The Morning Road Leads To Stalingrad, And The Sky Is Softly Humming

What a great night!

In Virginia, the GOP didn’t just beat the Tics; we didn’t just beat them down; we didn’t just humilate them; we made them say “we’re not just your beeyotch, we are your bee-friggin-YATCH”.  The Obama Revolution in Virginia had a half-life shorter than Milli Vanilli’s chart career.  The Virginia election – in a state the Dems owned barely a year ago – made an eight-on-one prison shower-room beatdown look like a Japanese tea ceremony.

And in New Jersey?  NEW JERSEY?  I knew we were onto something when a third of the polls were in, Corzine trailed by seven, and Minnesota Public Radio’s utterly Republican-free “panel” spent a couple of minutes obsessing over “exit polls”.  Which was at least better than CNN, which was running the “exit polls show New Jersey neck and neck” slide up until, I kid you not, the moment they called it for Christie.

Governor Christie.

Note to Dems; when even fat jokes fail you, you know you’re screwed.

Note to Hugh Hewitt:  You were oh, so close to right on this one; if it’s not close, they can’t cheat (enough).

NY23 – well, there’s a lesson for the GOP:  “Moderates” are death.  Running to the middle to win moderates is the road to palookaville; Liberals want us to run moderates.  Making the middle want to move to you is the way forward.  The GOP flipped the Nassau County Commission, and the conservatives taught a lesson to the 23rd District’s GOP “elite”.  While we lost the special election (cue Ms. Scozzafavva; ride into the sunset by any means necessary), we’re well-placed to beat Owens next year; the party might be over before they know what hit them.

Remember last year, when the left was tittering like a bunch of latte-addled grad students about the GOP and conservatism being dead?

Hah.  We’re here, we’re conservative, and we’re not going away (Janet Napolitano’s enemy’s lists notwithstanding).

Bring on next year.

15 thoughts on “The Morning Road Leads To Stalingrad, And The Sky Is Softly Humming

  1. …and the conservatives taught a lesson to the 23rd District’s GOP “elite”.

    You teabaggers lost a seat that Republicans had firmly held for 140 years. That’s showin’ ’em!

  2. “Teabaggers”? Wow. That musta stung. You guys are getting petty and petulant! (Or in your case, more petty and petulant than normal).

    Nope. Didn’t sting. Conservatism sent a message to the GOP; no more RINOs.

    And while the split cost us this time, remember (on the chance that you ever really knew); this was a special election. The real election is a year away. The GOP made local and county gains throughout NY23 last night, and the Tic won by less than the margin the loathsome Scozzafava took out of the running.

    Hoffman – or a conservative Republican – is going to win that district next year. As the wheels continue to come off of both Obama, the war and the economy, the GOP will gain, not lose.

    Enjoy the “victory” (as your masters are spinning it) while you can.

  3. ““Moderates” are death. ”

    I slightly disagree. Eleven people hand picking a center left candidate to run in a GOP district is death. This is a failure of GOP leadership at the local level that couldn’t get corrected fast enough to win the election.

    If the teaparty movement and the GOP can’t start coming to terms by 2010, we will see more of this.

  4. And far away behind their lines, the partisans are stirring in the forest
    Coming unexpectedly upon their outpost, growing like a promise
    You’ll never know, you’ll never know, which way to turn, which way to look you’ll never see us
    As we steal into the blackness of the night you’ll never know, you’ll never hear us.

  5. I think nerdbert was referring to the GOP “leadership”. And if they never hear or see it will because they simply refused to. Conservatives aren’t willing to stand in the party’s cold, damp transit camp anymore, waiting to be used as foot soldiers at phone banks and lit drops while their officers have tea and crumpets with the enemy.

  6. “Conservatives aren’t willing to stand”

    and slightly less conservatives aren’t real happy to see Erik Paulsen labeled a RINO (on True North) because of a few meaningless votes. Both sides need to see the light.

  7. “(cue Ms. Scozzafavva; ride into the sunset by any means necessary)”

    I hope she is ridden out of town (into the sunset) on a rail! She’ll make a good poster gal (example). Good pay-back for this turn coat. Note to all RINOS…run, don’t walk away!

  8. Nerd,

    Hah! You’re one of three people I knew would get it.

    (Hoping BuqBuq turns up…)

  9. It’s a fitting image: insurgents battling to restore their homeland.

    I just hope it turns out better than the end of the tune. I don’t look forward to a “journey deep into the heart of holy Russia.”

  10. That, or rewriting it:

    “If figured out, I figured out, why I went to the airport with my buddies,
    to climb a special plane and journey deep into the Republican Rockies…
    and it’s cool and brisk high on the ski lift,
    and the air is fresh and friendly,
    And the first streak of morning says
    last night’s chalet party’s ending
    And I wonder when I’ll be home again, and my ticket says “whenever!”
    And the evening sighs and the blue Montana skies…
    …go on forever

  11. I dunno, Colorado is turning pinko with all the California refugees. You’d think they’d learn, but they’re turning Colorado into New California. It’s a long way from the Colorado of Red Dawn these days.

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