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In Minnesota, the DFL lost its majority in the Senate, and were reduced in the House.   It’s a wonderful thing.

To look at what is possible, though?

In North Dakota, the Democrat-NPL party was reduced on election night from “minority” to “barely there”.

And it’s a very very wonderful thing:

The shellacking North Dakota’s Democrats got on election day is absolutely the fault of [state DFL chair Kylie] Oversen and the candidates Democrats put on the ballot this cycle. They saw not a single statewide candidate get over 30 percent of the vote while in the Legislature they lost their House and Senate leaders, their party chairwoman, and now have just nine seats in the state Senate and just 13 in the House.

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s not enough elected members of the Legislature for Democrats to cover all of their committee assignments.

Now, MInnesota liberals have been taking it on faith that, since wildcat drilling has stalled, the state must be in freefall.  If that were true, the opposite would have likely happened on election night.  Right?


Well, no – North Dakota’s 3% unemployment rate remains a solid point below Minnesota’s low rate of 4%.

By the way, congratulations to North Dakota’s governor-elect, Doug Burgum, the former CEO of “Great Plains Software”, the little software shop that could; it was purchased by Microsoft in the 2000s, and has become Redmond’s biggest campus outside of Washington State.


And, I should add, congrats to North Dakota’s new First Lady, my high school classmate Kathy.

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  1. In case some of you don’t go to Mitch’s link… is the money quote:

    “The North Dakota Democratic party has been worn down to a small little nub of mostly angry, left-wing progressives who measure the success of their messages in the number of likes and comments their sanctimonious Facebook posts get from other liberals.”

    I think that is part of the success of Republicans in Wisconsin. Solid conservatives are winning, but many of them and not hyper-partison. They want to do what’s best for the state, and not just listen to the hardcore political activists. A perfect example is Ron Johnson. In the past, a manufacturer from Oshkosh would have had a hard time running against a leftwing nasty Madison career-politician liberal. But the people chose the businessman over the political activist. I see Emmer and Jason Lewis moderating their views.
    I know a guy who won a seat in the Wisconsin Assembly. He’s a pro-life, pro-2nd amendment conservative, but he’s not going there to push a rightwing agenda. He’s going to represent his district in an intelligent center-right manner. The guy he defeated was a very liberal political activist who took his marching orders from Madison.

    The new governor of NoDak….my take is he’ll run the state like a business. He will do what’s best for the state, not try to score points with activists.

  2. And…..what was the deal? A leftwing coffee shop owner in Fargo said he didn’t want Republicans to patronize his store? And all his leftwing buddies told him how cool he was for that. The very liberal Fargo Forum (yes, they do have an on-staff Atheist columnist to write Christian-bashing columns) thought he was the greatest person ever.

    Do you want those kind of people running your state?

  3. I’m sorry when any state in the region does poorly — Wisconsin is tragic under Walker. I see they’ve come up to 33rd in September from 36th last year, while in the job creation index Minnesota is dong considerably better.

    But this is the headline that matters: “Once again, Wisconsin job growth trails national pace”

    Meanwhile, in contrast and comparison:
    Minnesota the Top State on the Job Creation Index

    But I will enjoy a taste of Schadenfreude watching NoDak flounder and do even less well under conservatives.
    Because to the extent a state is conservative in this region, that state does shitty. And that’s because conned-servative policies DON’T WORK. Well, other than to redistribute wealth away from the majority of the citizens to the already wealthy, often wealthy who are not even based in those states in any meaningful way.

    So congratulations on the win, and on the larger loss and the impending failure of the right. I’ll be watching the economic numbers closely.

    Beginning with watching Kansas throwing out your buddy Brownback and repealing his policies as we go forward. Republican math invariably clashes with objective reality.

    Too bad we will see some impact of the ridiculous right in Minnesota, but not enough to harm us as much as they will in surrounding states.

  4. Hey Chuck;

    Let the freaking moonbat kill his own business, if it makes him feel better.

    Sometimes, even left wing morons like him hang themselves if you give them enough rope.

  5. I’ve already taken my NoDak resident brother in law to task for their election results. There are still a handful of counties in the state that Hillary won.

