At Long Last

I’ve been looking for the perfect word to describe the cultural left’s most noxious rhetorical habit.   At times, I’d despaired of ever finding it.

But Wendy McElroy pretty well nails it.

The term “kafkatrapping” describes a logical fallacy that is popular within gender feminism, racial politics and other ideologies of victimhood. It occurs when you are accused of a thought crime such as sexism, racism or homophobia. You respond with an honest denial, which is then used as further confirmation of your guilt. You are now trapped in a circular and unfalsifiable argument; no one who is accused can be innocent because the structure of kafkatrapping precludes that possibility.

The term derives from Franz Kafka’s novel The Trial in which a nondescript bank clerk named Josef K. is arrested; no charges are ever revealed to the character or to the reader. Josef is prosecuted by a bizarre and tyrannical court of unknown authority and he is doomed by impenetrable red tape. In the end, Josef is abducted by two strange men and inexplicably executed by being stabbed through the heart. The Trial is Kafka’s comment on totalitarian governments, like the Soviet Union, in which justice is twisted into a bitter, horrifying parody of itself and serves only those in charge.

I run into this all the time.  I rebuke and mock it without mercy.  Now I can do it by name.


20 thoughts on “At Long Last

  1. DG,

    We seem to have a failure to communicate, here.

    You’re still dumping comments and running, rather than discussing – treating my comment section like your blog. Just as bad? Your version of “discussing” is to continue subjects you prefer into unrelated threads.

    it’s not acceptable. And everyone else – even “Penigma” – seems to get it. Why not you?

    So until your behavior improves, I’m going back to whiting out your comments.


    Again, DG, thread-jacking is not “discussion”. You’re acting like this is your blog. It is truly not.

    Either follow the rules, or go elsewhere for your fun.

    And need to answer a question or two, here:

    • Many years ago, you claimed that Salem Twin Cities was in imminent danger of being sued into receivership, because of a scam being run by one of its paid programs. You made a big show of how one of your neighbors – an expert in corporate law, but naturally nobody we could talk to, of course – backing you up on this.
      . So – whatever became of that? That was at least seven years ago; any updates?
    • Earlier this week, you claimed that states with “tougher gun control laws” had lower crime rates. Please provide a cite, so that I can inevitably show how it’s at best wrong, and at worst just another chanting point designed to gull the feeble-witted.

    I could find a lot more, but I have a life.

    God bless ya, DG, but I’m calling BS on you. Again.

    Aw, given your many logical fallacies and just plain logical dishonesty, I was looking forward this morning to something different.

    Following your premise of yesterday’s Why Do Democrats Hate Black Teens, I was waiting for the logical sequel, Why Do Conservatives Hate Law Enforcement.

    It would be logical of course, given the right wing terrorists who hate law enforcement. We see it in the Cliven Bundy crowds, including at Malheur where they stockpiled ammunition and weapons to use against law enforcement. We see it in the right wing sovereign citizen movement to which the Baton Rouge cop shooter ascribed and a similar belief in taking action when government was no longer responsive in the Dallas mass shooting of law enforcement. After all, prior to the recent overturn of voter suppression law, Texas was among the worst states for preventing people of color from voting.

    It is quintessentially right wing to take up arms against governmental authority, including law enforcement, as distinct from left wing belief in non-violent protest.

    So following your premise that raising the minimum wage at least temporarily harms black teens, and of course selectively omitting any efforts to encourage employment of black teens while paying them and others better, it would be only logical that you would use the same selective reasoning about guns and government and hating law enforcement.

    Or that you would address anything other than the epic failure of extreme conservatism on the current political stage.

    That includes your premise above.


    You keep changing the subject away from your suspicious silence on sex trafficking.

    Why is that?


  2. Come on, Mitch, own up to creating DG as a comment shill. There is simply no way someone can be simultaneously that unhinged yet that compulsive. Plus, her misuse of words like “logical” and “quintessentially” read suspiciously like some sort of comment bot. I admit to being oddly fascinated by her, but I also feel exhausted after slogging through her whited out neural slug trails.

  3. I don’t think Mitch would bother to put the time and effort into it. 3rd wave feminazism plus leftism creates something you can’t parody. Trust me these people exist. I interact with them on a daily basis on facebook.

  4. I find “Sure. You got a problem with that?” to be the quickest way to shut leftist reprobates down. I’m not going to debate them, I’m not going to play any of their mind-numbing gaslighting games; it’s a no win deal with someone living in a dream world.

    Do you all know why blue is the color of the left? It denotes life with a lack of oxygen. F ’em.

  5. I feel I have to stay engaged with them because I have to know how the opposition thinks. Plus I plan on getting into politics someday, think of me as a 29 year old conservative Frank Underwood. Hopefully I won’t have to kill anyone to get what I want though. Although I do have to laugh when they say, “I can’t believe how much the conservatives go after Obama, its not fair and no president has ever been treated like that.” I’m like were you alive between 2001-2008?

  6. Oh another favorite, when I bash a 3rd wave femenazist and call her names she always goes to the “man you must really hate and have a problem with ALL women” no, I have a problem with you, you dumb sensitive bitch.

  7. I refuse to answer any questions from someone who still hasn’t apologized for the Annexation of Schleswig-Holstein.


  8. It is quintessentially right wing to take up arms against governmental authority, including law enforcement, as distinct from left wing belief in non-violent protest.

