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  1. Very childish, but in this case, considering the target, who resorts to childish behavior herself, I think I could support it.

  2. I think we ought to buy them some PBR or Stroh’s, as I’m told that the flatulence that comes after drinking that would make the Wells Fargo Center into a Superfund site. That and plenty of Hormel Chili with Beans & Dinty Moore Beef Stew.

  3. On the other hand, would anyone notice the difference in the smell of hippies after such a meal?

  4. It looks like Venezuela is close to “peak socialism”, meaning bodies hauled to mass graves in garbage trucks:

    The majority of those reporting on Venezuela still believe the current crisis has been caused by the collapse in the oil price. If that were true, other countries dependent on their oil export revenues, such as Nigeria, should be facing a similar situation. That is not the case. Nigeria is suffering a severe economic downturn, but it is far from suffering the extreme shortages of food and medicine that Venezuelans now face.

    Apparently the world has forgotten that food lines first appeared in Venezuela in early 2014, when the price of oil was still over USD $110 per barrel. Venezuela first suffered an extreme shortage of toilet paper in 2013, nearly two years before the collapse of the oil price

    Also, even now, with oil below USD $50/barrel, Venezuela has an export income larger than that of Peru, a country with identical population and where there are zero reported shortages of any kind.
    . . .
    The fact is that Venezuela, while still pumping oil, no longer has a functioning economy. Seventeen years of nationalizations and confiscation of private industries, farms, cattle ranches, distribution companies, sugar mills, and even shopping malls have completely destroyed not only the local production, but the distribution networks necessary for the normal functioning of the economy.

    Ninety percent of confiscated and nationalized companies and farms no longer produce anything. SIVENSA, a private steel company formerly with over USD $1 billion in sales, mostly for export, now has negligible production. A country that during the 1980s boasted about having Latin America’s highest levels of production of cement, which it exported to the USA, now has a shortage of cement, even with insignificant construction levels. For most of the 20th century, Venezuela was among the world’s largest coffee producers. Now, the coffee that Venezuelans drink, if they can find any, comes from Nicaragua.

    Hillary, remember, could not identify the difference between a Democrat and a socialist. Bernard Sanders proudly calls himself a socialist. For some reason he does not want to talk about Venezuela.

  5. A nation with some of the greatest forests in the world can’t manage to make toilet paper. Like Reagan said, if you brought socialism to the Sahara, they’d have a shortage of sand.

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