Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Minnesota has early voting.  People were coming to the office two months before election, to cast absentee ballots.  That was before most of the major revelations about Hillary.

 To what extent did early voting artificially inflate Hillary’s support?  Had those voters been required to vote on election day – knowing the full story about her – would some have changed their votes?

 Joe Doakes

The answer, I suspect?  To borrow a phrase, “bigly”.

9 thoughts on “Bubble?

  1. I rather doubt it would have changed any of the early voters’ minds. If you’re so into the political process that you’ll bother voting that early (and for Hillary in particular), I doubt anything short of conclusive evidence of infant cannibalism would have swayed your vote (and for Hillary, I have no doubt there would have been excuses [“she wanted to lose weight to look good for the campaign so it was totally excusable!”]).

  2. When you look at Johnson and McMullin votes, you have to wonder if there was an opportunity for Trump. I was going to leave that line blank or vote for McMullin, but in the last week or so decided to vote for Trump only as a protest vote against The Queen (I assumed she was going to win the election).

    What if Trump would have gone to Duluth or Hibbing. And brought Stewart Mills with him. Trump made a trip to Eau Claire at the last minute, and easily carried all the counties in that area that tend to lean Democrat.

  3. Chuck, if he’d have gone to Duluth and made it close the DFL would have “found” enough votes in various car trunks to pull The Queen across the line. That’s not so much the case in WI where Milwaukee doesn’t have quite the sway over the state that the Twin Cities have over MN.

    It was interesting to watch the Eau Claire area stations cover the Trump visit. They did surprisingly well at keeping things real and balanced, even if the production values were what you expect from small-town news stations. I’m guessing they know their audience and have to play it straight, unlike the more disconnected coastal media elites.

  4. Amazing fact….Trump carried most Wisconsin counties (including several that usually vote Democrat), getting 57-62% of the vote in most of them.

    While Hillary was parting with Byonce (I’m not going to check on how to spell that) and other Hollywood types, she sent Chelsea to Eau Claire. Chelsea spoke to about 200 star-struck supporters in a hotel meeting room. A very low key quiet event.

    Trump held a large loud rally before thousands in the field house at UW-Eau Claire. And the Trump haters only helped The Donald’s cause. Did they really think screaming obscenties at families would help their cause?

    There will be books written on this campaign that should be interesting to read. Is Trump actually a marketing genius and knew what he was doing?

  5. Somehow Nerdbert’s comment about infant cannibalism brings Hilliary’s unqualified support of Planned Parenthood to mind. Somehow I’m guessing that there is a portion of the electorate that would still have voted for her if she’d been filmed eating the leftovers when they were collecting parts for sale.

    Hoping and praying that this debauched portion of the electorate is closer to 5% than 40%, but I don’t know. But it is yet sobering that her poll numbers, and those of Mr. Obama, simply don’t budge below that 35-40% level much.

    On the flip side, it makes me wonder what the 25% of diehard GOP voters (myself included I guess) would do if we got footage of Trump doing the same thing. I would hope I would clue in that this was a non-negotiable wrong.

  6. Bikebub……40-45% of the population would vote for a Democrat even it a video surfaced of said Democrat eating puppies.

    That is what scares me about the BernieBot socialists authoritarians that are coming down the pike to take over the Democrat party.

  7. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have said “eating puppies”

  8. Sometimes, Joe, stupid remains stupid – even after prolonged exposures to truth.

    Don’t believe me? – consider teachers who treat evolution as Gospel.

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