Am I The Only One…

…who wonders if all of this hysterical angst from the Left about having to share a democracy with people who disagree with them isn’t just an epic practical joke?

Like, the entire American left (or at least those that pull their intellectual strings) playing a huge joke on all of society?   Like, Ashton Kutcher is going to go on all six networks (counting Univision) and say “Dudes and Dudettes, you’ve been punked?”

I mean, reading this little tirade, it seems more and more plausible.   This person just can’t be for real.

Help me out, people.

16 thoughts on “Am I The Only One…

  1. I approve of Mr. ((Rosen))’s reaction, and encourage triggered, butt-hurt reprobate leftists everywhere to follow him into hiding.

    I also encourage them, again taking ((Rosen))’s lead, be sure to tell people what you are doing, and why. You’re not cancelling your party and tennis club membership because of an illness, or financial downturn; you’re throwing a genuine tantrum because your criminal candidate got her withered ass handed to her, by, wait for it……mostly white people.

    It’s been a long, tough 8 years and real Americans deserve a hearty bout of sincere belly laughter.

  2. Folks….you have to read the comments. They are worse than the article. Narrow minded ignorant little people.

  3. Chuck,

    You are correct. If any of my family members pulled that childish crap, I’d say good riddance. I also hope that parents who are victims of these immature piss ants, cut them off from all financial support and gains, i. e. inheritance. I know that I would.

    Bunch of pansies!

  4. Chuck and Hoss, the hilarious aspect is, they sincerely do think they are really hurting the people they have shunned. It’s exactly the same as a six year old promising, tears dripping off the quivering chin, “I’ll go away and you’ll *never* see me again!”

    Or this:

    I am too particular about who I associate with to have one, but I almost wish I did have a lefty “friend” so I could enjoy the experience of getting shunned by one.

  5. To the Left, “democracy” means that they tell you what to do. “Democracy” never, ever, means that they compromise with you or, *gasp*, that you get to tell them what to do.

  6. That is exactly right Alt-right Jethrene.

    In fact, that is why reprobate leftists hate it when you call their gang the “Democrat” party. When you do, they know you know there is nothing Democratic about the Democrat party.

    Bernie Sanders knows it really well, which is why he is a Socialist.

  7. You should try referring to it as the DemonRAT party, like I do. You will probably be able to witness some heads exploding!

  8. anyone who has.unfriended me in Facebook as a result of the election I don’t care, clears up room on the friends list. Tolerance indeed

  9. I think that there is going to be a.split in the party, permanently. Between the establishment and the populist wing. Trump somehow got (most) of the establishment wing to roll over and the populists are in charge now but at least were united. I predict a progressive-democratic-socialist, vs Wall St. progressives split come 2024

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  11. If you didn’t understand the need for a Savior before this election, may now, after the election, you GET IT. The chasm between light and dark has never been greater.

  12. I would be exceedingly relieved if it were a joke.

    On the other hand, the degree of coordination that would require is too extensive for all but the most subtle of organizations.

    Like Hydra, or the Illuminati.

  13. Lo! More on the shenanigans behind the A&E “reality series” about the KKK:
    Last we heard the series had been canceled. It was originally set to begin airing on Jan. 10. A&E said they canceled it because the production company had given money to some of the participants (actors?).
    According to the Variety article at the link, payments were made to the participants so they would burn crosses and use the word “n*gg*r.”
    I wonder if they were really KKK? It wouldn’t be unheard of for the people back in the hollers to take advantage of Hollywood folks with pockets full of money.

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