Memories And Memory Holes

Do you remember when the left and mainstream media tried to tie Sarah Palin to Jared Loughner’s spree killing in Tuscon, which wounded Gabby Gifford (and killed a bunch of people the media don’t care about) because she’d completely innocently used “crosshairs” on a map?

Of course you do.

Do you remember when Al Sharpton told people to kill cops in as many words?

Speaking of memory holes:  it’s been five days since the slaughter in Dallas.  By this point in most recent mass-killings, we has a lot of detail about the killers; Holmes, Mateen, Loughner, Lanza, Harris and Klebold, Cho, even Hassan.   And we’d had detailed dissections of the firearms they’d used – because those were the real enemies, natch.

And yet a cursory examination shows very little interest, it seems, in Micah Jackson’s past, and very little scrutiny about his SKS rifle.

We don’t know the details, and that means you or me.  But if someone wanted to bet me $100 that the silence was because Jackson was a known “progressive” activist, and the SKS was an utterly unmodified, thoroughly plain-jane rifle, I wouldn’t take the bet.

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  1. No. I don’t remember any link between Sarah Palin and Jared Loughner. I DO remember that as his mental illness progressed, Loughner frequented extremist right wing web sites. Heck, maybe the crazy notions proposed on those websites were espoused by Palin at one time or another; she’s a complete ditz.

    I don’t recall Al Sharpton EVER advocating killing cops, and I find it a stretch for you to claim he did. Were there at one time outraged marchers who wanted that, after a series of pretty horrendous actions by cops? Yes. But I see nothing in a review of the news coverage at the time that shows Sharpton had any part in encouraging or leading such calls.

    I do know that Sharpton has on many occasions called for NOT behaving violently towards law enforcement, and that he has done more than most, on either side of the political spectrum, to address black on black violence, putting his money and his efforts where his mouth is to end that.

    I don’t see any similar outrage by the way when right wingers call for the death of Obama. So if you are going to tar one leader with that, you have to tar the rest of them on your side. Unless you are an epic hypocrite with double standards?

    As to the shooter in Dallas? Seriously? I’ve seen extensive coverage of his background and his weapons, explosives, bullet proof vest, etc.

    You know what I cannot find? Equivalent numbers of black people supporting or belonging to or meeting with black liberation groups compared to groups like the KKK, Aryan Nation, and assorted neo-nazi militia crazies who advocate and prepare for violence against groups of people (notably black people) and against our government.

    You know what else I find climbing down YOUR memory hole, and digging for all it’s worth? The uncomfortable fact that there were 20 open carriers with AR-15 (or similar) weapons and plenty of ammunition, in addition to the 100 or so armed cops, and all that did to stop the shooting in Dallas was to confuse the issue.

    It distracted law enforcement from going after the real active shooter, it caused mass confusion among both law enforcement and civilians.

    ALL those open carrier idiots did was to RUN AWAY.

    Looks like your much-vaunted, ‘if only there were people there with GUNS’ reasoning is a total FAILURE. For the reasons we have always asserted they would be – they do nothing constructive, they are a negative drag on response.

    Rather I think there is a good argument to be made that most of those open carriers were there to act as thugs trying to either provoke or intimidate the peaceful protesters.

    Ouch! I bet that bright light shining alllllll the way down YOUR personal memory hole is a bit hard on you. It should be.

  2. I don’t recall using crosshairs btw to be completely ‘innocent’ in the context of the right wing commentary of the time. It involved rhetoric to accompany it like “don’t retreat, reload”, or in the case of other political candidates, threats that if they did not succeed at the ballot box, they would resort to the bullet box.

    You can pretend all you like Palin and others have been making dog whistle appeals to those who want to shoot up government EXACTLY the way that the Dallas shooter expressed his desire to shoot white people / cops.

