I’m Sure…

this will turn out to be more right-wing conservative Christian violence.  Or maybe those elusive pro-life Tea Partiers.

Over thirty dead and counting in Istanbul.

Darn that NRA.

Not to snark overly much; I’ve always felt somewhat close to Turkey.  My mom lived there for several years, back in the nineties.

Just waiting to see what kind of “workplace violence” our State Department or Administration try to redact this into.

9 thoughts on “I’m Sure…

  1. this statement has already popped up in juxtaposition with the reporting of the event:
    “Turkish Airlines is the official airline partner of the Euro 2016 football tournament currently being held in France”

    so maybe it was just some football hooliganism.

  2. BG, this sentence from the article is instructive:
    “Terrorist linked to or inspired by ISIS were responsible for the Brussels bombings at the city’s airport and a subway station in March and the Paris attacks last November.”

    CBS can’t bring themselves to mention San Bernardino or Orlando so that must mean they represent “workplace violence” and “jilted gay love”..

  3. “Secretary Kerry! Secretary Kerry! The news is reporting simultaneous ISIS attacks in Moscow, London, Paris, and New York. There are dozens of fatalities!”
    “Yes, I’ve heard. Do you realize what this means?”
    “What, Secretary Kerry? What does it mean?”
    “It means that we’ve really got those bastards on the run.”

  4. Just you wait. Media elites will find a way to spin this into an attack by outraged Buddhists.

  5. NW: agreed. I think we should put all convicted suicide bombers in jail.

    I pity their cell-mates.

    Seriously, it just boggles the mind that the Secretary of State, of all people, appears to be unaware that Islamist radicals have been using suicide bombing as a tactic for decades, and their strength does not appear to be abating as a result.

    For that matter, when terrorists take on the Marines or the IDF with ordinary tactics, the end result on them is usually about the same as a suicide bombing, so I can’t blame them for just getting it over with, hoping to get closer to their targets to do a little more damage.

  6. I guess the “Aspen Ideas Festival” is where dumb people hang out.

    It was a scheduling error. Kerry was actually supposed to speak at the Pompous Aspen Ideas Festival.

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