought the appointment from Blagojovich, either with a cut of the proceeds or a cash payment. I do not think that anyone would argue that this is not an entirely reasonable suggestion to make.

  16. It’s not like Trump has a history of making wild promises with nothing to back it up.

  17. With all politicians, it is best to look at what they do, and not what they say.
    Obama talks moderation and unity, and fills the Justice and Education departments with Torquemadas of gender and race.

  18. Does a wall count as infrastructure? This will be a jobs program…..for tunnel diggers. 

  19. “This will be a jobs program…..for tunnel diggers. ”
    Yet for some reason, open borders maniacs put fences around their homes and lock their doors. I can open about any locked exterior door with a ten dollar pry bar from Ace hardware. I can climb about any fence they build. Yet they build fences anyway! I guess those guys are crazy! They spend hundreds of dollars on those exterior doors!
    Put economics to work for you. Raise the cost of something, like border crossings, and you will get less of it.

  20. Mamathus, don’t forget to rotate SSOLSEmery every time you crush him, or his head will get lopsided.

  21. Penn Jillette is a big ‘ol open borders Libertarian.
    He does a comedy bit where he stands next to an 8′ fence, and pays some Mexicans to climb over it using a 10’ ladder.
    Ha ha ha!
    It’s funny!
    Guess what Jillette has surrounding his valuable real estate in Las Vegas?
    That’s right, an 8′ fence.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    I just can’t stop laughing at that Jillette guy!

  22. I’m having trouble figuring this out. What is more difficult, walking across a mile with no fence, or carrying a 10′ ladder or a shovel to a fence, climbing the ladder or digging a 100′ tunnel, and then proceeding? How could one possibly figure this out? Does this require calculus or something?

    Seriously, if we could simply get a vehicle barrier along most of the border so that people couldn’t simply drive across, that would be a huge improvement. Then add an 8′ fence, then see about electronic monitoring. Is this so complicated? A border doesn’t have to be lethal–a Maginot Line or Hadrian’s Wall–to be effective at reducing illegal immigration.

  23. And regarding Mr. Obama, the number of times he’s escaped a serious investigation just boggles the mind. It is as if the powers that be in Illinois know that he knows something that just might put most of them in jail, too.

    Replicated at the federal level courtesy of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey, of course.

  24. It is as if the powers that be in Illinois know that he knows something that just might put most of them in jail, too.
    I wonder how much of Obama’s urge to stay close to the Democrat center of power is a sort of “Putin effect.” This Putin effect has nothing to do with Trump. It refers to the bind Putin finds himself in. If he steps down, his enemies will destroy him. Putin might be better off taking his chances with Western war crimes tribunals or criminal courts rather than putting his fate into the hands of whomever succeeds him in Russia.
    Nothing as drastic as a criminal investigation awaits Obama, as far as I know, but after Trump is sworn in, the reality of the Dems being locked out of power at the federal level will set in.
    At some point the D’s will have to come to terms with the fact that in 2009 they controlled the US house, senate, and presidency, and were a heart attack or two away from long-term control of the Supreme Court. After eight years of Obama, they have ashes.
    In any accounting for their downfall, the figure of Obama will loom large. Obama was good at getting himself elected, but he was never able to build the kind of coalition that could change the political trajectory of the United States. One of the things that infuriated me about Obama was that he seems never to have taken a poli-sci 101 course. In a republic with a wide franchise, you have to build coalitions with your ideological opponents if you want to be successful. This is because your ideological opponents have interests that they want to protect, and legitimate or not, you can’t just roll over them. You can’t take away their right to oppose your policies, you can only make them less eager to do so.
    I listen to conservative financial radio programs. New England’s WNTK is fantastic. It has Barry Armstrong’s “Financial Exchange” program, and on Saturday you get Larry Kudlow’s pro-America, pro-American-worker radio program for two hours. The financial guys want Trump to hit tax reform first. They think Obamacare repeal and replace should be a low priority. I think that the financial guys are wrong. Getting rid of Obamacare would be a clear signal to the country that we were getting a do-over. The Obama era needs to be erased, for the sake of freedom. The last president who had as little regard for American traditions of individual freedom local governance was probably Wilson.
    I’ll finish this over-long comment with a quoate from Krauthammer that I think summs up the Obama ers:

    I’m sure all presidents, on the week they are leaving office, delude themselves into thinking they were a great historic success, I’m sure it happens in all walks of life. And you wonder whether Obama believes it. I’m convinced he does. I think what he doesn’t quite understand is: Yes, he did a lot of things, but they are all built on sand. The reason is that he never brought in the opposition. He never brought in the country. He wins all the elections when he’s on the ticket, and he gets crushed in the elections when he’s not because, as he said himself, “I’m not on the ballot but my policies are.” He completely overshot the mandate. The mandate in ‘08 was to reassure a very nervous, apprehensive country and to govern sort of in a moderate way. He understood it as a mandate for his sort of social democratic — he was Bernie Sanders before Sanders was Sanders. And he tried to govern that way, and you can’t for a country that is 80 percent non-liberal.

  25. Joe, agreed, but I think that if Trump convenes grand juries to deal with the IRS, Mrs. Clinton’s email server, and Eric Holder’s contempt of Congress–possibly also Fast & Furious if the statutes of limitations haven’t run out–then people are going to have to make some serious decisions about prosecuting at the very least several members of Obama’s Cabinet, and the evidence will probably point to Obama unless a strong code of omerta prevails.


  26. Birthrism and “fake news”. eTASS obviously had not pulled his head from his arse since he did not mention that birtherism was invented by sHrillary. eTASS is the perfect example of “fake news”. Facts and history never were his strong suit. Wait, eTASS does not have a strong suit, he is result of mating between the proverbial King with no clothes and a Scarecrow (aka strawman) without a brain.

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