    You use the rhetoric, you use the symbols, you get stuck with the criticism. But no — no one ever accused Sarah Palin of driving Jared Loughner to do what he did. They may very legitimately have asserted that such rhetoric contributed to violence or is an advocacy for violence, because it IS. Take a look at the Malheur occupation for just one example of many. But it is not so direct an advocacy that you can assert someone behaving badly like the idiot Palin is in any way directly responsible for that shooting. Jared Loughner suffers from extreme schizophrenia. It is not surprising that in his mental illness some of the crazier factions on the right appealed to him. Hell, have you looked at pretty much anything coming from Alex Jones in the last year or two? Or the crazies who see the violent end of the world in ‘blood moon’ stupidity that is not factually accurate astronomy, and equally bogus as legitimate religion?

    But she was sure hoping for the votes of people who thought along the lines of shooting up people who disagreed with them.

    Conservatives believe a lot of things which are not factually true, and you contribute to that and encourage it.

    I had to laugh when I saw that appalling waste of inappropriate taxpayer funding, the Answers in Genesis Ark in Kentucky, was shut down by flooding almost as soon as it opened. If you follow crazy conservative evangelist thinking, God must be very angry with Ken H. and his lunatic fringies pushing creationism.

    Oh wait – that’s right, when bad things happen in the form of acts of God, those only count against people you don’t like. Because ……epic conservative double standards and hypocrisy.

  3. DG,

    Larger reply may follow.

    But if you don’t remember the left and media’s (PTR) attempt to link Palin’s “crosshair” map and the Loughner killing spree, you are either being disingenuous, or you need to start doing memory exercises. Here’s a relatively typical example.

    As to not “recalling crosshairs to be innocent?” Well, that’s a matter of your perception. Your tendency to ascribe evil motives to conservatives is historically comical and utterly constant.

  4. Absolutely, and I’m thinking the same about the tragic cases in Minneapolis and Louisiana that may have helped bring Dallas about as well. Lots of things we would have known if the person of interest were white, we don’t know here.

    It is as if the left–journalists I mean and the rest of the left–are learning that disseminating information torpedoed the stories they were selling about Ferguson, Baltimore, Trayvon, and the like. Which, arguably, is exactly the case, but it doesn’t excuse the Fourth Estate’s laxity in this matter.

  5. DG, when your host has linked VIDEO of Al Sharpton encouraging people to kill police officers, would you do us the favor of actually paying attention? Honestly, it is as if any fact that disturbs your little world simply can’t get in.

    And yes, the guys doing open carry (peacefully mind you) at the protest didn’t engage–they were, after all, there to preserve peace, not to intervene when police were being shot at by a madman. Carry permits do not make you responsible to fight every battle, and in fact any good permit instructor will explicitly tell you not to pick that fight.

  6. DG has slipped the surly bonds of prescribed medications again – what’s she on about anyway?

  7. So…… what about the right wingers like Anthony Senecal who want to publicly hang Obama and Hillary Clinton, and who want to nuke Milwaukee and Detroit because of their Muslim populations? Surprising he didn’t add Minneapolis to that list, given the misinformation about Sharia law zones here promoted by the right, including people like Ted Cruz while running for office. I don’t recall him ever correcting this information presented by his surrogates.

    Gee — do you think, just maybe, that kind of bullshit from the right contributes and encourages violence against members of the Somali community and other Muslims, like the shootings at the end of June?

    “In the attack, which happened about 2 a.m. Wednesday near the University of Minnesota, an assailant allegedly made disparaging remarks about Muslims before opening fire on five young men clad in Muslim prayer robes called qamis. Two of the men, ages 22 and 19, were wounded when bullets struck them in the leg.”

    You want to take a FAIR look at promoting hate and encouraging violence? Look to your own first. The rest of this is more projection and more whiny false claims of being victimized. Oh Poor Sarah Palin — really? She deserved every bit of criticism she got for using gun violence rhetoric to target democrats like Gifford. There is way too much of that kind of rhetoric on the right on a regular basis.

  8. Regarding DG’s claim that the Ark Encounter was shut down by a flood:

    The replica is actually on a fairly high point well away from the Ohio River, so if it were to seriously flood, we would have reason to doubt the “rainbow covenant” of Genesis 8:21. DG does not disappoint with her fact-checking inability.

