The Magic Rat Drove His Sleek Machine Over The Jersey State Line

You know when I knew we were headed for a big night?

It was probably 6:30 last night.  I was waiting for V to come on.  And on Drudge, I saw that the MSM was claiming, mirabile dictu, that they had all sorts of polling to show that this election was not repeat not repeat not about Obama.

That’s when I knew we were going to run away in Virginia, and probably win Jersey.

Ecker on the Christie win:

It is easy to overstate the importance of this election, as it is after all a local race which centers around local issues and personalities just as much as it does higher issues. But voter attitudes towards their government in general can influence how voters approach those issues. In this case, Christie ran on the issue of property taxes and other economic issues, where voter opinions are certainly strongly influenced by the Democratically controlled Washington DC.

It’s also worth mentioning that Obama invested heavily in both races, stumping for both candidates a number of times, including in the final days before the election. It is a sign that his majestic holiness is no longer enough to sway voters with flowery speeches and hollow hyperbole.

Virginia – a traditionally Republican state – was a “must make a good showing” state for The One.

But Jersey?  Not only have they not elected a Republican in sixteen years, but that “Republican” was Christine Todd Whitman, a woman who sent Rockefeller Republicans scampering for their Hayek.

Think that if Obama Deeds had won, or even kept it really really close, and/or if Corzine had won by the usual huge margin, we wouldn’t be hearing Katie Couric chiming that The Dream Is Still Alive this morning?

The most immediate effect of this will be in the outcome of ObamaCare/PelosiCare/etc. Already Blue Dog Democrats were feeling the heat of public opinion regarding the absolutely horrendous bill that is before Congress. Both Pelosi and Reid were already having problems convincing Democrats from swing districts to vote for the bill. This election is likely to reinforce that hesitation. If even an incumbent Democrats in a core blue state can lose, a Democrat in a swing or even a conservative district is officially on notice. Voters are not in a forgiving mood.

You listening, Tim Walz?

31 thoughts on “The Magic Rat Drove His Sleek Machine Over The Jersey State Line

  1. Notice where Obama is today? Madison, Wisconsin.

    He was in Minnepaolis September 12. What happened around that time? Oh yeah, the health care bill derailed.

    Notice a pattern? When Obama gets shellacked, he heads for the most liberal places he can find to hold a pep rally before the few remaining worshippers.

  2. “You listening, Tim Walz?”

    How about Colin Peterson? He’s one of the democrats that won a seat in a McCain district. Anyone out there in CD 7 listening? Field a solid candidate this time PLEASE we have a chance out there.

    “At least Obama won the anti-gay marriage vote in Maine.”

    heh heh heh. I believe that makes 32 states have put gay marriage on the ballot for approval from the people and 32 states have voted it down. But of course it will be overturned in court because us dumb serfs don’t know whats good for us. We needs to be protected from usselves by the all knowing judges and politicians that really have our best interests…

  3. The voters sent a message. Meanwhile, my daughters – the Mall Diva and Tiger Lilly – are on their way to D.C. now to deliver a message of their own tomorrow (I did remove the katana from the car before they left, however).

  4. Does this mean AC has a Republican governor now? What a darn shame!

    I took the title to mean that AC told Mitch he planned to move if Corzine didn’t win.

  5. At DC the bill is on fire in a real death waltz
    Between flesh and what’s fantasy and the politicos up there
    Don’t write nothing at all good, they just stand back and say it’s for free
    And in the quick of the night they reach for their Healthcare bill
    And try to make an honest stand but they wind up wounded and politically dead
    Tonight in LiberalLand

  6. ” we wouldn’t be hearing Katie Couric chiming that The Dream Is Still Alive this morning?”

    Today both Katie and Chris Mattews are feeling the tingling down their legs; this time it’s because they’ve pissed themselves!

    Folks are figuring out that the Health Care Bill is worth nothing more than TP. The bluedogs know that soon there’ll be a reckoning. Any bets on how fast they run for cover. Wasn’t it Bill Clinton that said “It’s the economy stupid”?

  7. It stands to reason that last nights results portend more for our gubernatorial race than for the congressional races. I think Walz would be wise not read too much into the Dems gov. losses OR into the win in NY-23 (DNC will still lose at least 20 seats next year). Kelliher and Dayton should be paying attention. They have an uphill battle ahead of themselves.

