A Whole New Flavor Of “Democracy”

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Some RINOs are talking about joining Democrats to base gun control on a secret Enemies List.

 The proposal is contrary to the fundamental philosophy underpinning American government.

 The Founders told us in the Declaration that Rights come from God, not from Government.

The Founders explained in the Federalist papers that the Constitution was written to protect our Rights from the Government.

 The Founders added the Fifth Amendment specifically to emphasize that before Government took away any Rights from anybody, it gave Due Process consisting of, at a minimum, notice of the proposed action, a meaningful opportunity to oppose the action before it occurs, and a neutral decider.

The Founders would have been flabbergasted at the notion that the Government could take away a citizen’s Constitutionally protected rights, in secret, without evidence, just so long as the Government allowed that citizen to beg for relief after-the-fact.  But that’s the scheme these RINOs are considering.

 Well, why not?  We already have pre-judgment forfeiture, where the Government can seize your money.  We already have IRS agents willing to delay your political fundraising until after the election.  We already have Customs agents willing to seize your imported rosewood at the behest of a competitor guitar manufacturer. 

 Why not let the President write up an Enemies List and everyone on that list loses the right to travel, to vote, to own a firearm, to have a bank account or credit card, to hold a job . . . why not make them complete un-persons with no rights at all?

 What could possibly go wrong?

 Joe Doakes

Other than “the whole notion of self-government?”

2 thoughts on “A Whole New Flavor Of “Democracy”

  1. A world where everyone is subject to denial of rights to travel, own a gun, have a bank account, hold a job is PRECISELY what the “Mark of the Beast” outlines in Scripture. Just sayin.

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