Sometimes A Great Notion

A Swiss community is un-thrilled by the immigration by a “left wing vegan” Dutch woman:

A left-wing Dutch vegan who campaigned against cowbells in the Swiss village where she lives has had a request for a Swiss passport thrown out after annoying the locals.

Nancy Holten, who was born in the Netherlands but moved to Switzerland at the age of eight, is a fluent speaker of Swiss German and has children who are Swiss nationals.

And she wanted a Swiss passport herself, but was refused after locals who were consulted about her request said they were ‘fed up’ of her challenging Swiss traditions by campaigning against the use of cow bells.

And for you liberals who read this and think “how terrible!”, but were campaigning against the Electoral College last month?  This is what majority rule looks like.

Although this is a salutary example.  If you’re Swiss.

7 thoughts on “Sometimes A Great Notion

  1. Who could have ever guessed that making yourself a nuisance to your neighbors would make them want to not help you?

    What a revelation!

  2. Given that 20% of the Swiss population is immigrants, all of them admitted under the same procedure she used, it strikes me she must have made a real nuisance of herself. I would guess the cowbell flap is the tip of the iceberg.

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  4. “who include an MD, a couple engineers, a couple of lawyers, a few accountants, a few professional writers – “

    But no professional wrestlers!!!
    A distinct and noticeable absence.

  5. Looking at another article, it turns out she was married to a Swiss national and is now separated, I’d assume divorcing. So one might guess that her application for citizenship is because she might otherwise be shown the door, or suffer other consequences of the end of her relationship.

    One might wonder whether public sentiment in favor of her soon to be ex-husband might be playing into this as well.

    One favor, gracious host; make sure the banned one does a bit better response than Madonna if she tries to get back on here, K? Some things we just don’t need to see. :^)

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