Democrat Rule

What happens when you count the dead over the past sixteen years in Chicago – which hasn’t had a Republican, much less conservative, mayor in several generations?

You get more blood and gore than our two official war zones, that’s what.

What do you suppose would happen if the mainstream media and Hollywood covered Democrat failures like they covered George W. Bush’s mistakes?

“But Mitch!  You heard the President last year – Chicago’s violent crime wave is happening because people can buy guns in Indiana.”

If that were true, then why isn’t Indiana awash in blood, too?

No, for some reason Indiana  –  and, for that matter, most of Illinois – has a fraction of Chicago’s violent crime rate.   Of course, the feds have been derelict in their own job, opting out of the business of prosecuting “straw buyers” – who, along with theft, provide most of the guns used by Chicago’s gangs.

Maybe some of the gun movement’s shrill scolds can whitesplain us why the US attorney for Northern Illinois hates black people…

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  1. Conservatives make the same mistake with the urban killing fields as they have with Planned Parenthood.

    Look who is at the receiving end of all that lead poisoning and attention from Dr. Mengele. It is America hating leftist reprobates, looters, criminals, wards of the state, moochers, and deviants of all stripes.

    I understand it goes against everything decent people believe, but we are very close to a tipping point. Dealing with the consequences of their actions has cost us our freedom, our lives and untold heaps of treasure. It cannot continue. In a few decades the people that keep the lights on will be so outnumbered by the avaricious mob of human detritus there will be no turning back.

    We need to build Planned Parenthood abattoirs on every street corner (make it “free, free, free!”) and air drop boxes of guns and ammo in every leftist run city in America. Block off the escape routes and let nature take it’s course.

    After a year or so, go in and mop the mess up and rebuild.


  2. You’ve got to wonder why the Obama appointee isn’t cracking down on straw buyers, don’t ya? Might be worth investigating to see what they think IS worth prosecuting–keeping in mind that straw purchases most likely aren’t the most difficult cases to win, since it’s pretty much open and shut and on video. Since when do prosecutors turn down easy cases with known harm?

    The cynical side of me thinks it might be the same reason the investigation of Rod Blagojevich was ended just before we would have known the names of the bidders for Obama’s Senate seat. Nice way of preventing damage to Chicago’s political machine.

    (it’s about the same as my hunch about why Hollywood doesn’t condemn Roman Polanski….they know what Hell would break loose as Polanski started naming names to keep his a** in employment and out of jail)

  3. The reason the feds (under Obama) have not prosecuted straw buyers and gun thieves to the extent that they could is that these criminals are not white enough. It has become orthodox belief on the Left that all of the country’s problem are the problem of Hillary’s Deplorables, and Hillary’s Deplorables are not Black.
    Chicago = Black, Indiana = white. Therefore Chicago’s gun problem can only ever be the responsibility of Indiana.

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  5. On the Illinois/Indiana border I’m told there are roving bands of long-haired white kids selling guns for X-boxes. It’s gotta be true – I read it on the Internet.

  6. Having grown up in NW Indiana, I guarantee you that not too many white kids are going into Gary so they can buy guns there and sell them on the South Side. Trust me on this one–we drove through on I-90 or I-94 with the windows up and the doors locked. I remember going into Gary itself once when not on the highway or the South Shore RR–for a track meet in the better part of town. And I simultaneously guarantee you that not too many gangsters from the South Side are coming to the predominantly white towns around Gary to buy guns there. Nobody would sell to them.

    There certainly is a pipeline of guns into Chicago to service Chicago’s 50-odd different gangs, but those running it are more or less the same people who would likely be in jail if the Obama “Justice” Department were taking its job seriously about prosecuting straw buyers. And again, I’ve got to wonder how many of them are aldermen or people working for the Chicago Democratic machine, or are perhaps affiliated with “community organizers.”

  7. Oh, and “Indiana = white” is a “great” explanation for Hammond, East Chicago, and Gary, not to mention Michigan City. One would have figured that the left would figure this out from Census Bureau statistics, but apparently “math” is not on their list of priorities.

  8. One thing; to be fair to Chicago, the statistic counts only U.S. fatalities. To be mean to them, Iraq and Afghanistan have 63 million people between the two countries. If you count all war deaths in both countries, you get to around 220,000 deaths (most civilians killed by terrorists) since 2001, or about 30 times the number of Chicago.

    So even when you parse things out properly, it seems that Chicago is, yes, a war zone with terrorists called the Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, and the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration. It’s especially scary when you consider 80% of the murders are of the ~5-8% of the population that is young, black, and male. With friends like Obama and Emanuel, Chicago blacks sure don’t need any enemies.

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