I’ll Bet All You Sanders Supporters Feel Berned Now

To:  Bernie Sanders supporters
From: Mitch Berg – Uppity Peasant
Re:  Feeling Stupid?


Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary?

Why, isn’t that exactly like endorsing the Wall Street and military-industrial complex he railed against?

Yeah.  It totally is.

Every last one of you has been had.  Played for fools.  Suckers.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Bet All You Sanders Supporters Feel Berned Now

  1. “Every last one of you has been had. Played for fools. Suckers.”
    Bernard is not a “Democratic Socialist.’ He thinks the people make mistakes, terrible mistakes, when they choose people he does not like as their leaders. Bernard is terrified that the people he serves, and in whom lies all wisdom and power, will elect Trump. He is as much of an elitist as Hillary.

  2. Why Mitch, you’re not suggesting that the man abandoned his principles (if he ever had them) to support expanding/maintaining his party’s political power?

    When Sen. Warren endorsed the “extremely careless” Hillary, I thought that was odd, considering Warren’s leftist populism put her more in Sanders’ camp. Now we see that two far-left politicians have chosen pragmatism over principles. No surprise there.

    It is amusing to see all these doe-eyed millennials get a big slap of reality to the face.

  3. Sanders says the fellas at Goldman Sachs ain’t so bad when you get to know ’em.

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