  9. DG
    you’re supposedly the FACT CHECKER, why couldn’t you have fired up Bing or Google and entered “Palin crosshairs” or “Sharpton Said to Kill Police “ to see if there were any basis for Mitch’s assertions?
    Are you so intellectually vacant and arrogant that actual fact checking is something you don’t ever do?

  10. Dog Gone has a long history on this site of counseling victims to sit patiently, waiting to die, until the official, certified law enforcement personnel can arrive to professionally handle the situation. She’s repeatedly argued nobody should use a gun for self-defense, or defense of others, because we might start randomly blasting away and thereby make the situation worse.

    So in Dallas, armed citizens followed her advice – they held their fire. But somehow, that’s not proof of self-control, it’s twisted into proof they didn’t need guns for self-defense or defense of others, because they didn’t start randomly blasting away and thereby making the situation worse.

    So which is it, Dog Gone – we should shoot, or not shoot? I don’t care which ridiculous position you want to assert, but stick to it, willya? Flip-flopping around makes you look like a hypocrite, if not an idiot, and makes me suspect that attempting rational discourse with you is a waste of my time.

  11. So Mitch’s post went up around noon and Mrs. Teasdale has her first metablogging spew of instant incoherence (474 words) up five minutes later? Either she’s a helluva typist or she’s just cuttin’ and pastin’ up a storm. Must have some sort of archive of dyspeptic comments always at the ready — we’ll call it the Bile File.

  12. Joe Doakes wrote:

    “Flip-flopping around makes you look like a hypocrite, if not an idiot, and makes me suspect that attempting rational discourse with you is a waste of my time.”


  13. Regarding Sharpton, another point of reference is the Crown Heights riots that he encouraged, in which 152 police officers were injured. Sorry, but you need to do some real contortions to argue that Sharpton wasn’t encouraging violence against the police. (BTW, isn’t that Louis Farrakhan in the background in that video?) Yet another point of reference for Sharpton was his slander of police officers in the Tawana Brawley case.

    Sorry, DG, but Sharpton’s got a LONG history of animosity towards the police, and he’s not called a “racial arsonist” for nothing.

  14. Every time dog posts something here, just remember that although she is down to 2 now (herself and teh peevee), she once claimed to have 100,000 dedicated readers, and claims that her fact checking has been published by economic think tanks; prestigious think tanks, mind you.

    Really helps put the twaddle in proper perspective.

  15. DG
    where’s that link to the piece of yours that you claim the London School of Economics posted on their site?

  16. Regarding the DG that just appeared, Anthony Senecal is no leading conservative thinker, but rather a retired servant of Donald Trump who scored an interview or two because of his former boss’ notoriety. In the same way, the person who shot up Somalis is likewise a nobody. Hasn’t even been identified.

    So exactly what this would have to do with people like Sharpton, who has been in the White House over 100 times since 2008, is beyond me.

  17. Mr. D, I see the walls of her hovel covered with scrawled, badly misspelled hate speech, leftist memes, incoherent raving and cryptic symbols. The floors are covered with dead flies, old Ms. magazines, Alpo cans and piles of hand written, tear stained letters to the man that done her wrong.

    I have no doubt she has canned responses at the ready.

  18. Seriously Penigma’s Chihuahua? Crosshairs and Palin? You have no recollection?

  19. So Mitch’s post went up around noon

    My mid-day post is usually at 11:30AM.

  20. Fun challenge for DG: find the reports she claims spoke extensively of the perp’s arms, naming make and model, from the first day or two after the atrocity. For that matter, I don’t find anything I consider authoritative yet.

  21. You all simply don’t realize that DG is a more highly evolved being; she knows what Mitch is going to write in advance and has her response ready to go after a small delay so she doesn’t tip her powers. This is, of course, combined with her ability to know what we’re all really thinking, and what we really meant. It’s uncanny, really.

  22. Mr. D: yes, but the point that she appears to have a keg of BS on tap at any given time stands, I think. Certainly she doesn’t waste time finding reasonable sources, and she certainly doesn’t understand what the sources she finds actually mean.

