You Have Two Seconds

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:


Democrats are running a television ad against Jason Lewis, candidate for John Kline’s congressional seat, featuring this quote: “People have no idea what a great deal the American foreclosure system is.”

 Lewis is entirely correct, of course, but explaining it takes longer than a 2-second sound bite so Liberals can’t be bothered to understand.  They hear “foreclosure” which in their minds is “bad” and that’s enough to cement the mental link “Lewis = bad.”

 Look, if you want to buy a house that costs $180,000 – go buy it.  Oh, you don’t have that much saved up in the bank?  So take a loan to buy it.  Of course, the lender will want collateral for the loan, that’s only prudent.  Do you have gold, jewels, furs, bonds you can pledge?  No?  For most of history, and in many countries around the world today, that’s the end of the story.  No collateral, no loan, no house.

 America’s system of mortgage-backed lending lets you pledge the house itself as collateral for the loan you are taking to buy the house.  If you can’t repay the loan, the bank sells the house at auction and applies the sale proceeds toward your loan balance, leaving you with a much smaller loan balance to repay.  Minnesota’s optional foreclosure by advertisement process is even better – the lender takes the house and writes off the rest of the loan balance: you owe nothing.  No debt, no judgment, no garnishment, no debtor’s prison; you walk away and in a few years, when your credit is rebuilt, you buy a different house.

 The mortgage foreclosure system is what gives America one of the highest home-ownership rates in the world.  Jason Lewis is entirely correct and Democrats attacking him are entirely wrong. 

 But I’m over my 2-second limit. 

 Joe Doakes

We’ve known for years; Democrats are going for the voters that only need two seconds of chanting points to be convinced.

And don’t laugh; their votes count just as much as yours do.

6 thoughts on “You Have Two Seconds

  1. I love how stupid Angie Craig is. Because she’s a lesbian, she allowed herself to be used by the Dems to pander to the LGBT crowd and their minions.
    She also takes credit for “helping to create a veterans hiring program at St. Jude, when they had one well before she got there.

  2. The Republicans are actually being nice in this race. Angie Craig was a VP in human resources for a company that paid a $3M settlement due to paying blacks less than whites. Now, we don’t know when the discrimination occurred, or if it really was discrimination or just a good employment lawyer suing. But it would be rather easy to run commercials saying “Angie Craig was an executive at a corporation that paid out millions in settlements due to racial discrimination”.

  3. Chuck;

    I can’t believe that they aren’t doing that and referring to her as “the HR lady.”

  4. I’ve heard an anti-Stewart Mills ad on 93X (paid for by the Senate Majority PAC IIRC). It was laughable. All they said in the ad was that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, was given a do-nothing $500K/yr job in his family’s company, and that he is too rich and too fancy to represent us. I was half amused at the brainlessness and half pissed at the lies and class warfare.

    I just have to wonder, who the hell thought it was a good idea to spend money on a CD8 ad for a CD3/4/5/6 radio station. But then again, I’m perfectly happy for them to waste their campaign dollars on low ROI things.

  5. Bill;

    I guess that they forgot that Governor Jim Beam truly was born that way and that his family’s fortune was made on the backs of minimum wage workers.

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