4 thoughts on “They Don’t Make Muckrakers Like They Used To 

  1. C’mon, Mitch! You know that anything that the left wing media does to support the meme of the hour is justified.

    We all know that nothing will come of this, unless a competing network outs them. Again, of course, this will not happen, either.

  2. If a man or woman has a sibling who is a suspected terrorist, do we allow them to buy firearms? Suppose the man or woman has a job that requires him or her to have access to firearms? Suppose that job is police officer?
    Mateen was not a terrorist when he bought the weapons he used to carry out his killing spree. The person who sold Mateen his weapons did not sell weapons to a terrorist, he sold the firearms to a person who would become a terrorist. Mateen had committed no crimes. He was on no terror watch list when he bought his guns.

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