    My challenge to her stands. Given that the first thing officers would have found besides the corpse is the gun, why on earth didn’t anyone report on what the gun was in the first couple of days? Who refused to tell, or ask–was it the journalists, or the Dallas police, or the FBI or DOJ? Why?

    To cheerfully plagiarize my host, if only we had a whole profession with printing presses and websites and reporters whose job it was to find out things like that.

  23. I’ll stipulate that everything dog has ever said is true, insightful and helpful if she posts a link to the article she wrote that the London School of Economics published.

    Failing that, I suggest she be banned for a bring a lying, sociopathic slag.

    How is that not fair?

  24. I have a good friend who is an eminent psychologist. Trust me on this. I’d give you his name, but then he’d want to be paid for his analysis because he’s not in the habit of dispensing analysis free on the internet, but he says DG fits this profile of a highly manipulative narcissist sociopath or psychopath, based on the tactics she uses:

    Gas-lighting; projection; nonsensical arguments from Hell; blanket statements and generalizations; deliberately misrepresenting your thoughts and feelings to the point of absurdity; nit-picking and moving the goalposts; changing the subject to evade accountability.; covert and overt threats; name-calling; smear campaigns and stalking; preemptive defense; triangulation; bait and pretend innocence; boundary testing and hoovering; condescending sarcasm and patronizing tone; shaming, and more.

    Yep, they’re all there.

  25. “Gas-lighting; projection; nonsensical arguments from Hell; blanket statements and generalizations; deliberately misrepresenting your thoughts and feelings to the point of absurdity; nit-picking and moving the goalposts; changing the subject to evade accountability.; covert and overt threats; name-calling; smear campaigns and stalking; preemptive defense; triangulation; bait and pretend innocence; boundary testing and hoovering; condescending sarcasm and patronizing tone; shaming, and more. “

    pretty much describes Dear Leader doesn’t it?

  26. Off topic; notice that the many of the techniques of the narcissist can be summed up in one tidy phrase: “genetic fallacy”. I would assert that good logic is going to derail Ms. NPD (or “Mrs. Teasdale”?) in a hurry.

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  28. Read the strip piece linked by DG. Hmmm. 2 AM in Minneapolis there was a shooting. No report of the ethnicity of the shooters. Anyone want to bet against them being black? Just saying.

  29. NW;

    I also have a friend that is a psychologist. Not eminent, but has been in practice for over 25 years. She not only pegged Doggy the same way as your friend, she also said that it is true of over 98% of Democrat politicians, too.

  30. Here’s the sad truth about DG.

    In the past 24 hrs her site has logged 15, yes 15 hits/viewers!
    this message thread by comparison has over 350 hits.

    DG posts on this site (and doesn’t reply) because its the only way she can get viewers/hits on her opinion pieces. so yes she does have these long screeds prepared ahead of time.

    She is using Mitch’s blog to get an audience, because no one of any intelligence (on the left or right) willingly goes to her site.

  31. Kel, I’d bet next weeks paycheck that 13 of those hits are dog, 1 is teh peevee and 1 is you gathering FACTS.

  32. DG,

    I’m also curious about the piece you claim to have written on a “London School of Economics” blog.

    I also understand you likely wrote it under your real name, or some facsimile, and you’d rather not have the entire blog-commenting world know that identity. And I can’t say as I’d blame you; someone might do to you what you did to Krod. There are some crazies out there.

    But what the heck; I’m all about solutions.

    As you are aware, I never divulge the identities of pseudonymous commenters; I’ve met quite a few of them (Angryclown, Penigma, Joe Doakes, Master of None, Flash, Krod, Learned Foot, Yossarian, even DG herself) and know quite a few other real names, and have never given one out, and never will unless subpoenad.

    So why don’t you send me that link offline. You know my email.

    I’ll pass on its existence to the rest of the group, without anything that can be traced back.


  33. Oh, DG, DG, DG…

    Is this the “article you had published in the LSE blog”?

    A simple link to this…um…article?

    In other words, some “progressive” blog curator at the LSE found your post and linked it?

    Is this what you call having your piece published in the LSE blog?

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