Since Obama, Hillary And Trump Are So Hot To Mangle The Constitution…

…let’s just repeal the whole “natural born citizen” bit to allow foreign born presidents.

And give this guy his third term – after his first two in Israel:

I’d get behind him in a convention floor fight.

15 thoughts on “Since Obama, Hillary And Trump Are So Hot To Mangle The Constitution…

  1. Funny, on the main page, the video is the 7 year old shooting, go into the article, and see Bibi. Browsers are strange.

  2. Netanyahu likes to think of Israel as an island of liberal democracy in a sea of Middle Eastern despotism. While the sea of despotism is real, the notion that Israel remains a liberal democracy grows thinner and weaker as the years of occupation pass. A solution to the Palestinian problem that lifts the occupied people into full citizens of some political unit, fully human once again, is essential if Israel wishes to avoid irrevocable descent into a brutish Spartan society where self-preservation forever justifies oppression.

  3. I like what Netanyahu says about the situation in the rest of the Middle East, but have to admit that his status as a religiously secular man with a history of womanizing wouldn’t go over well this side of the pond.

    And Emery, that was just breathtakingly stupid. Israel has a large population of homicidal maniacs just across its borders, and you’re arguing that they need to…what? Sorry, peace begins with “you have the right to live”, not with “Jews use the blood of our children to bake Matzo”.

    (oddly, matzo appear to be a popular food among Palestinians….either many do not believe the blood libel, or perhaps some are even sicker than even I had thought)

  4. Israel does not face existential military threats from the conventional armies on its borders, or from the restive population in the occupied territories. There are long term WMD worries, but that is a long term problem that many countries face. So is it Okay for Israel to remain in the current prosperous status quo, subject to constant low level warfare/terrorism, but not significantly challenged? Is this really no worse than a crime problem?

    No, because a state of military occupation changes the occupier as well as the occupied people, just as a state of slavery changes both the slaver and the slave. The occupier, like the slaver, must always protect from the enemy within. That need brutalizes a society, making it progressively less capable of treating or even viewing the occupied people as being fully human. Israelis need to realize that public opinion in places like Europe and the US are slowly turning against them not because Europe and the US are changing, but because Israel is changing. The status of occupier has changed and is changing the people of Israel into illiberal brutes.

  5. EI, you know what you say would make sense if it weren’t for one little fact, that is the utter ferocity that characterizes border enforcement by Egypt, lebanon, Syria, and Jordan with the West Bank and Gaza. If the Palestinians are anything other than murderous savages why do other arab nations work as hard as Israel to keep them out.
    Your statement is just regurgitated anti-Semitic propaganda.

  6. Kel, you’re either on something or on to something. Although I suspect it’s the former and not the latter.

  7. Israel does not face existential military threats from the conventional armies on its borders, or from the restive population in the occupied territories.

    1948. 1967. 1973.

    Bullshit, Emery. The reason Israel does not face massed armies on her borders is because of the dates I’ve mentioned above. Let’s be real here; imagine Canada or Mexico had invaded three times in the past century; would we be very trusting of them, either?


  8. Israel does not face existential military threats from the conventional armies on its borders, or from the restive population in the occupied territories.

    You ignorant, fetid, anti-Semitic waste of oxygen and DNA. Have you ever been in Israel? Have you ever had to hide in a safe room when Pali, Hezbolah and Hamas rockets shell the neighbourhood? JUST ABOUT EVERY FUCKING DAY! You really are an inhumane monster. You make me sick. Hasbara!

  9. JPA, it’s a shame your parents didn’t realize the danger of feeding you paint chips as a child.

  10. At least they did not teach me to be an intolerant, amoral, depraved, anti-Semitic waste of oxygen.

  11. Emery, I want to take you to task on how you responded to Kel. It is a fact that the border between Gaza and Egypt is fortified. The PLO/PA has been building tunnels under it for years. On other borders, “Palestinians” have been kept in refugee camps with force despite obvious linguistic, cultural, and religious affinities with the nations that told them to watch Israel get pushed into the sea in 1948.

    More or less, their Muslim “brothers” are “fulfilling” their duty of zakat by keeping them in the ghetto by even crueler means than american liberals keep minorities in the ghetto, which is saying something.

    This is not delusion; this is reality.

    Same thing with your treatment of JPA. If you read the papers, you will find–after you go through pro-Palestinian rhetoric–that it is the PLO/PA that is firing rockets from elementary schools and hospitals at Israeli neighborhoods, elementary schools, and hospitals. Iron Dome is not a figment of your imagination; it is a necessity for life in Israel.

    Wake up here, Emery. There are realities, and per Genesis 12, God can and will punish those who hate the sons of Jacob. It doesn’t mean we give Israel whatever they want, but it does mean we act on known facts.

  12. Just like your virulent anti-Semitism. And it is not ad hominem. You have to be human, and since you do not have an ounce of humanity, ad hominem does not apply in your case. Besides, everything I have said is an accurate description of what you are based on your screeds.

  13. Emery, if your desire is to go against ad hominem attacks, maybe try not accusing JPA of getting lead poisoning as a child? Maybe try not accusing Kel of being on drugs?

    Just because you thinly veil your personal attacks doesn’t mean they’re not there. Plus, if you’re really falling for the idea of some moral equivalence between Israel and the PLO/PA/Hamas, I can’t blame JPA for assuming that you’re anti-semitic. There is a tremendous denial of reality that has to occur before one comes to the point you’re at, a denial of reality that often includes the reading of Mein Kampf as an instruction manual.

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