American Civilization Is Doomed, Part MCCCLVI

The good news:  the World Series drew, by modern standards, an avalanche of viewers.  While more people watched the last really really great Game 7 that I saw (1991, Twins vs. Braves), more people watched TV back then.   It was an irresistable draw; two “cursed” teams meeting, and having one of the more enjoyable World Series I can remember.

And no Yankees.

Downside:  in a culture where short-attention-span games are replacing sports in the public consciousness, it goes without saying that a lot of people who really don’t get baseball were really watching it for the first time.

Which leads to…culture shock.

This photo caused a tempest in the teapot of vacuity that is Twitter:


The sign says “K K K” – which you know, if you grew up keeping baseball scorecards, means three strikeouts.


Bring on the tempest:


Among many others.

And people wonder why we have a choice between a racketeer and a blowhard for President this year.

9 thoughts on “American Civilization Is Doomed, Part MCCCLVI

  1. Well, yeah… BUT… the third K WAS supposed to be backwards. Just sayin’ and reeeeeeally giving a benefit of the doubt. #totalstretch

  2. If someone really did up a Klu Klux Klan sign in the stands, odds are better than 50-50 that person would have been an FBI informer.
    Is the klan a real thing any more? How many supposed klan members are there? Not self-declared klan members (you can find thousands of self-declared space aliens in the US). I mean people who actually belong to an organization, attend meetings, have duties and obligations, etc.
    If I had to guess, I would say < 1000 nation wide.
    If you talk to real white supremacists, the klan isn't mentioned. Instead they talk about criminal organizations exported from the prison system into the outside world.
    The SPLC says that there are between 5,000 and 8,000 active klan members in the US. The ADL says that there are around 5,000 klan members in the US. Since the SPLC and the ADL use these numbers as a fund raising tool, you can safely divide that number by 10.

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  4. DG,

    You really need to read the comments after you post.


    You need to respond to this question, and respond to it in detail, before I’m going to entertain any more of your comments.

    Until you respond, and then respond to the responses, your comments will be held in moderation.

    You have eight comments piled up in moderation, now. NONE of them will post until you answer.

  5. Im game, itd be great if Mitch only let selected words through to make her look like a idiot, even better than she does

  6. POD, I’m not sure you could do any better than she already does. Our host is a talented writer, but there comes a point where even greats like Tom Wolfe admit (as I’ve heard him admit in person) that there are times where you just can’t be weirder than reality.

    And Go Cubbies! (I have it on good authority, which is to say “none”, that DG must be a degraded type known as a “White Sox fan”)

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