  8. I tell ya, I’m beginning to feel like Poland. I’m losing track of how many times I’ve been taken over. There was a time when supposedly the Republican Party was taken over by the frothing at the mouth religious extremists. Then, I guess we were taken over by the neocons, whatever they are. (Sounds like the enforcement wing of some futuristic government in a bad sci fi movie.)

    Now, I think the Dems would have us believe the Republican Party has been taken over by the tea party crowd.

    Sigh. I guess I’d better put the belongings back in the donkey cart and start shuffling down the road with the rest of the refugees.

  9. Save me a bale of hay in Poznan. I’m tired of sleeping on the shoulder of the road.

  10. Thanks for the refresher K-Rod. As much as I loathe Carvill he new that it was the hot button issue.

  11. Which would you prefer: a) to have the Conservative Party seperate from the GOP and grow as a formidable third party, b) kick out the RINO’s and have a more convervative GOP but compromise on a few differences or c) have the GOP as it is today regroup to defeat the Democrats and worry about their internal differences later? Or something else?

  12. apathyboy,

    I’ll take d), none of the above.

    The NY Conservative Party is basically a conservative shadow GOP. It fills more or less the same role as Brian Sullivan filled in Minnesota in 2002, only with some of the trappings of a party wrapped around it. It’s not so much a “third party” as it is a “second and a half party”.

    Hoffman will segue into GOP poltiics just fine after this election, and the Conservative party will continue to do what it does best; put pressure on the GOP from half-in, half-outside.

  13. ab you might want to read some of these articles…

    “c) have the GOP as it is today regroup to defeat the Democrats and worry about their internal differences later? Or something else?”

    Yeah because the dems arent fractured at ALL…
    a quote from the front page of, excuse me,

    “If a Democratic Senator helps block an up-or-down vote on health care reform, there need to be consequences. We’ve launched the Health Care Accountability Pledge so that a primary challenge against any Democrat who filibusters would get off to a well-funded start.”

    All I can say is go for it, it would turn voters off from having a electable moderate democrat to a psycho socialist dem versus a solid conservative candidate with the dem possibly pulling a Libermann and going independent, fracturing the democrat vote. Look at your own house ab before you go shooting your mouth off about how the GOP is throwing moderates overboard.

  14. Ben, I wasn’t being rhetorical but I’m somehow flattered that you felt the need to get defensive. In fact if you can quote me anywhere claiming to be a Democrat this shiny fifty cent piece I’m holding right now is all yours. [As an aside, I abhor rhetorical questions. If I have a question, I ask a question. If I have point, I say so. But that’s besides the point.]

    Just because I’m a liberal doesn’t make me an automatic fan of I don’t find their “fight rhetoric with rhetoric” mentality very agreeable, but that’s also besides the point. I think that one comment is leveled at Leiberman particularly and I can’t imagine he’s counting on DNC funding in his next election anyway.

    I read those two articles. I could not care less.

    I am fascinated with the relationship between the GOP and conservative thought. I’d like to know if you think there is a difference between the two and, if so, what the differences are.

  15. Per apathyboy, a or b could make an interesting discussion but c is definitely out. C is what we had the last 8 years and dilution of the “brand” resulted in what we have now, including a leftist administration. The Republican Party (or any party) has to be more concerned with principles than merely winning elections. Take care of the principles and the elections will take care of themselves. There’s no point in creating “electable” Republican candidates if they’re going to vote like Democrats just to make the tote-board look good. Sure the other side will likely win a few, but in doing so merely expose themselves. Last night proves that the electorate can turn pretty quickly once it sees what it bought. Good advertising can sell a bad product – but only once.

  16. Good advertising can sell a bad product – but only once.

    Unless you’re a Microsoft operating system, in which case bad advertising can sell a bad product over and over and over and over and over again.

  17. but in doing so merely expose themselves

    You’re trying to draw Angryclown out, aren’t you?

  18. “Good advertising can sell a bad product – but only once.”
    Bloomberg must be the exception to the rule.

    “You cared enough to read them.”
    Okay, I cared a little. I read them, expending said care. I no longer care.

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