    Um yeah, its not like ANYONE in BLM or PETA or Earth First have protested violently… and some have flat out encouraged and celebrated the killings of cops. ‘pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon’ yep no support of violence there. Humor me DG how many tea party rallies got violent? Any leftist protest has at least a 50-50 shot of going violent. And stop blaming anarchists. We don’t associate with those people. They associate with you.

  9. I hear what you’re saying POD. Believe it or not, while I’ve been conservative since my early 20’s, and while politics had a lot do to with why I left California 25 years ago, I didn’t become politically active until my battle with the Saint Paul school district. And I didn’t chuck my civility with leftists until after I had run for SPPS board; you have no idea how filthy leftists are until you run a campaign against them (my wife promised to leave if I ever ran for office again).

    I agree 100% that it is important to peruse leftist media, you have to know what the enemy is doing. But I’ve given up engaging them in any sort of reasoned debate.

    The leftist elite are pushing an agenda, they don’t care and don’t want to hear what you think about it. They will ban you from their websites if you’re debate is too factual to gaslight anyway. The (literally)rank and file leftist reprobate is, after years of indoctrination in leftist public schools, completely brainwashed; you will have a far more interesting conversation with a chimpanzee. Their moocher base is simply too uneducated to realize what that free stuff has really cost them.

  10. SLA was R wing? Black Panthers was R Wing? Weathermen were R wing? I worked with a woman whose friend was killed in the 1970 Sterling Hall bombing at UW.

  11. In ’81 I had a college professor who stated in class that the student killed in the bombing was probably (his word) involved in research to kill people therefore it was ok that he died.

  12. POD;

    Like him or not, Glenn Beck wrote a book in 2009 called “Arguing with Idiots”, which has some good tips for doing just that.

  13. I heard about that book, I got his one before that and wasn’t impressed. I’ll have to go back and check that out.

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  15. Dog Gone’s inability to focus on the subject at hand resembles that quality in Donald Trump. Does she also have the big wavy lock of hair?

  16. POD-
    Something about Beck rubs me the wrong way.
    The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class, Fred Siegel, a political and intellectual history of leftism.

    The Intellectuals And The Masses: Pride and Prejudice Among the Literary Intelligentsia, 1880-1939, John Carey. A natural history of the intellectual Left in Britain. Carey has also written an amazing literary biography of the seventeenth century metaphysical poet John Donne.

    Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and its Fashionable Enemies, David Bentley Hart. Despite its title, this is not a book of apologetics, but an examination of how the Christian world view differs from the Classical and modern worldviews. It is a history of how people think and thought about the world and humanity’s place within it.

    Pretty much anything by Michael Oakshott or GRG Mure is worth reading, if you can find them in print. Oakshott and Mure were defenders of a philosophy counter to modernism usually called “British Idealism.” Both J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were heavily influenced by British Idealism. It is a good sign that Tolkien and Lewis are still well represented in pop culture, while the moderns of the same time period (i.e. D.H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf) are only read by English majors and feminists.


  17. I should mention that Fred Siegel, John Carey, and David Bentley Hart have interviews or lectures available on youtube.

  18. I wrote this years ago, but I think I had DG in mind.

    “The Modern Muddled Liberal” c. 10/13/2012

    You are the very model of a modern muddled Liberal,
    Your information comes to you from sources mostly mythical,
    You suffer from myopia, and lack most things historical.
    Do you recognize hypocrisy? I’m sorry, that’s rhetorical.

    You’re very well acquainted, too, with straw men; you’re fanatical.
    You have problems with caucasians; your reverse-racism’s quite magical.
    From HuffPo, Kos and Maddow, you’re teeming with a lack o’ news;
    You have misplaced hate for Israel, and all those Zionistic Jews.

    You’re quite passively-aggressive, yet lash out as anonymous;
    Online you’re such a tough guy, with the handle “LiberalMaximus.”
    In short, in matters political, mathematical, historical;
    You are the very model of a modern muddled Liberal.

    You know your mythic history, with your little Marxist building blocks?
    Well, Communist fields are stacked with death–an overflowing litter box.
    Socialism is Communism-Lite, which you think is fabulous;
    In your world shared mediocrity is somehow pretty glamorous.
    You tell uncounted tales of wealth’s gross inequities;
    How rich people are evil and should be taxed as much as you dare please.
    When the world’s an even playing field, and the wealthy are no more?
    With the money gone, what then? That you conveniently IGNORE.

    Then there’s “climate change” or variants of “human planet harm,”
    Wherein the world is getting cold. . . No wait! Now perhaps It’s getting warm!
    For clarity, there’s politi-science. Better yet, consult the Gore-acle!
    You are the very model of the a modern muddled Liberal.

    The “facts” you know? Mostly wrong. Ignorance is your pathogen.
    Statistics frighten and confuse. “Oh, no, not that MATH again!”
    You kneel before regulations–an endless source of wonderment.
    To you there’s no term quite so frightening as “Smaller Government.”
    You’ve redefined “progress” such that it means “modern dumbery.”
    If I may, here’s Liberalism, wrapped up in succinct summary:
    Wealth is bad, taxes are good. Entitlement’s a strategy!
    Once attained, we’ll never see a better cowed society!

    You lack military knowledge, and your logic’s rudimentary.
    Your economic understanding insults the word “elementary.”
    Thus, in matters political, mathematical, historical;
    You are the very model of a modern muddled Liberal.

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