Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Democrats in Congress are staging a sit-in for gun control in response to a gay man shooting up a gay nightclub in Orlando. 

 People suffering from mental illness are banned from owning guns for the obvious reason that they’re a danger to themselves or others.  Homosexuality was a mental illness until 1973, when it was redefined as normal.  Did gay men get less dangerous or were they never dangerous?  Should we have banned them from owning guns in the past?  Given the evidence of Orlando, should we ban gay men from owning guns now?

 Today, Liberals claim Conservativism is a mental illness.  And Democrats want to characterize receipt of Social Security Disability benefits as an adjudication of mental illness. Plain to see where that is heading.

 And, of course, the Soviet Union had a well-developed network of psychiatric hospitals devoted to housing patients suffering from “sluggish schizophrenia,” a person determined to be mentally ill because he failed to conform to Socialist ideas about the Truth. Won’t surprise me a bit if Hillary revives that plan and expands it to include anybody whose name does not appear on the DNC campaign donor list.

 And yet every bus, every street corner, every train yard has a bum, a homeless vet, a person who actually suffers from mental illness but won’t take his meds and nobody can make him because Liberals insist on liberty above public safety.  Clayton Cramer’s book “My Brother Ron” should be required reading before any discussion of mental illness and firearms.

Joe Doakes

It’s a tricky subject – by nature, and by political intent.

5 thoughts on “Crazy

  1. I still feel that the first line should be corrected to: Democrat shooting up a gay nightclub. The shooter was married to women, twice and had apparently fathered a child. Some reports indicate that the gay posturing was only reconnaissance.

  2. I once helped a Russian man gain asylum in the U.S. He had been “hospitalized” for nearly 3 years over there as mentally ill – for being crazy enough to report that the head of the engineering project he was working on was misappropriating materials from the project for his personal dacha. He was clearly insane.

  3. We would be remiss not to take note that if sodomy were not pervasive in America’s homo population, AIDS would be eradicated in 5 years. Homosexuality is a demonstrable threat to public health, but not only do leftists condone it, they celebrate it; they teach it to our kids; they enact laws to perpetuate and spread it.

    They are not crazy, they are evil.

  4. They (leftists) are not crazy, they are evil.

    (parens are mine)

    Swiftee gets it. For years, I’ve been telling people not to call them stupid or crazy. From Obama and Killary on down. Everything they do is done with complete calculation.

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