Shocked. Shocked, I Tell You.

I held off talking and writing about the Cascade Mall shooting on Friday, where a man the media immediately and hopefully desdribed as “Hispanic-looking” killed five at a Macy’s.

LIke any good Mitch Berg, I observed Berg’s 18th Law (“Nothing the media writes/says about any emotionally charged event – a mass shooting, a police shooting, anything – should be taken seriously for 48 hours after the original incident.  It will largely be rubbish, as media outlets vie to “scoop” each other even on incorrect facts.”), believing with sickening certainty that the shooter would be a Muslim with extremist sympathies, and believing in a somewhat more sarcastic vein that the shooter would be a Democrat.

And while we’re still technically under the boundaries of Berg’s Law, I just have to say;  Check:

A suspect in a mass shooting at a Washington state mall is arrested in Oak Harbor, Wash. (Twitter/Gerry Oliver)

Island County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Hawley told reporters that he spotted Cetin near the suspect’s home in Oak Harbor, around 30 miles due west of the mall. Hawley said he immediately recognized Cetin as the suspect, turned his patrol car around and arrested Cetin without incident.

Arlan Cetin is an immigrant from Turkey.   While I may be a deplorable conservative, I do know Turkey is not “Hispanic”.

And although it’s premature to make the jump, the FBI is not ruling out terrorism.

And, er, check on the third point:

I’ll insert the usual disclaimers:  the vast majority of Muslim immigrants are perfectly fine people and good Americans.

Hillary voters, on the other hand…


11 thoughts on “Shocked. Shocked, I Tell You.

  1. I’d rather be in a basket of deplorables than Hillary’s bag of assholes, with all the good ones picked out.

  2. Have you noticed that mass shooters tend to have been unsuccessful with girls? I wonder to what extent the home-grown mass shooting problem stems from mean girls, the ones who snub dweebs and sneer at losers as the other girls giggle and all the cool kids take notice so they know who to shun.

    Take a guy who already has low self-esteem, publicly humiliate him and see what it does to his attitude about life. Show him endless images of other guys who got even by shooting up public spaces. Now give him a gun.

    Nah, the theory can’t possibly be correct. That would be anti-feminist, and blaming the victim.

  3. If we showed the door to criminal aliens, this fine young gentleman would have been back in Turkey. Just sayin’. Assault conviction and three domestics….we are not talking about a Boy Scout or altar boy here.

  4. That tweet reminds me of one of the most memorable gaffs by a Democrat; Saint Paul Councilman Cy Thao’s infamous “We win, we take your money; You win, you keep your money”

  5. Cannot vote with just a green card, but then when did that ever stop a Demoncrat from voting?

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  7. JPA, let me pedantic as I am with kids: they CAN vote with a green card, it’s just ILLEGAL to do so. But when did breaking the laws on voting ever bother a Democrat (e.g. Chicago, Colorado, etc.)?

  8. nerdbert,

    For that matter, Minneapolis and St. Paul. When the inmates have control of the asylum, they don’t prosecute voter fraud, even when it bites them in their asses.

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