3 thoughts on “Madre De Dios

  1. Far be it for me to defend the DNC, but I think this is just their way of mocking Trump who notoriously made a video of himself sitting at his desk, eating a taco salad made in the Trump Tower’s kitchen while saying his usually stupid fare about how much the Mexicans love him or something to that effect.

    Much like the East Angelia University “bend the curve down” phrase, it’s not as damning in context, but encapsulates the sentiment well. Environmentalists do fudge the numbers. And, Democrats don’t care about Latinos. Just ask the former junior Senator from Illinois, who could have gotten “comprehensive immigration reform,” but had to throw in a poison pill sop to the unions, that predictably scuttled the bill in 2008.

  2. Properly enraged SJWs don’t allow racial epithets to be thrown around, even third hand as quoting someone else.

    Saying, “Hey, *I* wasn’t the one who called you a n—–! I was just repeating what so-and-so said!” wouldn’t fly with them. I don’t think it should fly with us either. Don’t give them that way out.

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