The Strib’s New Editorial Writer

Allison Sherry added this opinion column – essentially, a piece of delated-PR for the Angie Craig campaign – in Monday’s Strib:

Incoming Republican U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis made his career as a provocative talk-radio personality who seemed to relish holding court on the fringes of the political mainstream.

On any given day, he could offer up inflammatory comments about slavery or assert that unmarried women just want government to pay for their birth control.

Now Lewis faces the biggest test of his political career as he must rapidly transition from radio provocateur into a full-time member of Congress.

Sherry is a new member of the Strib’s ignominious “columnist’s row”, so it’s to be expected she’ll start her beat by reprising Angie Craig’s campaign chanting points – which the Strib considers “sources”, by the way.

Lewis seems to get it, though:

“I’m not an expert, though I played one on the radio for 20 years,” Lewis said in the basement of the Capitol complex, fidgeting with a bottle of water. “It is humbling and sobering when all of [a] sudden you see Rep. Jason Lewis on things.”

Ms. Sherry seems well fitted to follow in Nick Coleman’s steps.

In a more serious vein:  why would the Strib be running what is basically a hit piece on the new Congressman, before he’s even sworn in?

Easy.  Angie Craig is already fundraising for a rematch.  To the DFL and Strib, the 2018 race is already underway.

CORRECTION:  It seems Ms. Sherry is actually not a columnist, but one of the Strib’s reporters.

I regret the error.

9 thoughts on “The Strib’s New Editorial Writer

  1. “Transition to a member of congress” sounds a lot like “grow in office” which is a lot like “sell out your principles.”

    Seems to me that’s the LAST thing the people who voted for Lewis want.

    Seems to me he knows that. I’m not worried.

  2. My prediction is that Lewis will govern much more moderately than he came across on his radio show. And get re-elected due to that. Look at how Tom Emmer is now a friend of communist Cuba. Still like Emmer, but I am disappointed in that.

    As far as women wanting someone else to pay for their birth control…wow, where’d we get that idea from? Almost every Democrat says the gals need to get it free.

  3. I think the confusion about whether the new pen belongs to an opinion columnist or a news reporter is understandable, since there is a negligible difference between the two over there.

  4. While I don’t expect Lewis to destroy his ability to be effective with stupid protest votes, I expect him to be a more ideological force than Emmer. Tom is a Conservative, but he’s also a Team Player, and in Washington that’s a very moderating characteristic. Jason will be more likely to tell the Whips to bug off if the Bill in question doesn’t actually help correct the “Ship of State.”

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  6. The Strib will run cover for any unfortunate accident that might happen to Mr. Lewis which is not captured on video.

  7. Jason Lewis is perfect for this era. We are going to get hit over the head with bad finance and fiscal issues big time.

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