Cop’s Gonna Cop. Grievance Pimp’s Gonna Pimp Grievance.

Preface:  I don’t have a whole lot of pet peeves.  I really don’t.  I’m one of the most easygoing guys you’re likely to ever meet, ever.

But I do have a few:

  • Using the term “begging the question” as a synonym for “that brings up another question”.  It’s not.  It’s just not.  “Begging the question” means “using your conclusion as evidence for your conclusion”.  That may come up in this story.
  • The phrase “right not to get shot“.
  • People who bring a conversation – usually a business meeting – to a screeching halt with either of the following:
    • “Let’s take a step back”
    • “I”m just trying to understand, here”
  • Anyone who pronounces the word “processes” like “Pro-se-SEEZ”.

But the biggest one of all is people who try to tell me what I’m really thinking.  People who know what I’m thinking better than I do, and aren’t afraid to tell me not only what it is, but why it’s a horrible thing.

Attention:  You – whoever you are – are not qualified to tell me what I’m really thinking.


I don’t like it when people do it to me, and I don’t much like people making constant habit of doing it to other people.  Telling people what they really think (especially because that’s what your narrative says they’re really thinking) is no less noxious than telling them what they really are.

OK.  On to the actual story.

Tony Cornish is a former cop.  He’s also been among the most steadfast protectors and advocates for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the Minnesota legislature, so he’s one of the good guys.

He’s raised a kerfuffle among the kerfuffling class with a recent op-ed in the Strib that gave some fairly radical advice:

In a letter to the Star Tribune, Cornish lays out rules for interacting with police:

  • “Don’t be a thug and lead a life of crime so that you come into frequent contact with police.”
  • “Don’t rob people, don’t use or sell drugs, and don’t beat up your significant other.”
  • “Don’t hang out on the street after 2 a.m. Go home.”
  • “Don’t make furtive movements or keep your hands in your pockets if told to take them out.”
  • “Don’t flap your jaws when the police arrive. Don’t disobey the requests of the police at the time. If you think you are wrongfully treated, make the complaint later.”

“Don’t hang out and yell at people after midnight,” he said over the phone. “Don’t be involved in crime. Don’t give police a reason to be there in your face.”

On the one hand, the small-l libertarian in me thinks some of those – especially the whole “don’t be out after 2AM” when you have every legal right to be out at 2AM bit – veer a little close to “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about”.  And you’d have to be a serious pollyanna to think that some cops don’t abuse the whole “lawful order” thing.

And as far as “making a complaint later”?  Yeah, that never works.  You’ll be making a complaint about cops, to cops.  Or to people whose best interest it is to stay tight with the cops.  Either way, what’s the point?

On the other hand?  If there’s anyone who’ll make you sympathetic for cops, warts and all, it’s some of their critics:

Cornish says his letter is a response to the activist groups wondering how to reduce the use of police force. He says it’s not complicated, and he provides a list for how to not get shot by police.

In a phone interview with WCCO, Cornish says he’s tired of news stories about police violence in which the *cops* get blamed for using excessive or deadly force against people he calls “thugs.”

“You see all these cop videos where they give order after order, and they just stand there and something bad happens and they wonder why in the world that happened,” he said.

I want to ask “is it too much to wish that everyone in the world, citizens and cops both, had the good common sense not to be idiots and pocket tyrants?”, but if you study any human nature at all, you’ll know it’s really only a rhetorical question.

Speaking of rhetoric (I’m adding emphasis):

[Minneapolis NAACP president Nekima] Levy-Pounds called the letter “racist,” and “intolerable,” with coded language aimed at the African American community.

Coded language.

See my preface above.  When someone accuses someone of “coded language”, what they’re saying is “you’re not saying what you  think you’re saying, and you’re not thinking what you think you’re thinking.  You’re saying and thinking what say you’re saying and thinking.  And boy oh boy, are you an awful person for saying what I’m saying you’re really saying!”

I get it.  Political rhetoric ain’t beanbag.  But invoking “coded language” is the weasel’s argument.

“He’s drawing upon racial stereotypes that people often use to justify the use of excessive force against African-Americans, even when African-Americans — who are unarmed — are killed by law enforcement,” she said.

While I’m not going to excuse all police shootings – sometimes people make mistakes when the stress is on . And some people, cops included, do just-plain-evil things.

But someone being “unarmed” doesn’t mean they’re not potentially a lethal threat.  Every year, among Minnesota’s 90-odd homicides, some portion are people who are beaten to death – including, every year, a couple of “one punch kills”.  A big enough guy hitting someone hard enough to break a piece of brain loose, or to drop his head on a curb, can kill them just as dead as any gun will.  Circumstances matter.

Levy-Pounds says that’s exactly what the letter is really about — what she calls, “the Jim Crow North.” She’s been leading protests over the over-concentration of police in black neighborhoods, and over-criminalization of African-Americans in Minnesota.

There is certainly a discussion to be had about overcriminalization – and not just of black people in North Minneapolis.  There is also a conversation to be had about the collapse of the black family, which is not helping the black community out one little bit.

But the last person who will start that conversation is Levy-Pounds, who (along with many of her followers) will accuse you of “white supremacy” for, for example, disagreeing with her on any point of her agenda.  Or for taking the last parking spot.  Or for ordering mayo on a sandwich.

If everything is “racist”, then, really, is anything racist?

UPDATE: Commenter Night Writer brought up the good question: Is Chris Rock also a White Supremacist?

19 thoughts on “Cop’s Gonna Cop. Grievance Pimp’s Gonna Pimp Grievance.