  6. DG, DG, DG,

    First things first: I’m going to let this post out of moderation because you responded – sort of – to my previous request.

    HOWEVER: You will respond to the responses to your comment in this thread, and do it in this thread, before any OTHER comments see the light of day.

    Because your comment proves what I’ve been saying about your comments for years; you are not a “fact checker”. You check for congruency with Democrat-approved chanting points. No more, usually less.

    And you will show me that you have engaged that idea in this thread. This will not be negotiated.


    Wisconsin is tragic under Walker

    Wisconsin’s economy is based on rust-belt manufacturing, addled by decades of “Progressive” incompetence. Minnesota’s is rooted in financial service and health insurance companies, which have benefitted from “Too Big To Fail” and Obamacare. There is no comparing the two.

    Except as follows: in 2010, Wisconsin’s unemployment rate was 1.1% higher than Minnesota’s.

    Today, it’s a tenth of a percent higher, and headed in the right direction.

    Your “facts” are never, ever factual.

    And as to your Gallup poll? Yep – that undercuts your “point” as well.

    Minnesota’s job growth has been impressive. Most impressive – the best performer this past couple years – has been manufacturing.

    Why is that?

    Because products manufactured in Minnesota but sold elsewhere are not subject to Minnesota sales taxes. In other words, low taxes are creating jobs.

    But I will enjoy a taste of Schadenfreude watching NoDak flounder and do even less well under conservatives

    Enjoying others’ misfortune? Wow. That’s kinda weird.

    “Even” “less” well? You live in a fantasy world. Minnesota’s unemployment is a full point higher than North Dakota’s. Even with the oil industry switching to production from exploration (with the loss of wildcatting jobs), the economy IS doing better. And that’s after completely missing out on two recessions in a row, one of them long before there was an oil boom.

    You never really know what you’re talking about, DG. On this subject less than most.

    Fact is, when I am not sure about something, I ask myself “what does Dog Gone say is the fact”, and go the opposite direction. It’s pretty much invariably correct. You are that bad a “researcher”.

    I’ll be watching the economic numbers closely.

    So? I mean, and then what?

    You have shown a complete inability to coherently interpret the numbers you do read.

    And DG, please remember: you will respond to this response, and to the others that appear, or your comments will continue to be held in moderation

    Again – it’s not negotiable.

  7. Regarding the JS article, it’s not normalized for population, so that statistic is meaningless. “oops” What I expected from the J-S, though. And the “Job creation index”? OK, you’ve got self-reporting bias, and the equivocation of “is a company hiring” as if it meant “how many jobs are being created”. Hint; they are not the same.

    It can be a nice sanity check to other statistics, but on its own, it’s really meaningless. Really, those who publish these stats as if they’re meaningful ought to be ashamed of themselves. Certainly those who quote them without understanding them ought to be.

    And really, the key economic stat is the one where Minnesota is getting beat; unemployment numbers. As our host notes, Nordakota beats it handily despite a downturn, and Wisconsin has been closing rapidly. It is as if good governance slowly but surely removes the problems of bad governance.

  8. Hey Doggie;

    Do you hear that sucking sound?

    That’s the sound of the swamp being drained of worthless, racist, lying DemonRAT slime.


  9. One good thing about DG’s screeds is that each time she does this, she may be alerting us to yet another sociology/political science/economics grad student who is going to get his (her) master’s or PhD and will be going out into the world to wreak havoc against all good order and sense, and will possibly even achieve a professoriate from whence he (she) can inundate young skulls full of much with all sorts of things.

    Consider it something of a “DEW” line for the increase of liberalism in academia.

  10. BB, don’t you pay attention. The current preferred pronoun for a grad student utterly sure of everything but their gender is “ze,” I think. Unless it’s changed for this 5 minute period.

  11. BradC,

    Yeah. I knew a John Burgum. No relation (I think). It’d gonna get me over and over.

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  13. I see Minnesota is having the taxpayers pay for sex change operations for those that think they want one. That should make the people want more Democrats running the state.

  14. Smith: if they’re going to be deliberately vague about their sex, I’d prefer “she-he-it” to “ze”. Say it with a touch of a southern drawl and emphasis on the last syllable.

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