  1. I want, for DG’s sake, to get my “coded” language correct here:

    Miss Piggy of the Berkshire persuasion Strikes Again!

    But wait a minute hear me out. Watch NL-P on TV or YouTube with the sound off and then watch the original Miss Piggy. They have the same screen presence, the same body language (understandable in Miss Piggy’s case since she has someone elses hand up her ass).

    This election year is the big opportunity NL-P to ascend to the National stage – if only a nice Ferguson/Baltimore style riot would break out!

  2. Mark Steyn wrote a column in 2012 about racist dog whistles, saying: “On the matter of those racist dog whistles all these middle-age white liberals keep hearing, the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto put it very well: “The thing we adore about these dog-whistle kerfuffles is that the people who react to the whistle always assume it’s intended for somebody else,” he wrote. “The whole point of the metaphor is that if you can hear the whistle, you’re the dog.”

    Hoo, boy, I think I just called a Black woman a dog. This isn’t gonna end well.

  3. I was thinking about this last night–how I’ve made a point of telling my sons that there is a certain point where you can’t just fight people without them assuming you’re going to hurt them badly, and how all Hell would break loose if I told a group of black youths the same thing–at least if I didn’t know them well.

    And I’ve joked for years that if a man’s awake at 3am and he’s not with his wife, nothing good is going to happen. Yes, there are great people out there who work the night shift and all that, but reality is that when you’re tired and it’s dark, bad things happen if you try to act as if this isn’t the case.

  4. She’s been leading protests over the over-concentration of police in black neighborhoods

    Priceless. I do agree with the race hustler on this one whole-heartedly – stage police on the border of black neighborhoods and let gangbangers off each other. Just. Like. Chicago. Why does she hate black people so much? Racisssssss!

  5. Hoo, boy, I think I just called a Black woman a dog. This isn’t gonna end well.

    Well, to be fair, she did hear Dayton’s racial inequality budget whistle and she wants some of that Gravy Train kibble.

  6. I guess I must’ve missed the news stories on the rise of psychic ability amongst (mostly) left-wing pundits and Internet blog commenters. I’ve encountered a few leftist commenters that tell me or one of my like-minded commenters what we’re really thinking. I ask them how and when they acquired their psychic abilities. And then a strange thing happens: They leave the thread without replying. Just so we’re clear, unlike DG, they were replying to comments before that, though with about the same amount of fact-free vitriol and lack of attention to spelling and grammatical details.

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  8. What characterizes young, black males when compared with other young males? There is one separator besides color and that is domestic life. Over 70% are raised without a father in the home to provide stability and a role-model. The answer, in large, is that these young black males live their lives according to liberal values that white liberals are wise enough not to apply themselves.

    I know hundreds of happy, prosperous white families that espouse liberal values — but live by conservative values. They marry (or, at least, spend a lifetime together, and did not do so before their early 20s. The planned their children, gave birth when the wives became pregnant and then, almost always, the woman stayed home for a few year to care and raise her young. These people talk a good liberal line but they live quintessentially conservative lives.

    These white liberals are not “into” abortion, promiscuity, single-motherhood or absent fathers. But, to a person, they endorse all these values for blacks. They champion abortion (for backs), defend single-motherhood (for black girls) and despise men (except the husbands who support the family) as oppressors.

    In short, white liberals talk like Nekima Levy-Pounds but live like Billy Graham. The values they defend for others are not the values by which they wish to live.

  9. Emery…I may have mentioned that one of the most politically liberal guys I know admits he lives in a Republican city because of lower taxes, less crime, good schools. And even though he is almost obsessed with politics (in a liberal way..including and especially promoting homosexual marriage and anti-2nd amendment rights), his home life is right out of the 1950s.
    Maybe its like California….the left has trashed that state, so the liberals move to conservative states due to the much better society there.

  10. Well said, Emery. When I was in college, a young lady noted that she was surprised that Boulderites by and large lived so conservatively. Like you said, they talked and voted a liberal line, but when it came to their own lives, it was pretty much indistinguishable from what you’d see at a Concerned Women for America convention.

  11. Nekima Levy-Pounds would do a better job serving the community by doing two things: Reducing teenage pregnancy and promoting (valuing) education in the black community.

    There is no government program that will fix these problems.

  12. Maybe its like California….the left has trashed that state, so the liberals move to conservative states due to the much better society there.

    And they also bring their liberal voting tendencies with them and bring down those states as well. Texas and Colorado are two. Fortunately for Texas, the spirit of the wild west is strong enough there among enough of the population, that they have a fighting chance of resisting the leftward pull.

    As an anecdote, I also have family by marriage that lives the conservative lifestyle but are staunch DFL educrat zombies. The husband retired after a career in the public school system that started day one of his professional life. To celebrate his retirement, they bought a few-years old used Mercedes ML-class SUV. They were horrified at how much the license plate tabs were for it. It took every ounce of muster I had to not blurt out “I don’t know why you’re so shocked. THIS is what you’ve voted for all your lives. People who buy expensive cars can obviously PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE for license tabs.” The only consolation I have is that their son is basically looks and lives like he’s part of the Duck Dynasty/Robertson family. I’m sure his mom has often asked herself “where did we go wrong?”

  13. Emery, not just reducing teen pregnancy; increasing marriage rates would be the big kicker. You instantly get a big boost for time preference.

  14. Levy-Pounds is a Black nationalist. Like *real* nationalists (as opposed to mere patriots), she believes that gains for her nation can only achieved by taking things from another nation.

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